Sudden turn of events… shivika few shots… shot ten.

Omru and mahi retuned back late but without finding any clue of shivay and to trace him from his phone also seemed impossible since his phone was in the room itself. All the boys entered the hall and just sat down with a thud on the sofa. They were already tired due to travel and now this search. Their faces were clearly seeming tensed. Gauri and bhavya came there and on seeing their tensed faces they could understand that the search was failed. They came to their respective partners and sat beside them comforting them. Mahi looking at bhavya asked.

M: well bhavya where is pari? Is she still at her home or has she returned?
Pari (P): (coming down the stairs. [A/N: DEAR ALL I AM NOT AT ALL GOOD IN SELECTING PEOPLE IN GENERAL. SO, YOU CAN IMAGINE ANY PERSON FOR THE ROLE OF PARI.]) when I am here why are you asking about me to her mahi? Ask me directly. (she came and sat beside him and smiled at him)

M: (he too smiled back and asked) so, when did you come back? How is everyone back at home?
P: (holding his hands she said in a comforting tone) so, everything got upside down right. and here you are asking about me. relax mahi this is also my family now. Sorry, I was not here when everything happened and shivay too left without informing anyone.
M; (holding her hands back) actually in this situation I must ask forgiveness… I brought you here when everything was totally disrupted and even I couldn’t take care of you. now or the other time I am keeping you alone and I leave without even informing you anything.
P: oh, fo mahi… did I ever complain that you are not giving me time. Even when you all needed me I went to my home and was busy there. (she then looked at omru and asked) well did anyone of you find a minute clue about shivay…
R; no bhabhi… nothing we couldn’t find anything.

B: are you sure that you searched every area. Nothing was left naa.
O: haan bhavya we have searched all the places we could and we got no clue. Anyways, what did your team find out.
B: amm nothing just the same which you are saying. But we are trying our best bhaiya.
P: (looking at mahi) amm mahi I shouldn’t ask you but still I am asking are you sure that searched all the places like suicide points and all that area. (mahi looked at her with shock and pain while pari said in a comforting tone) I am just asking casually.
M: look pari I am telling you for the first and final time. My brother is not that weak that he will do such foolish stuff.
P: (holding his hand and trying to calm him down) calm down mahi… I am not saying that shivay will do such stuff. But still what will happen I we do our search there.
G: I think pari bhaujai is saying correct… bhavya why don’t you do one thing. Ask your team to check those areas…
B: okay I will ask my team to do that.

P: well mahi I heard that you all met anika over there. When is she coming back?
M: I don’t know she told that she will come back after some time.
P: okay so, as far as I have understood shivay he might have decided come to mansion after anika comes back.
O: haan great then… the thing which you are saying bhabhi will not happen in the coming time.
M: (sternly) om… are you planning to joke? Then for your information none over here is interested in joking.
P: arre common mahi… why are you taking out all your stress on my devar? Stop it haan. anyways, I think you should rest. All you three have come after a long travel and then you left for the search. Get some rest till then me and bhavya will get something done in the search operation and gauri will bring you your food.
Omru & M: no, we have to find shivay/bhaiya…
R: so, we will rest afterwards.
P: well I don’t think that I requested you guys. I said and that means I am saying it as an order.
M: but pari… shivay…
P: (cutting him off in between) I know shivay is missing mahi… but even if you three go again in search of him I am sure he is not going to be found. So, better get rest so that your mind and body gets fresh and you can think of something which can be likely done. And you three are going to do what I am saying and that’s final. (looking at gauri and bhavya) well I need you both to take omru and I will be handling mahi.

The rest knew that they had to follow what was being told and they followed it too. After they left pari said to mahi while he was still thinking something.

