Sudden turn of events… shivika few shots… shot twelve.

A: (anika just saw the retreating figure of shivay and said to herself.) arre now who will make you understand that I have forgiven you long back shivay. it is just that I want to bring pinky aunty back as now everything I sorted. And then I will be yours forever. Anyways, shivay tomorrow will be a big day for you so get ready for that.

She then sat on the couch thinking something and didn’t knew when she slept. shivay who was getting restless that he couldn’t talk to anika well went to the room just to find her sleeping on the couch. He just rubbed his forehead and got in and picked her up and carefully placed her in the bed. He wanted to leave but thought to stay back. He sat there looking at her sleeping peacefully for some time and then by dawn he left from there without the notice of any of the staff. After sometime anika got up just to find herself lying on the bed. She thought.

A: as far as I remember yesterday night I was sitting on the couch and then I am sure I slept right there only… so, now what am I doing on bed. And how did I come here. (thinking for some time she slapped herself said) arre why am I thinking so much? Obviously, this is shivay’s work. Oh, fo shivay you will never stop caring me. and when I tell you about this you remain in your tadibaaz mode and will never accept.

After having breakfast all assembled in the hall as anika had called them. They all came on time and were even confused as to why this meeting was called. Rudra said making everyone look at him.

R: what is so important thing that bhabhi has assembled all of us here?
O: haan that is what I am thinking… well pari bhabhi didn’t you take care of anika bhabhi last night.
M: (remembering that she had come back in the of the night he said) arre haan pari you came back at night… what happened so suddenly that you came back? In fact, I had even asked you that you don’t need to go in real but you were adamant to go. Then why did you come back.
P: (she remembered about shivay coming at night. She said to herself) now how am I supposed to tell you all that mr. shivay himself was taking care of his wife whole night. And what was my need in between a husband and wife.

G: (seeing pari lost in thoughts) hello bhaujai… where are you lost? Mahi bhai is asking something to you.
P: (coming out of her thoughts and she said smiling meekly and even stammering) haan… voh… voh… ani… anika… ani… anika… I… I thou… thought…
B: (checking her temperature) pari bhabhi are you alright why are you behaving weirdly? And tell something further from the thing which you were telling.
A: (who had come there on seeing pari in such a condition understood her dilemma and smiled. She then came for her devrani’s rescue. She came to her and resting her face on pari’s shoulder) why are you all questioning my devrani like this. Haan? and about her leaving my room it is just that she was already tired and was almost sleepy so I asked her to rest. Am I right pari?
P: (getting confused) now when did this thing happen? (anika rolled her eyes indicating her to agree and pari smiled and said) haan… haan… she is right.
R: okay that’s fine bhabhi… but why have you called us that too this early morning. you know what I have to do loads of work and even I left my gym.
B: (getting irritated by rudy’s nonsense she stepped on his leg making him wince. She said slapping his head) shut up rudy. Is your gym important or anika bhabhi? You always need to stupid talk things. Grow up rudy.
R: (arguing back) and you better stop talking like sumo.
B: haan every husbands like this. Wherever it is written it is written very correctly that a man cannot forget his first wife and even his first love.
A: (rudra was about to protest but anika said making everyone look at her) rudra bhavya stop it. You two are behaving like kids. Stop it. Now shall I tell the thing for which I had assembled you all here.
G & O: yes, yes please.
A: haan so I had called you tell something very important. And this will decide what will be the future of this house then. Mostly if you all agree with this condition then I will forgive shivay and even I think he will be coming back.
J: (jhanvi nodding in agreement) okay first tell us what you want to tell… we can do anything for shivay.
A: okay then I want pinky aunty back in this house.

Hearing that all stood shocked. They just rubbed their ears to check whether the thing which they were hearing was true or not. They just looked at anika shocked. While mahi overcoming the shock said.

M: (totally shocked, surprised, annoyed, angry and what not) what? Are you in your senses anika? I mean that lady destroyed your happily married life with shivay and even she emotionally tortured you and forced you to defame yourself in front of everyone. Then too you are telling that she must be brought back to house. I mean a person must be selfless but not to this extent.
O: haan bhabhi mahi bhai is correct. She cannot step back in this house and how can you forgive her so easily.
R: and if in case choti ma comes back in this house then I will leave this house and go.
O & M: and even we too will do the same.
A: (letting out some air she said) okay… okay fine you three don’t need to leave this house. And as far as I understand I was the one who seeked help from you and technically I must be the person who should leave. So, I will leave. Just do a favour send my luggage with khanna. I will leave for Delhi with whatever means available.
J: (making anika face her she said) anika we have just got you back and you are talking about leaving. I am not going to leave you from here.
G: haan didi… maaji is saying correct. Even if you want then too I am not going to leave you from here. So, you better drop that idea.
P: anika think calmly. Why are you taking decision all of a sudden?
A: okay fine then I am if you don’t want me to take decision in a haste then I am not leaving. And if you really want me to stay back then get pinky aunty back.
M: but anika why do you want her back? She has to bear for the mistakes she has committed.
A: mahi for the mistake she has committed she has suffered for two months now. And you all even punished her by banishing her from this house. And from then she didn’t even step back which clearly means that she has accepted her mistake. Now stop making her suffer. Even shivay is not happy without her.
O: really bhabhi… and how do you know that?
A: well the shivay you can understand is the one who is your brother and not the one whom I know. He is also needing his mother like you both need jhanvi aunty. Though he will not say it I can understand it even without his saying. And what do you think shivay will get happy if I forgive him completely no… omru, mahi he needs pinky aunty too. She is the only one whom he loved apart from us and she needs to be here if you want shivay to come back happily and safe. With whole heart.
R: and what if bhaiya won’t get happy seeing her here then?

