Sudden turn of events… shivika few shots… shot nine.

By the somewhat nearing of dusk anika was getting ready to leave for airport. She was about to get near her car when she saw gauri coming and she looked at the time asked.

A: arre gauri you here… don’t you have a flight to catch.
G: haan I do have… but I wanted to meet you so just thought to come. Why did I do wrong?
A: arre how can my devrani do something wrong? Anyways come… (she extended her hands and gauri smilingly hugged her)
G: (leaving her) anyways I needed to talk to you about something very important.
A: haan go on… what’s so important that you took trouble to come here.
G: amm I would suggest you to better have a seat bhaujai as the thing which I am going to tell might be a bit shocking for you.

Anika looked at gauri confused while gauri just smiled and opening the back seat made anika sit and said holding her hand. While anika was just looking at her still confused without understanding anything.

G: all I need you to do is listen to what I am telling very carefully. And without asking anything in between. Your decision after hearing all what I say will be deciding the life of two people.
A; amm are you planning to say something related to shivay.
G: (smiling) I can very well understand that people around you are saying these things but the thing which I am going to tell is nowhere related to bhai. Okay so I am going to ask you something about your childhood.
A: (surprised, amused and confused) my childhood. Now why do you want to know about my childhood.
G: nothing… something related to that past of yours… do you remember someone from your family?
A: haan but nothing clearly some hazy images… I have never seen any of the faces clearly and not even my mom and dad but I do remember that I always get to see someone called chutki. I think she was my sister but I don’t remember her name nor anything specific by which I can identify her in the coming times. Then suddenly one day I open my eyes just find myself admitted in an orphanage and she was not there by my side. (looking at her) but why are you asking all this so suddenly? And with my past how can someone’s life change.
G: amm I know the person you are talking about.
A: (in an unbelievable tone) do you know chutki? But how… where is she? Can I meet her please… it has been so long since I have seen someone from my real family… (saying so she almost stood up but gauri made her sit back.)

G: relax… bhaujai relax… please don’t take strain. And don’t take bhai wrongly.
A: oh… so he still has his NKK ideology within him. And he did this search even after I left him. (she said getting annoyed)
G: (holding her head as the things was going the opposite way of what she thought. She then held anika by her arms and said in a tone by which anika just looked at her with an astonished look) didi will you just stop assuming things. (anika was at first stunned to see gauri talk to her like this. She just nodded and gauri on realizing the way she talked apologised and continued) I am sorry… I didn’t mean to talk to you like this… okay so I was saying that bhai is not involved in this matter. The only way by which he is connected is that he was trying to find to find you out and in that process this truth came out.
A: (getting frustrated she said annoyed) okay gauri will you stop circling things… and tell the thing which you have come to say. (gauri just looked at anika amused due to sudden change in anika’s behaviour. Anika realised what she told and said in an apologising tone) voh… gauri my mood swings… don’t mind the way I talked. It was just due to my mood change that I talked to like that. So, tell what you had come to tell. I know that you won’t come in between such a hectic schedule just to tell a silly matter.
G; okay… (taking a deep breath) now at this moment I can’t hide this truth any more. The little girl you used to see in your dream and the one you call as your chutki is none other than me. I am your sister and your only family. Sorry, I tried to dig into our past more and I found out that our parents are no more in this world… just we both. Didi I knew this truth earlier itself but didn’t get a chance to explain. As I wanted you to know this truth before we leave I came to tell you. and again, I am repeating shivay jiju has nothing to do in this matter.

While telling all this gauri didn’t realize how much big shock she was giving to anika. she was not even looking at anika while telling all this. While anika who was registering what all gauri was sitting all lost with the fresh memories of her childhood flashing in front of her eyes. She was remembering the little girls playing and making fun of each other. Some kind of accident scene and then everything was lost. Then she could remember was the temple scene where she for the final time met her sister and then lost her forever. She even remembered the dreams which came to her whenever she slept.

