Sudden turn of events… shivika few shots… shot six.

Anika was looking at the vedio and was reminiscing the moments spent with shivay. how she threw water on him whenever she used to get angry, how she by mistake threw water on om after engagement. And todays incident. A feeling of content filled in her heart. While shivay was looking all calm and peaceful while sleeping. Anika thought to confront om for telling a lie and went to the hotel where they were staying. She asked the receptionist about their rooms and by mistake the receptionist gave the room number of shivay’s room. The youngsters where in their respective room discussing something to unite shivika.
Anika thinking shivay’s room to be om’s room entered there just to find silence filled in the room. She was at first surprised because neither om nor gauri was this much silent. She went in just to find shivay sleeping. Though being in sleep shivay sensed anika to be near him that he got up and seeing him getting up anika hid behind the pillar. Shivay looked around but on finding no one he said to himself.

S: (in his mind) why am I feeling that anika is somewhere around here? Might be I am thinking too much about her. anyways I have to do something by which I can convince her to come back but she is very stubborn and will not listen to anything which I say… god I really don’t know how should I convince her.

Then taking out his phone and looking at her photo in his phone he said in an audible voice.

S: after you left everything got disrupted anika… why did you do such things at least you could have told me about the thing which was disturbing you… I always felt that the thing which led you to take the step was something huge and even I had asked you many times about that… but you always hid it from me. And I know that you might have taken that step for my betterment. But why did you fail to notice the pain which I was going through at that time. I always felt that you understood me well but anika right at that moment I understood that I never understood you. and now today when I want you back the circumstance is not allowing. My life without you is nothing and I have lost faith on faith after I forcefully made you out of my life. I destroyed my own happiness by my own hands.

Saying so, he kept the phone back and laid back. Anika who was standing behind the pillar was listening to what shivay was telling and the moments freshly flashed in front of her eyes. The day when shivay was ready to marry her whole heartedly she just for the sake of his betterment and pinky’s happiness destroyed her image in shivay’s eyes making him hate her even more than the love that had been developed for her in his heart. She just felt weaker on seeing shivay’s vulnerable side. She was angry on her for making shivay get in this situation. She said to herself that this time she will do something huge to turn the remaining faith which shivay has on her even now into a hatred. But little did she know that shivay already knew that truth and now after knowing her innocence shivay will never believe in whatever she will do.

But there was a person who knew this well and that was none other than fate. It was the only circumstance which had made shivika stand in a situation like that and this time fate had decided to mend their relation back because these five months it was the only witness who had seen the miserable situation which both shivika went through. Anika never knew that she was trying to break the relation which was made by love and even on trying to indulge loads of hatred by the rest the one who won at last was love and when trust and faith are restored back in their relation… even a minute try to fill shivay’s mind against anika will not work.

Finally, anika came out of thoughts and saw shivay sleeping back again. She thought to check what was shivay seeing while talking to himself a few moments back. She checked his phone just to see her photo on the screen. She looked back at shivay in disbelief and checked on the gallery just to see it only filled with her photo. Their snaps which was taken during various functions. She was not getting the reason why he was still keeping her memories with him even on behaving this rudely with him. She never crossed thought to think that situation had changed and now every truth was out because she knew that omru will never break their promise. She then checked his belongings just to see it having some of her things too kept safely along with his things. Her bangles… her sindoor… everything which she used frequently was there. Her eyes were filled with tears which she didn’t realise. And she just turned back closing his luggage.

Shivay who was getting the triggers of anika being around at first rubbed it off at first but then feeling restless he woke up just to see her there and standing there facing her back to him. He understood what was going on in her mind so to deviate her thoughts so that she doesn’t take stress said by sitting on bed and holding his legs close to him in a tone as if her presence in the room was annoying him making anika look at him.

S: I knew that you were always after me for my money but I never knew that you will stoop this low to come and sneak into my room and then snatch things when I am asleep.
A: (she knew that she was caught but she was smart enough so she didn’t want him to make him feel that she had seen his things and then wiping her tears she said facing him) well I am not a 2 rupees thief who will steal something behind a person’s back. (folding her hands to chest) and mr. oberoy for your kind information I am having a nice bank balance now by which I can manage to buy the things which I need. So, stealing is not my hobby but as far as I know it is someone else hobby. (she said the last sentence by eyeing him.)
S: (smiling and standing up he said looking at her) well what are you doing here?
A: (confused) what do you mean by what I am doing here… my legs… my wish I can come and go anywhere…
S: haan I agree that you and your legs can go anywhere but (indicating that it was his room) this is my room and you are here… why are you here?
A: (mocking him) for your kind information mr. shivay singh oberoy… this is a hotel and I think the receptionist by mistake gave me the room number of your room and I came here… unfortunate of me.
S: (nodding in a yes) okay I too agree with the fact you told… this is a very big hotel and there are many room too and mistakes happen… well if you don’t mind can I know why are you here in this hotel… just for some fun or planning to go on a date.
A: (smiling) stop day dreaming mr. oberoy… I am not here on any personal reasons… and why do you mind if I come on a date with someone… because we both are having nothing to do with each other right. (the sentence she said hurt shivay and he just looked at her with pain while anika continued) and to answer your question mr. oberoy I had come here to meet some client… but since I have wasted my time I will meet them some other time.
S: well then now since you have understood that you are in a wrong room… why are you still here? I hope you might have not forgotten the door from where you entered lady.