A: that will be also seen afterwards. Shivay might feel bad at the beginning but then when he understands himself and let him open up his own feelings then he will also accept pinky aunty. And mahi you only tell me what was the mistake on her side. She was just getting in-secured on seeing shivay giving me more importance than her. you only tell how you used to feel when right in front of your eyes your so-called mother Kamini ignored you and gave importance to ranveer. Did you feel secured at that time?

P: (Mahi just looked down not knowing what to answer and pari said coming to him) now what happened mahi why aren’t you answering mahi? Answer to the thing which anika asked. Well if you can’t then I will help you by answering this question. I have heard a lot of times the tale which you used to tell whenever you remembered those days. Want to tell anything now. And (coming to omru) you both… do you want to tell something then tell. Because I am very sure that after hearing all what I said and anika said you are not going to argue anything back.

J: even I have seen what shivay has gone through and even though I was there to give him motherly care to him but still that is having a restriction. Anika is telling correct we need to get pinky back. Even after she has left I am also missing our fights.
M: that’s fine but how are we supposed to find her.
R: yaa we have not seen her after she left from here. How can we find her bhabhi? Do you have any plan?
B: mr. rudra singh oberoy you are forgetting your fiancé is a cop. I will send my whole team to search her.
G: okay so, now everything got sorted. But still a major question is remaining.
Omru, M, B, G: (in unison) where is shivay/bhaiya/jiju?
A: (smiling) that will be found soon… but first of all bhavya inform your team. Okay… till then I need to have something as I am starving.
G: (confused) didi here we are talking about jiju and you are keeping yourself calm. I mean aren’t you wanting to know where is jiju.
A: (Anika just smiled and came to jhanvi and said.) jhanvi aunty I am feeling like having something from elder’s hand. And here I can’t find anyone except you so please come na…
J: ahhaan… haan… not jhanvi aunty… call me badi ma.
A: (holding her hand) auntyji I have just tried to sort the matter now everything is in the hands of fate. Till the time shivay comes back and accepts the fact that he has to accept pinky aunty I am a complete stranger. So, till then I can’t call you badi ma.
J: (smiling) shivay has given you the apt name ziddi… you are really stubborn anika. anyways, you are my daughter even if you accept it or not. So, what does my daughter want to have?

A: (smiling) now when your elder son can become a tadibaaz and akdu… then me being a stubborn wife is not a big thing. Vaise bhi jhansi ki rani ne kabhi apne zid ko apne aap se door nahi rakha. So, when shivay has nick named me as jhansi ki rani then I have to get into the character na… and what I want to have? Anything which you will give I am ready to have.

Jhanvi just patted her cheeks and went to the kitchen with anika. while the girls were surprised with the cold behaviour of anika. bhavya first called and informed her team to trace pinky. And after grasping all the situation the rest came to kitchen just to find anika enjoying her food. She was sitting on the platform and was even enjoying jhanvi’s company. Gauri on seeing anika so calm and quiet and not at all tensed about shivay came to her and said.

G: didi are you really serious… you wanted choti maaji to be found out and that is being done. But you are not even worried about jiju. At least, try to find him out.
A: (ignoring what gauri told she said to jhanvi) you know what auntyji the food is really delicious.
R: bhabhi here we are tensed about bhaiya and you are telling that food is delicious. Bhabhi food will come and go and it can be purchased too… but my bhaiya is priceless. At least get serious bhabhi.
A: (innocently) arre I am serious rudy… at this stage I hungry at times. So, I doing a serious thing.
O: but bhabhi…
A: (looking at them she said a bit irritated) oh, fo what do you want me to do right now? Take care of myself or take care of your brother.
M: you will take care of shivay once you will see him standing right in front of your eyes. But if we don’t find him then how are we supposed to meet him and make him understand the situation.
A: (looking at him) okay fine… so, you want shivay back right.
In unison: yes…
A: (in a calm way) cool… (looking at pari) pari go and bring shivay?
P: (she was not knowing the truth that anika knew the truth so she said confused) me… but why are you asking me? I don’t know where he is.
A: (getting down the slab and then looking at pari she said straightly and with a mocking smile) acha you don’t know then fine I will help you with the address. (coming close to her and said in a soft tone) well pari doing your drama of not knowing where shivay is will not work in front of me. so, better get him. (looking at the rest and said in an audible tone) so, pari get shivay (in a stern voice) NOW.

The rest where now even more confused as to why anika was asking pari to bring shivay. the most confused was mahi. He was about to ask something when to his surprise pari nodded and left from there. All were looking at each other confused while anika just enjoyed her feast. After some 15 minutes pari returned back with shivay just behind her. the rest just looked at him shocked and was only able to spell his name. while anika was just smiling seeing their reaction. While pari was really tensed and just stopped at the entrance of the kitchen fearing to enter and the look on mahi’s face was enough for her to make her scared. The brothers just came and hugged him while the girls just looked confused at anika and even pari.


Sorry, dear all this is not the last part I guess. And this time I am not going to mention when this will end. Anyways, that is all for today. I don’t know what came to my mind while writing it. So, whatever came up I just typed it down. I hope you like and, and I am noticing the declining number of comments which means that you might be not liking the track. So, any change you need do mention it. I hope this time you liked this part and if you like then do comment.
This is priya signing off. Till then bye and take care of yourself.

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