Gauri on the other hand was noticing the change in anika’s body language and expression. She then realised that anika was profusely sweating and she was even showing some losing and painful expression. Gauri realised that if she would leave anika thinking for some more time like this then something worse will happen. She was about to hold her anika suddenly fainted and fell back on the seat. Gauri was now even more worried. She immediately brought some water. Gauri sprinkled water on anika and tapped her cheeks. Finally, anika came to sense and on seeing gauri she just hugged her. gauri was at first surprised but then let anika do whatever she wants. After all she was also longing for this hug. After sometime which was a contented time for anika she left gauri and said cupping her face she said with still tears filled in her eyes.

A: you… you… are… m… my… chu… chutki…
G: (understanding her state of mind she knew that she shouldn’t cry. So, she just held back her tears and said in a confirming tone) yes didi… I am your chutki.
A; (still not ready to accept the fact) after… afterwards… don’t… te… tell tha… that… you toll… told… all… thi… this… ju… just for fu… fun. As I can’t lo… lose yo… you again.
G; (taking her hands off from her cheeks and she in turn held her by her shoulder and said) didi just think what will I gain by telling you a lie… you can believe me at this moment. I am not telling anything under being any force and whatever I told you is the truth.
A: (smiling) you don’t know gauri how connected I used to feel whenever you were around me. for the first time, I met you I felt that I had met you after ages but I knew you well. At that time, I couldn’t understand the connection but never in my wildest dreams I had imagined the things to turn out like this.
G; didi are you okay naa… I mean are you not mad at me for telling you this truth. I know that you never wanted anyone to dig into your past and I did that mistake.
A: (slapping her slightly) chup kar pagli… and why would I be mad at you haan… in fact I am happy and you can’t even imagine how much happy I am today.
G: okay… okay… now don’t be too excited… now I can’t handle if you again become unconscious.
A: (smiling and hugging her again. This time gauri too reciprocated) I am sorry being elder to you I know that I must be handling you… but here the opposite has happened. You are handling me. I am sorry.

G: (leaving her and in an annoyed tone) oh, common didi… if you will not stop saying this sorry and all this stuff then I will get mad at you. aur ek jhaap mein deevaar pe sat jayi be.
A: (smiling) well I am not planning to get that from you right now. And even look at our language… we both have a common thing. We both talk in a weird language.
G; (smiling) haan… but mine a bit weirder nai…
Anika indicated a little bit by gestures. Gauri pouted while anika just made an aww face and hugged her again. After spending some more time both the newly found sisters arrived at airport where the rest were already present. Om could guess that everything had gone well from gauri’s and anika’s behaviour. He just relaxed and then came to gauri and took her aside. Gauri said annoyed.
G: ka hua omkaraji… where are you taking me like this?
O: everything went well naa. She didn’t get disturbed by hearing the truth naa.
G: (smiling and holding his hands) relax omkaraji everything went well… haan she just fainted in between.
O: (shocked) what she fainted? But she is looking fine right now.
G: omkaraji I think she took the thigs I told to her heart. So, she fainted but she was just fine. If it would have been serious then I would have surely called you.
O; (relaxing) well are you happy that you got your sister back.
G: (nodding in agreement) haan I am very happy today. Right now, I am feeling like hugging shivay jiju and thanking him for returning me back my sister.
O: (in a complaining tone) oh, so all credits goes to shivay… haan… haan give him all the credits after all I am nothing to you.
G: (pulling his cheeks and said in a tone as if pulling his legs) aww… look at you omkaraji how you are getting jealous on your own brother’s mentioning? (leaving him) Arre mere jhatadhari hippi… even the credits goes to you, you too helped me a lot in finding out the truth of my past. (hugging him) thankyou.

While bhavya was busy in counting the luggage and even in scolding rudy for doing his last minutes purchase. The moment when om and gauri talking anika and mahi were talking with each other. Mahi just said.

