Sudden turn of events… shivika few shots… shot thirteen

The people present in the kitchen were shocked to see shivay coming from inside the house itself. They were just looking at him with questioning face and shivay on looking at their faces said.

S: what? Have I killed someone that you are looking at me like this.
M: (he wanted some serious answer, so he ignored the thing shivay asked and looked back at pari. Who on finding him turning to her side started looking somewhere else and this didn’t go unnoticed by mahi. He said making everyone turn and look at him) I think there is something very serious that I need to talk. And pari we need to talk as you the one who is going to answer.
P: (a bit afraid) fi… fine go ahead.

M: okay so when anika asked you to bring shivay how did you know that shivay is right here in the mansion. And if you knew that shivay was indeed here why didn’t you inform any of us. you very well knew what we all been going through since the day shivay has gone missing. (at the top of his voice) I mean what was going on through your mind… and why the hell didn’t you inform pankhuri?

Pari had never seen mahi’s this side. She at once stilled on seeing him getting angry. The phone which was in her hand fell off from her hand and anika who was looking at her understood that what was going through pari’s mind. She indicated omru to hold on mahi and she went to pari and held her hand but to her surprise pari just went behind her as if she was protecting herself from mahi. Anika rubbed pari’s hand and said facing mahi.

A: mahi you can talk to her gently alright… she is getting scared.
M: (still in his angry tone) anika please don’t interfere. I am talking to pari and (looking at her) I need answer from her.

Anika just looked at shivay and he too looked back at her. she indicated him to do something and he nodded in a yes. While anika just gave an angry glare to mahi and she could feel pari’s grip getting firm on her hand. She just turned to her and was on the task to make her calm. While shivay said handling the situation.

S: mahi calm down… the answers you need I will give you and whatever anger you want to vent out take it out at me, not on pari. Because whatever she did, she did on my telling. and not even on my telling but on my blackmailing. So, don’t get hyper right now.

Mahi just looked at him and then taking off omru’s hands he went away giving an angry look to both shivay and pari. Omru were about to follow him but shivay stopped them and indicated gauri and bhavya to leave. They at once nodded and left from there. Jhanvi came to anika and pari and saw pari was almost on the urge of crying. She held pari who instantly hugged her saying unending sorries. Now it was the time for omru to react. They made shivay face them and om said.

O: so, you were in the mansion itself. Now would you allow us know where the hell were you hiding till now.
R: haan bhaiya if you really had to hide in the house then why did you act of leaving the house.
S: (slapping his little brother on his head) duffer you are asking me question or answering to your own question.
R: (getting confused) sorry what do you mean?
S: I mean I never hid actually, without your knowledge I used to come to my room and even I used to spend nights in the study. So, how can you say that I was hiding and why will I hide? This is my house and I can stay wherever I want.
O: that’s fine but at least you could have informed someone that you are in the house.
S: oh, common om don’t become duffer like cry baby. I had informed pari and sahil that I was here and what do you think I never came to know what all was going on in the house? Then for your kind notice I knew everything. And even unknown to you I have helped you too in many matters with your knowledge.
R: well bhaiya aren’t you surprised?

S: (confused) why? I mean for what.
R: (making him face anika) you had left… I mean hid from us just because she was not here and now when she is here why aren’t you surprised?
S: why should I be rudy? I knew that she was here from yesterday.
O: really, how did you know that? Did your anika meter indicate you of her presence like you always feel.

S: (smiling while anika started coughing on learning that they knew this thing in an utter surprise) well yes but that was at first. Then I met her yesterday night though not purposely but accidently. So, after meeting her why will I act surprised?
P: (now it was her turn to get surprised. She then said) but last night when you came to the room we both were asleep and even after I left I am sure that anika was still sleeping. Then, how did you?
A: actually, I wasn’t sleeping pari. I was getting disturbed due to change in climate and was even not getting sleep and when I was about to get up I heard you and shivay talking. So, I guess your truth broke in the night itself.