P: well mahi how is anika now? Doing good or opposite, and I am literally wanting to meet her now itself.
M: I know that you have not seen her except in pics… but the thing you told at last cannot happen now. It can only happen once she gets back. And about how she is doing… I think pretty well and being safe as she is pregnant.
P: how I wish she would have been here? You know what mahi once I see her I want to ask her what magic she has done on this house and the people that everyone’s happiness went away with her. even I want to see how she looks in real. After all handling shivay is not a big deal… I mean he is difficult to be get through and she on the other hand has not just become his wife but has swiped away his heart from its place.
M; (smiling) haan… haan do that when she meets you okay. Anyways, I think we should leave. I am really tired.
The next day, all were discussing some or the other thing to find out shivay but no one was getting any break through. In the mean-while the landline rang. Pari was sitting beside the phone so, she picked it up.
P: (in a bit tensed voice) hello… OM who is this?
S: (from the other side he said casually) pari I hope you might have not forgotten my voice. And from your voice I can sense that you are tensed and everyone are also tensed along with you.
P: (in an amused tone) shivay… where are you? (everyone looked at her surprised while she just indicted everyone to keep silent.)
S: I just called to inform that you all don’t need to worry about me.
P: what do you mean shivay? I mean you disappear suddenly and remain missing for almost one day and then you are calling all of a sudden and tell that we don’t need to worry about you. shivay where are you and when are you, camming back?
S: well pankhuri I am not planning to came back anytime soon and about my place where I am staying. All that you need to know I am at a safe place.

P: shivay… but…
J; pari don’t cut the line I need to talk to shivay.
P: ji badi ma… shivay wait a second badi me wants to talk to you.
J: (shivay hummed in response. Jhanvi taking the phone) shivay at least you could have told me that you are disturbed. What was the need to go back? If you could have shared then we could have solved the matter.
S: badi ma… I am sorry but that was the only thing I could do.
J: but shivay when are you going to come back.
S; badi ma please now you don’t start okay. Anyways, ask omru and mahi not to trace this number as I am calling from the booth. And the place I am staying is very far away from the booth.
J: (closing her eyes and agreeing to what was told) okay fine… come back soon beta.

Shivay smiled and agreed. For almost 10 days there was no clue of shivay coming back and the most of that anika had informed mahi that she was coming back. The youngsters had not informed her about shivay’s leaving so anika was still unaware of it. After someday she came to Mumbai and mahi went to receive her. he had not informed anyone and had went all of a sudden. Pari needed mahi to bring something very urgently and she had searched him upside down in the house just to find him missing. She went to kitchen and jhanvi who was already present there saw her in an angry mode and asked.

J: arre pari what happened why are you so angry?
P: (smiling) nothing badi ma I am fine.
J: where did mahi go all of a sudden? He is not seen anywhere.
P: I don’t know… he didn’t inform and just went like that.
J: but it’s already too late… he never leaves from the house at this time.
P: haan I know… (in an annoyed tone) let him come…

In the mean-time someone’s voice disturbed their talk. Jhanvi recognised the voice and turned in the direction of the voice while pari too looked at the person whose voice had disturbed them.

Voice: well if you both don’t mind can I join you both over here.
J: (with surprised, shocked, amused and what not in her voice) ani… anika… (so, the voice belonged to none other than anika. there she stood smiling at jhanvi and pari. Jhanvi
coming to her and carefully hugging her) oh, my god… what a surprise? (leaving her) I am so happy to have you back beta.
A: (smiling) even I am auntyji. You have not at all changed.
J: but you have changed so much… mommy to be and all haan.

Omru and gauri and bhavya came there hearing the sudden loud voice of jhanvi just to find anika standing there. Their happiness knew no bounds. Gauri and bhavya happily came there running and at once hugged her. after having a contended hug, they left her and omru too hugged her. mahi had come there after keeping her things in room and had joined there and stood beside pari. Who was still not believing that anika was really there. The moment mahi half hugged that was the moment when she understood that she was seeing everything in real.

All were asking loads and loads of stuff to anika and after getting a bit irritated anika shouted on the top of her voice and said.