Anika nodded and started to leave. Shivay was feeling hurt on seeing her leaving like this but he didn’t stop her and she left from there still in thoughts as to what was her things and memories doing with him. She called omru and asked them to meet her the next day in a park and asked them to be on time and not to inform shivay and they agreed too… after she left shivay just sat back on bed not knowing what to do and from where to begin to convince her.

The next day anika was in the park on time in a white anarkali dress which was making her look adorable. She was taking a stroll in the garden when a boy in his 30’s came to her and greeted her and she immediately recognised him as he was the employee in the company where she worked and even mehek’s nephew. The guy too knew anika well and shared a good bond with her and considered her as his sister as she had after all filled his sister’s place in mehek’s life. Anika was talking to him when she noticed shivay entering the garden for taking stroll lost in his thoughts. After seeing him she thought to make him jealous just to test if he still feels for her or not. She kept an eye on shivay and was purposely coming in the same route where shivay was coming and on finding shivay noticing them started her drama of talking very sweetly to the boy.

At first shivay ignored it but on finding no clue of anika stopping and above that enjoying someone else company his anger was slowly boiling. He found that both were very happy and comfortable and were enjoying with each other. The thing which increased his anger was when the same guy hugged her and then patting her cheeks said something. By this time shivay had come to the place they were standing and on seeing him anika purposely stopped him and said as if she had never noticed him. But the real thing was she was keeping an eye on shivay’s each and every facial change. And anika very well knew that her target had hit on its place.

A: hey… what a surprise? From when did you start doing this good habits mr. oberoy?
Guy: (in a surprised tone) do you know him anika…
A: (in a mocking tone) haan of course who won’t know him jay… after all he is one of the most talked personality apart from film celebrities. One or the other time he and his personal life is the matter which gets huge trp’s to the news channels… am I right or am I wrong mr. oberoy.
S: (back answering her in a calm tone so that she doesn’t get to know the jealousy he was going through after seeing her with him [jay]) yaa at least I am glad that I am being a public figure at this age of mine… what to do people who are close to me never understood me and they always do some or the other thing which makes my personal life a talking topic in public and a fresh news for news channels…? Right Mrs shiv… (he stopped in middle of what he was going to tell looking anika looking at him shocked by the thing which he was going to mention. He smiled and then continued) I mean ms. Anika… ONLY ANIKA…
A: (she diverted the topic because she didn’t want jay to know their truth) yaa… I understand… well mr. oberoy meet jay and jay this is the great shivay singh oberoy (in mind [my husband]). (the men smiled and shacked hands with each other) jay is working in my office.
Jay: (looking at the time he said) oh, god sweetie (shivay just looked at jay with anger on the mention of the term sweetie. He clenched his fist tight while his looks clearly meant that if jay will say something opposite which he don’t like then he would bury him alive) it’s already late… I need to leave home and haan if you get time then do come home… I have to tell something very important about us to my parents.

Anika just looked confused at what he was telling but smiled and agreed. Jay meant to say about he really wanting anika to accept as his sister in front of all while shivay just took the thing in the other way. Jay again hugged her and then left from there. While this was enough for shivay to get too angry that he left from there with disgust filled in his eyes. Anika understood that shivay was very angry and that the thing had now become out of hands and she had just wanted to make him jealous but something else only happened. She followed shivay keeping a distance so that shivay don’t notice her.

He came to his car and was reminiscing the incidents of anika and jay and the final thing just ringed his mind. He was standing near a rikshaw and on remembering the hug he just broke the wind-shade of auto much to the shock of the driver who was seated behind and even the rest. Anika who saw it was shocked beyond limits and she could see the blood flowing out of his hands. The driver came out and held on to shivay’s collar and was telling rubbish and this and that to him… but shivay was least concerned… all that was going on in his mind was the thing which had happened a bit ago.

Anika came there and forcefully made the driver leave shivay and started scolding him. Hearing her voice shivay came out of his thoughts and then holding the drivers hand put the money for repairing the damage and giving a final glance to anika just left from there. The driver started wondering whether shivay was really mad or what as he himself broke the glass and then without even answering anything he gave money more than that required for repairing and left without any final word. Anika too looked at shivay leaving and then giving a warning that she will talk to him later left the driver and followed shivay.

She saw him getting in the deeper side of the garden and went behind him just to see him sitting on the bench and not even minding to attend the wound. She went back to her car and came back with first aid kit and kneeled down in front of him keeping the kit by his side. Shivay looked at her and was about to get up when her stern voice stopped him.

A; don’t even dare to move shivay… just sit back I don’t want any arguments on this.