P: (in an apologising tone) guys I am sorry. I never meant to hide anything from anyone. It was actually due to shivay that I had to do such a thing. Had he not blackmailed me then I wouldn’t have done anything like this. Now mahi is also annoyed with me.
J: (smiling and cupping her face with one hand) and you proved him that you are a fool… (she understood that pari was getting confused due to her change in expression. She said to clear her confusion) I told that because you believed in what shivay did was a blackmailing. Well sweetheart shivay can never blackmail anyone. And that too emotionally. You idiot he himself is emotionally challenged person. How can you expect him to blackmail someone else?

Pari just got surprised and she looked at shivay who was just smiling. She then looked at anika who just nodded in a yes indicating her that whatever jhanvi told was a fair truth. Pari just slapped her forehead thinking what a fool she was to believe shivay, while the rest just laughed out seeing her do so. Omru never wanted to see their bhabhi like this so they just came to her and hugged her. after sometime pari overcoming her embarrassment came to shivay and started beating him for making her a fool. Anika wanted shivay to learn his mistake so she didn’t stop pari but seeing her own husband getting beaten up can never be bared by a wife so she came to his rescue. Shivay then said sorry to pari and even beat her head slightly for behaving as a duffer.

Finally, after handling the situation in the kitchen all left towards the hall where an angry mahi had left some time before. they saw gauri and bhavya talking something and looking very scared to even face mahi. When then saw them all they both came to them and told that mahi was still angry and was not ready to hear a word. Shivay asked pari to go to mahi which she resisted but anika made her leave forcefully. And the rest carried out with their own work. Shivika stayed back there just in case to handle the situation. Pari gathering some strength came near mahi and kneeled down in front of him. Mahi started to leave but pari made him sit back requesting him to at least listen to her.

Mahi had never wanted to see pari like this so, he at once obliged and pari understanding that he was ready to listen explained her situation, how shivay asked he to not disclose her the truth? How she was struggling to hide the fact whenever she saw all of them trying to find out about shivay? how she tried escaping the situation when everything got her in a turmoil where she wanted then too couldn’t help them? Mahi finally looked at shivay who was agreeing to all what pari told was correct. He just stood up making pari to stand up. She asked still in a confused tone.

P: amm I know that what I did was wrong and I must have at least told you everything. But I didn’t have the courage. Sorry mahi. And still if you feel that I am at fault then you are free to give me any kind of punishment you want. But haan don’t ask me to go to my home as I can’t stay away from this house for a long time. Precisely not this house but you.

She just told the last line like an innocent child who was forced to sit in school without its permission. Shivika just smiled on hearing it while mahi was no less. He just hugged her and said being in hug.

M: better learn the surrounding before telling such kind of thing you idiot.
P: (getting out of hug she said a bit annoyed) what do you mean mahi? I am talking to my husband and why should I think twice. I mean this is our personal matter and I have all the rights to talk like this.
M: (smiling) haan I am not denying your rights but don’t at least talk like this in front of my brother and his wife. It’s embarrassing.

Pari had not seen shivika still standing there so she was confused as what was mahi telling. she just looked at him confused while he just made her turn to make her face shivika who were all the while smiling. Pari on seeing them got surprised and remembering what she just told felt embarrassed and half hugged mahi and made shivika to burst out laughing and mahi smile, who hugged her back. Shivika came to them and joined them in hug. Finally, after a long time it was a siblings hug. After sometime all composed themselves. Pari was half hugging anika and mahi and shivay were standing facing them. Anika said.

A: pari as far as I remember we had asked you to make up mahi’s mood but look at you, you even proposed him indirectly.
P: (in a pleading tone) anika please…
A: okay… okay fine. I am stopping.
S: (looking at pari he said) I am sorry pari. I made you land in this situation. I should have never made you do such things.