A: oh, stop it… how do you expect me to answer? You guys are questioning continuously and the same time asking to give me answer. Sorry, if I was the previous anika then I would have answered but this condition I can only focus on one thing. And jhanvi aunties questioning I can understand as she is meeting me after a long time but you all… you all met me earlier and even we spent time. Then too you these many questions. You know what… shivay too don’t ask me these many questions.
M: (snapping in front of pari as she was still lost) hello madam… where are you lost? Few days ago, only, you were telling that you want to ask a lot of question to anika when you meet her… and now when she is finally standing here you are standing all lost.
P: (still in a lost tone) now I understood why you all tell that everyone zip-up their mouth after anika starts talking. Really, mahi she is really one of her kind. In general, omru never keeps their mouth shut even on my telling and now look at them. Yaar yeh toh meri bhi bhabhi nikli.
M: okay… anyways now at least go and introduce yourself to her.
P: nai baba… nai… I am not going all by myself. (looking at him and keeping her hands-on waist) and why are asking me to introduce? After all I am your wife mahi… it is your duty to introduce me.
A: (Anika who was all the while looking at them discussing with each other said clearing her throat.) hello… at least talk to me. you both will get your own sweet time to talk with each other. Well mahi would you mind introducing her to me.
M: oh, common anika I gave you all the introduction on the way itself. And still you are asking me who is she?
P: (confused) wa… wait… wait… wait… a second. What did you say mahi you gave her all the introduction on the way? But when did you meet her. and haan (she then remembered that mahi was missing before sometime and then continued) you were not here sometimes before… where the hell where you?
M: I had gone to…
P: (without letting him complete what he was saying) haan that only I was asking. I know that you were out. Where did you go?
M: pankhuri… don’t press the trigger before the gun is loaded. At least let me finish.
A: (smiling and clapping her hands) arre wah… mahi you have become a joru ka gulam… at least there is someone to control you now. (turning to pari) well I know that you are sometimes very shy. So, let me introduce you to myself. Hello pankhuri myself anika… yahan ke sabse sarfire insaan ki biwi… [wife of the maddest person of this house] and by the way he had come to pick me up so he was not here. (everyone smiled and the next question of question made their smile vanish within seconds) well where is shivay? is he still in office.

Everyone just looked at her and then the next moment they just looked somewhere else. Anika on finding no answer looked back at the rest and then asked a bit confused.
A: arre why are you all standing here like a log. At least answer yaar. When you saw me, you were talking without even taking a break and now when you are asked to talk you are standing silent.

Gauri took the stand and said whatever happened after their arrival from Delhi. anika was just looking at the rest and then coming to jhanvi she asked holding her.

A: auntyji… why didn’t you stop him?
J: I am sorry beta… I tried to but at that time I never knew that you and shivay had met and then he left. But the next day he called and told me that he is at a safe place and even not to try to search him.
A: (in an annoyed tone) what does shivay want me to do in real? There he was asking me to come back nd when I have come back he is not here… yeh aadmi hai yaa traffic signal ke lights. Jab chaahe tab apna kehena badal dete hai. [is he a man or a traffic signal… whenever he wants he changes his decision.] and what does he consider me as some soft toy or some lifeless statue who doesn’t has any emotion.
B: bhabhi please calm down it is not good for you to take strain.

A: no… I am not going to… and I am saying this thing in my complete sense.
G: didi please calm down naa… we will soon find out jiju and inform him about your arrival.
A: (mocking her) did I ask you to find him… no right. till today I have done what he has asked me to do. One day he asked me to marry him, then suddenly like jin has got into him he asked me to sign divorce notice, then he asked me to leave the house and even after I left he emotionally blackmailed me and asked me to return back. And see now when I am back even being in this condition he has again made a pappu of me. (facing omru and mahi) and you three brothers of that tadibaaz were continuously asking me to come back. Then now answer me what should I do here without him. (the boys held their head down) no answer right… (drinking a whole glass of water) god shivay what should I do of you now. (tapping mahi) and you mahi you could have at least told me about this thing while I came. I would have arranged some other way to go back.

J: (finding anika taking too much stress by talking like this non stop she said coming to her) beta please at least take some break. Stop talking and have some rest.
A: (ignoring what jhanvi was telling) anyways, till now everything happened according to that bagad billa’s wish. So, now being his wife, I am taking some decision. And that is…. if that bagad billa steps in this house he is not allowed to meet me. at least now let him understand that I am also a human and not a puppet. And that decision is…

Voice: not going to get final… not at least without my permission.

So, that’s it for today. I know that this part contains loads of pankhuri’s character. But since she is being introduced she has to be given equal importance. And this is the last second part I guess and the next episode will be the final one [still not decided]. I hope you like this part and if you do then do comment and let me know it. Well loads of readers asked me to keep disha Parmar as the opposite of mahi but still there might be some who wants someone else to be paired. So, for them I have not mentioned who is playing the character of pankhuri. Anyways, if you like then do comment. That’s it this is priya signing off for now… bye.

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