Sudden turn of events… shivika few shots… shot seven.

Omru came on time but even waiting for more than half an hour they found no clue of anika. they were about to leave when they saw shivay coming out from the either side of the park. And seeing his condition they could clearly say that he was seeming disturbed. At that time, they noticed his hands was having a wound and though it was bandaged it was still fresh and blood was prominently visible. They came to him making him stop in his track and he looked at him and now they understood that he was coming after crying as his eyes were still red. Om held him and asked concerned.

O: shivay is everything alright… why did you cry?
S: (moving back and without facing him he said in a barely audible voice) and who told you that I was crying? I was not and I am fine.
R: really bhaiya… (holding his hand and raising his hand which was wounded) do you want to tell that or want to make us understand that you were crying because of this wound…
S: (taking his hands back) it’s nothing just a normal wound…

In the mean-time the driver whose auto shivay had damaged came to them and said facing the shivay.

Driver: badi shaani kisam ke insaan hain aap… (you look to be a person with very dashing heart.) yaar you can be the first person in this world who didn’t answer back after being humiliated… and even after that you gave me the amount needed for repairing the wind-shade. (giving him the money which was extra he continued) but sir I am also not that mean person… this money is the extra amount and keep this with you and also render my sorry to that lady who came there and shouted at me for shouting at you. humanity still exist sir and I don’t want to break my faith on humanity. I can understand that you were disturbed enough which lead you to do such a big stunt… I just hope that your hand is fine…
S: (giving him back the amount) keep this with you, you might be able to have extra amount to take care of your family for this month at least.
The driver smiled and went away while omru just stood still listening to the things told by the driver. They just looked at shivay with anger visible in their body language. While shivay just looked back at them and asked in a tone like nothing had happened.
S: what… why are you both staring at me like this?
O: (clearing his throat) amm mr. shivay singh oberoy would you mind elaborating things now…
R: and that driver was talking about some lady… who was that and why was she concerned for you.
O: and I am very sure that your stunt has to do something with that lady…
S: (getting irritated he said in an outburst) haan you heard it right I hurt my hand by breaking the wind-shield of the auto… and the lady he was talking about was none other than anika… she did something which made me angry and then finally in fist of anger I hurt my hand. And then we had an argument and then she left from here… anything else do you want to know.

He saying so went to his car and getting in drove off… omru stood there just looking in the direction where his car went and rubbed their foreheads as they knew that nothing can happen of shivay in particular. They called mehek to ask anika’s state just to learn that she had locked herself in the room. This kind of fight prevailed for the next two to three days and then finally shivay getting frustrated was sitting in his room. Rudra, mahi and gauri entered the room just to see the messed-up condition. They just looked around to find shivay sitting along the window pavement looking outside. Rudra told in a tone just to make shivay come out of thoughts.

R: gauri bhabhi… did some hurricane or something sort of earth quake happened that this whole room is like this or are we standing upside down the room like… with our legs on roof and heads facing the ground.
G: (confused) ka… ka kaha aapne rudyji… hur… hurricane… ka hota hai… jo bolna hai har harike boliye naa… nahi toh ek jhaap mein deewaar pe sat jaiyi be…[wha… what did you tell rudra… hur… hurricane… what’s that… whatever you want to tell, tell it in a way that I can understand else I will permanently fix you to the wall.]
R: (getting even more confused) what did you say? Where will you take me? bhabhi the thing which you told few months back was beyond my understanding and I think it was this only… I never understood it at that time and not even now. Please can you elaborate…
M: (slapping his head lightly) nothing can happen of you rudra… (looking at shivay) so shivay tell us what is this mess all about… didn’t the room service people clean your room for the last three to four days.
S: it’s nothing… just the room service…
G: (cutting him off in between) ah… haan… haan… don’t even dare to tell that bhai that room service never cleaned your room. I had asked them today itself to clean your room and after they did the cleaning itself I know you have created this mess.
R: and bhaiya we all know that you are frustrated and you created all this…
S: (irritated) fine then when you are knowing that why I am frustrated… then why don’t you all help me clearing this mess out?
R: like really… (indicating the whole messed up room.) what do you mean? If you want us to clear this mess then why did you break all this.
S, M, G: (irritated) shut up rudra…