He sat back and she tried holding his hand but he was stubborn enough that he took his hand back. Anika forcefully took his hand and looked at it to find pieces of glass still stuck on his wound. Her heart winced in pain on seeing this sight and a layer of wetness started forming her eyes. Shivay saw her changing expression and forgot all the anger which was there till now and took his hand back so that she will stop the act of caring him. He said in a bit off mood voice.

S: I am fine and thank you… but I don’t need your help anika.
A: (in anger) stop it shivay… is this the way that you react while getting angry… just thank god that your wound is a minor one. Do you even realize the condition if in case it was a critical wound then?
S: (in a calm voice) what would have happened? Just that either some part of my body would have got damaged or something sort like that. It’s just a usual thing.
A: (in an unbelievable voice) a usual thing like really… why are you forgetting shivay that you have a family to look back bagad billa… you always need to show your tadi no matter what situation it is you have still remain in your tadibaaz mode. At least now get this thing registered in your mind that you are not a superhuman shivay but you are also a normal human being who is having emotions and feelings.
S: but why are you so concerned anika after all I am the one who is hurt… then why are you feeling the pain…
A: shivay don’t divert the topic… why do you always do this kind of act? Can’t you behave like a normal human being.
S: (looking straight at her) I used to be a normal human being once but right now I am just a mechanical human who is living his life just for the sake of his family. Nothing else. And don’t get so hurt anika… after all I am used to such situation as after you left me one or the other day I am doing something which is costing my life.
A: (in a shocked tone) what?
S: (smiling but with pain clear in his voice) what? What… I said I am doing one or the other things which is costing my life. And what wrong I am doing after all the reason for whom I lived left me and even broke every trust on her. in a second she destroyed everything. So, when there is no meaning in living why should I mind hurting myself in by any means. After all I don’t owe my life to anyone.
A: (getting really angry she held his collar and coming close to him she said in a warning tone) the life you are living now is mine by every means and get that thing very clear in your head… and (pushing him away) get this this also very clearly that you owe this life of yours to me. so, better think twice before doing something that cost your life again.
S: (trying to get more things out form her frustration. Both stood up) but as far as I know, you were the one who were stubborn enough to leave me and then now you are telling that I owe my life to you. and if it is so why did you leave me… neither you nor me are happy… here you are struggling to get me out of your soul which is likely impossible in this birth and there I am trying to hate you by which ever means possible by hurting me so that I can forget you… but always your doing stops me from forgetting you but it encourages me to hurt me more.
A: (in an angry tone and coming dangerously close to him she said) enough shivay I had not left you so that you do something which can kill you…
S: (in a calm tone) so, why did you leave me?
A: (almost losing herself) so, that you live happily and you don’t get hurt by having me around you. shivay why don’t you understand I am the worse and unlucky part of your life…
S: (he got angry on her saying that he held her by her arms and his grip was so hard that she was getting hurt. He said) anika my reason for living lies in you and still you are feeling that you are unlucky for me… and look at me do you see anything which can make me yarn to live inside me… the only thing you will find is pain and disgust.
A: (in a calm voice but tears made its way out of her eyes) shivay you are hurting me… (he left her while she in this process understood that where this discussion was going so she to maintain herself from getting weak said) anyways… I don’t mind what you do with your life. All I am concerned about is that right now you are hurt…
S: (looking at her) and why do you want to get concerned about me… like you said there is nothing between us now then why…
A: (cutting his words in between) that’s because you are hurt because of me… and for your information shivay jay is mehek auntie’s nephew and he considers me as his sister. So, better don’t dare try harming him.

She slowly removed the rest glass pieces and this time silence was maintained as they both had nothing to talk. Even though wound was on shivay he was least concerned about it as it was not paining anymore as she was his biggest medicine. While with each bandaging anika was getting pained more and tears were also making its way out and she was not even aware of it. Shivay was seeing all this and after she completed he said in a calm voice while she was just walking away.

S: the wound is on me anika but you are the one in pain because of it… and the tears that is flowing is an evident proof for it anika… I have got the answer of all the questions I had till now that it really pains you if I am around you and it would be better if you too understand it before it gets too late… else this time I will have to do something by which you understand it within seconds. Till then run as much as you can.

She just walked off wiping her tears. While shivay just sat there remembering her words. He just looked at his wound and hit his hand back on the bark of the tree for which anika felt a mild pain in heart. She just cursed her living and drove back to home and straightly went to her room and shutting herself in said in a complaining tone.

A: why… why always me? you have to do this to me… the person who is my reason for living is breaking in front of my eyes and you are making my condition more miserable by breaking me down in front of him. Please make him understand that I am not his right choice as if I remain then he will lose everything. Please help me out…

Saying so she just sat on the floor breaking down and crying her heart out. The pain which she held back for five months was finally out. All she just wished at the moment was to run and hide in his arms and forget everything… and just become his forever.

Done with this shot. I hope you like it and if you like then do comment and let me know how you felt. I know last 2 shots were boring enough but I hope that this makes up your mind. This is priya signing off and thankyou regular readers for your enormous support sorry I might not able to reply back but I am glad to read your support you render on me. have a nice day. Bye.

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