P: (in a forgiving tone) you should be shivay. (shivay just looked at her surprised while she smiled and continued) oh, common shivay. I had never taken this thing very seriously and every brother-in-law (devar) has the right to take advantage of their bhabhi and their weakness. (patting his shoulder) it’s okay.
S: (smiling he then said facing mahi) I am sorry I knew that you were tensed. And I should have never hidden such a big thing from you. but mahi after everything happened I knew that you all will feel sad on my condition and will even start taking care of me much more than needed. Which I didn’t want to happen. So, I had to take this step. I am sorry.

M; I will forgive you but just on one condition.
S: (letting out some air) okay… and what’s that?
M: you will never repeat this getting disappeared drama again. Shivay I can understand what you had been going through and what all happened. But it never means that you will run away from facing the truth. You can’t even imagine our condition from the time we learnt that you had left the house. You know what we were searching you like maniacs. So, if you promise to not repeat the thing then I am ready to forgive you.
S: (smiling) fine. I promise. But haan I have a condition too.
M: (in a surprised tone) what you have a condition? Shivay… you were the one who did mistake and when we are forgiving you, you are showing your attitude.

S: (getting irritated) shut up mahi… listen to what I am telling then pass your judgement on my character. Arre you all are antique pieces… man all need to give me details of my character and print my character certificate. Anyways, now may I have your permission to tell what I want to tell. (mahi nodded in agreement.) so, the condition is that anika should never perform any kind of stunt which she did five months ago.
A: (getting surprised on seeing her name getting involved in the matter which the brothers were discussing. She asked surprised) excuse me… now from which heaven did I come in between this topic. You were talking about your condition? And you are now dragging me in between it.
S: well my condition specifically includes you only. So, what do you say Mrs. SSOO will you fulfil my demand or condition.
A: (thinking for some time she said sadly) okay fine. I am ready.
S: (facing mahi he said smiling) so, mahi I promise to fulfil

A: (leaving pari and tapping him she asked annoyed) oh, hello what do you mean? Which stunt did I perform haan? you are telling as if I have performed some karate or judo. What do think of yourself? You tell things which either don’t have head nor tail. Bagad billa kahin ke.
S: (arguing back) what did you say? I tell things which don’t have heads then for your notice anika you are the one who does that. I mean you do mistake and even fall in its trap and then what do you do… you madam blame me for that.

A: (getting irritated) billuji… you are meaning to tell that I do stupid things.
S: (smiling) I am not meaning to tell. But the fact is that, that you really do stupid things. Like the one which is happening now. This fight we are doing is all because of you. I mean can’t you keep quiet and listen to whatever that is being told to you.

A: (mocking him back) so, you think that I started this fight. Fine I am saying that you are the one who laid the base of this fight. And you are saying that I do stupid things. Then tell me one of that incident. After all I too need to know what I have actually done. I swear you will not get a single thing to tell. And the person who does silly things amongst us is you shivay. you break phones… you show tadi… you get angry on anyone at any place… and so on. And haan one thing more if you don’t get your phone to break you will break the phone of whom so ever you get. And haan how can I forget… the most important thing, you drink that kadvi sairabano nai americano… (irritated) whatever it is… I mean how can you. I feel michmichi while drinking it.

S: oh, you only mentioned my fault. And you forgot about your faults. Then let me mention some. You don’t even know how to cook and if by chance you cook then you will burn the food and even then, you will not accept your mistake and finally make me eat that food and finally, upset my stomach. And about drinking americano I at least drink it but what do you do with that? Spit it on me. right.

While all this cat fights were going on the spectators mahi and pari were just tossing their heads like a tennis ball which is being thrown from one court to another. Mahi had even started rubbing his forehead on seeing them fighting like this. Pari’s expression were worth seeing. She was just looking at them shocked surprised and even amused. She just getting confused on seeing shivay being called by many names patted mahi who looked at her with a ‘what do you want now face?’. she asked.