M; he was telling that he needs our help…
G: so, tell us bhai how can we help you? and what sort of help you need from us?
S: whatever I could do I have done and nothing is coming in my wits now… the girl is totally driving me crazy and one or the other time I try rectifying my mistake she will either throw water on me, else she will do something by which I will hurt her and then finally she will end up telling some insane reasons. I mean even on giving these many clues that I know the truth… that duffer is not getting on to her head. Like she still thinks that…
M: (finishing off with what shivay was saying) you and me are not even knowing the truth. Right. then shivay I prefer to advice you that better let her know the truth that you have come to know everything and even our mom…
S: (getting annoyed with the word mom he said) mahi please… you and I are done with this topic and you know my answer very well.
M: and that answer is that pinky oberoy won’t be able to step inside the house and our life unless and until anika comes back in your life. Now stop chanting the same thing again and again shivay I am fed up hearing the same reason again and again.
R: and haan mahi bhai is telling correct… bhaiya just tell the thing to bhabhi and then we will see what has to be done further.
S: (smiling mockingly) yup absolutely why not… then finally you will be getting to see her saying her final adieu to you all. And then see me devastated forever.
G: arre bhai… what has to happen will happen but this time it will not be against our wish? Just try naa. We know that we have made every possible way to convince her without letting her know that we know the truth and nothing worked so let us make her meet with the harsh truth.
S; and why do you all think that I will do something like this?
G: (looking around to see if someone would answer but just found mahi and rudy to keep their head down. She said) I don’t know about others but I know about someone who needs her like you do. And it’s me… (coming close to him) jiju I was kept away from the fact that I am having a sister of my own from the past 26 years and now when I am knowing that she is my sister and she is even close to me I can’t even have her by my side. Please jiju for my sake get my didi back. I need her. please…
She just cried and shivay on the other hand didn’t knew how to react. He just hugged her while the rest two too joined and finally after making her relax a bit shivay said making her face him.
S: fine you know I can’t say no to anything you request me. let me think… I will do something… (he looked at the rest two boys and said) till then…
M: (cutting shivay in between what he was saying) till then you both better take care of my Sali… (rudy smiled and looked at shivay and mahi at times and finally mahi came to rudy and half hugging him said) and we both know what will happen of us if we don’t take care of her so… basically you don’t need to worry about it. We will take care of her. and you better get our bhabhi back.

Shivay nodded and left from there. He went to mehek’s place and knew that anika had gone out in temple. Shivay too went there and found it to be surprisingly empty. He went in to find anika siting beneath the banyan tree and looking very lost deep in thoughts. He just sighed and sat by her side and looked at her while she feeling his presence felt her heartbeats getting fast. She came out of her thoughts and looked around just to see him sitting beside her. she then said in a tone which sounded very defeated.

A: shivay are you not happy or contended with the insults and pain I have laid on you… (in an annoyed tone) then why on this earth are you still behind me like a stubborn kid who is wanting its teacher or parents to get it chocolates which he has been refrained from being given.
S: anika at least listen to me…
A: (in a painful voice) shivay please leave… I don’t remember having nothing specific that is left between us to talk. So, just leave.
S: anika I am asking you for the last time… what are you hiding from me? because I know that your change in behaviour is just under some compulsion. Something beyond I can see.
A: oh, really… do you feel so then why have you not found it till now. Shivay you are having everything and you could have found everything by now. And if in case you couldn’t find then it is your fault. Anyways, I had enough to bear from the last few days. So, good bye and better leave from here. I am not going to come back with you.
S: (she was about to leave but he said) think again anika… because after you leave me then you will have to raise baby alone. anika please try to understand you both need me at this time.
A: (smiling) thanks for the help shivay… but I really don’t need your help. You are nothing to me and this baby is completely my responsibility.
S: (getting up and putting his hands in pocket) so, since you are leaving do you want me to do any kind of final offer on you.
A: (facing him) amm yup… just don’t come in front of me from now on.
S: (he did feel some pain in this statement of anika but then he said smiling) fine then (looking at her straight) return me back my things which I have given to you.
A: (confused) sorry… but what do you mean?