P: mahi who is this billuji, bagad billa, sairabano and americano? And what does tadi, michmichi mean?
M: (in a confessing tone) billuji, bagad billa are shivay’s name which anika has given him. Sairabano and americano are the names of expresso which shivay drinks and tadi means attitude and michmichi… (letting out some air) I don’t know.
P: (surprised) really… in which dictionary does these words exist. I have never heard such words.
M: (smiling irritated) in anika’s dictionary. (while they both were talking shivika were still fighting. Mahi getting fed up said) both of you just shut up. (shivika stopped the next moment and looked at mahi. While mahi continued) you guys do you even realize from how long you both are fighting. I mean are you guys still kids to fight like this.
A: (trying to escape) don’t blame me mahi. Blame this billuji. He is the one who started.
S: (surprised by the blame being laid on him) what the wuck? Excuse me I started the fight. Really, I started the fight. Anika, you started it.

P: (coming and standing in between them, she said in a calm voice) okay fine none from you both started the fight. I began the fight. Happy now. Please stop fighting.
A: what pari you start the fight and look in-turn we both started fighting. You should never do this. very bad. My poor bagad billa I don’t know what I told him because of you.
S: (supporting anika) haan pari you should have not made us fight like this.

M: (who was angry till now just smiled thinking of his wife’s foolishness. He said to himself) ise kehete hai ‘aa bail mujhe maar’… [this is called ‘come bull hit me!’] I am proud of you pari. God already this house had been full of duffers and now a new addition to it in the form of my wife.
P: (seeing all the blames getting laid on her she said to herself) arre now they are blaming me? what crime did I commit in my previous birth that you are making me suffer all this. (while shivika were continuing their blame game. Pari getting fed up said) okay… enough. (in an annoyed tone) not a word more from your mouths. Zip up your mouth and leave to your room right now. (coming to mahi) and what kind of husband you are mahi you are the witness of what I did? Then too without helping me you are enjoying this scene. Kya koi serial drama chal raha hai yahan. I will take your class afterwards.

M: arre did I ask you to take all the blames on you. you are seriously the biggest fool to take all the blame on you. at least I am not like you. I acted sensibly.
P: excuse me you acted sensibly. And can I know by which way did you act sensibly. Is watching your family arguing with each other is your so-called sensibility.

M: arre for the mistake you did why are you dragging me in that.
P: hey bhagvan pata nai kis manhoos vakt par mujhe ese insaan se shadi karne ka man kiya. Phoote karm mere. [oh, god don’t know at what worst moment did I feel like marrying a person like him. My bad luck.] Seriously mahi I swear I will kill you if you irritate me further then.
S: (stopping them from fighting) okay guys… I think this much is enough for this house to handle. The thing which it missed in these 5 months has been fulfilled today. Now if we all fight more then, I am sure earthquake or tsunami will come.
A: hahaha… look who is saying the great tadibaaz itself.
P: (getting confused) tadi… tadibaaz… what does that mean now?
A: arre you don’t know tadibaaz… tadibaaz means.
S: (she was about to explain when shivay shut her mouth keeping his hand and said) amm… I guess mahi will explain you the meaning. Haina mahi. (mahi just looked at him confused while anika was trying all attempts to open her mouth. But shivay’s hold was firm. Mahi understood what shivay meant and nodded in a yes and shivay said) good then leave.

Pari was about to ask something when mahi turning her to him smiled making her even confused more. He then took her from there even ignoring her resisting. Anika finally bit shivay’s hand which was on her mouth making him leave her with a wince. He said.

S: tum na jungli billi ho, thi aur humesha rahogi.
A: (getting annoyed with that statement) shivay… I swear I will kill you.
S: I would even love to get killed by your hand panika. But not right now.

He just kissed her cheek making her shocked. But before she could do anything he just walked off from there while anika threw a cushion on him which did hit him actually.

So, that’s it for today. I hope you like this part and if you like then do mention it. All kinds of comments either positive or negative are accepted. So, this is priya signing off for now. Bye and take care of yourself.

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