S: I mean return back the mangalsutra which is in your captive then I will leave.
A: (clutching her only possession) no… not at all… but I am not going to return this to you.
S: oh really, if you are finding it too difficult to take it off by yourself then I would be pleased to do it.
A: no shivay… at least let me live in peace.
S: (smiling) let you live in peace and that too with my memory… never anika.
A: (she knew she was having enough of it she said frustrated) anyways, you have talked a lot shivay so better take rest now… I am leaving.
S: (She started to leave when shivay finally thought that letting the truth out was the only thing that will stop her. he said a bit sadly.) I hope you still remember the thing which for which you left me anika.
A: (still leaving she said sternly) NO…
S: (smiling with tears) no… fine then let me remind you… anika you were trying to hide my il-legimacy truth right. (anika just stood still on hearing that. Her face lost all colours with that single thing) you were trying to protect me from breaking down. Right.

With this anika knew the truth which she was hiding till now was finally out and he has come to everything. She just stood on her place without any motion while shivay just came and stood in front of her. he was seeing her trying her words to coverup but was not getting anything. She was about to say.

A: it… it’s no… not… nothing li… like th… that.
S: fine then even on having all the rights to get your alimony and also you could have done case on me for not giving you your share… you never complained anything of that sort… or haan might be you were not prepared that much. Right. what do you think anika that I will be able to forget you so easily? The day you started behaving weirdly I knew that something was wrong but then my doubt became clear on the day you insulted my family and then you proved yourself wrong in front of my eyes. Everything was clear. But that time I was blank as to whom I support and then I threw you out. From then on, I had even died every bit the times I breath air. you don’t even imagine what all I went through… (she just looked at him confused but her eyes were filled with tears) I had a minor heart break and then I restricted myself from entertaining myself. Kept away from family and your promise to omru to keep me happy and then take care of me. that is the only reason why I am keeping myself this fit today. (anika was just looking at him shocked with all the revelations. While he said smiling) anika till this time I was giving you all clue to make you understand that I know the truth but you were not even listening to a word more… so I had to say this. And one more thing don’t get mad on anyone as they never told me anything in getting pressurized the situation got worse and the truth came out.

A: (she said still not unable to answer) but pinky aaunty….

S: what I needed to tell I have told? I just came to say that… I am leaving day after tomorrow and tomorrow I will be in a meeting whole day so don’t worry I won’t come to disturb you tomorrow. And then after that it is your decision you can decide what you want… don’t worry you told me not to disturb you anymore right… then now I am promising it. I am leaving and have a nice day.
A: (shivay was about to leave when she said) shivay… but how can….
S: (without listening to her he just said casually) anyways one thing more once I will leave then I will never come back and you can discuss in detail whatever you want to from omru. I guess they will tell you the truth only. This time at least nothing will be hidden from anyone. (seeing her crying) sorry but I never wanted the situation to come out like this. Sorry for making you cry. Even if you want to take care of the baby alone then too it’s fine but this fact can never change that this our symbol of love. Anyways take care. Bye.

Saying so shivay left from there while anika just sat down on the nearby bench and was recollecting all that had happened.

Sorry for the late updates dears… actually I had met with accident in the process of saving someone and then got injured. So, I was restricted to bed for 2 days. I hope you will forgive me for delaying the post. But sorry for making you wait. I hope you like this part and will also do comment. All I need to say is please don’t be mad at me for delaying the posting okay. This is priya signing off bye…

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