M; yesterday you were saying that you are not coming back. So are you serious on that matter.
A; well first of all… I never said that I will never return back. I just said that I need some more time.
M: but when anika… shivay is not living his life anymore. He is just breathing as if someone is forcing him to breath.
A: yes, I know that mahi. And I have even witnessed that. And to mend all the broken pieces I have to do something which will be something huge. After all there are people to whom I have to seek forgiveness and some people who need to be thanked. And for all these my sudden arrival will not gain any specific result rather than hatred and pain. First let shivay break the news that he met me here and then I will come when the correct time comes.
M: (smiling) I know that whatever you will do will be betterment of everyone and taking in care of the good times ahead.
A: and this time you will be helping me.
M: (confused) excuse me… what do you mean?
A: well mahi don’t be too shocked… I was just saying the fact. This time I can’t trouble omru and since you are the one who have been handling shivay you are the one who is in my target for helping me in getting into the mansion.
M: (in an unbelievable tone) oh, hello yaar mujhe toh baksh deti bhabhiji… first I have to take care of your stupid husband and now you are demanding that I must also listen to your orders. Yaar this is heights.

A: (in an I don’t care tone she said) well mahi you are my devar now and if you want your brother to be back to his tadibaaz form then you have to listen to what all I say.
M: (smiling and said in a defeated tone) wah… bhabhi ho toh aisi… you very smartly used my weakness… (giving up) shivay used to say the truth you are very tough to be handled. And no one can win against you. well for my brother I am ready to do anything. I am ready to take your orders madam.
A: (keeping her hands on her waist. She said in an angry voice) madam nahi… anika or else bhabhi… you can choose one among them.
M: sorry my fault… my sweet bhabhi…
A: (smiling and in a very happy tone) now that’s better.

After sometime the rest started for Mumbai while anika was still in a fix. After shivay’s meet everything turned upside down… her thinking, her truth coming out, their confrontation, omru’s confession, mahi’s meeting, and finally gauri and her relation. She just held her emotions back and left for home. While in the evening the rest stepped in the house they saw all the elders sitting in the room all clouded with loads of question in their mind.

All understood that shivay had finally broke the news and that’s the reason for such a mess. They looked around to find shivay but he was missing. Mahi asked gauri and bhavya to get in and rest. At first, they didn’t listen but on seeing his stern face they left at once. Mahi patted omru and they went near the elders who asked them to explain everything in detail of what happened there. And one by one all took chance and elaborated things about how and all happened. And how things were still unsorted between shivika. Then om asked.

O: (looking around) but mom… where is shivay?
J: I don’t know om… he was seeming tensed and he didn’t even tell us clearly what all had happened there. So, we were waiting for you all to come.
R: but he must have told you where he has gone.
M: haan and as far as I know he is not having any meeting to attend over here and precisely not at least today. So, why did he leave for office.
Dadi (D): and who told you that he has gone to office?
M: (surprised) what do you mean dadi? I mean where will he go rather than going to office?
D: I told you jhanvi puttar… my billu was no more alive nor he was looking well. The life which was left in him was seeming to be snatched away…
O: (getting scared) dadi what are talking about? And why are you talking like this?
J: voh actually om we didn’t have the fairest idea that you all had met anika there… it is now only that we got to know that.
R: (confused) ma at least don’t try to divulge the situation please. It’s already in a mess.
M: haan badi ma… tell it what you are saying very clearly…
D: voh mahi puttar… when billu came in the morning he was just looking all lost. As if the only hope of meeting anika had been taken away from him.
J: and the moment he stepped in his room he spent some time there and then don’t know what happened to him he went somewhere taking some of his things along with him. And has not even returned till now.

Omru & M: (shocked) what? He went. But where.
M: but badi ma how could you let him go like that.
O: yes, mom you had seen him disturbed and then too you let him go.
R: (almost on the urge of crying) see this was the reason why I was telling you both mahi bhaiya and o… I told you that we must have not left him to come alone.
M: (a bit sternly) rudy we will play this blame game afterwards I guess. (looking at dadi) and dadi you could have at least stopped him.
D: mahi puttar I tried but he was just saying that where anika is not there he is not going to stay.
J: yaa initially I was too surprised but then I thought him to be joking… but I never thought that the matter was this serious.
M: (rubbing his forehead) god, the situation is getting even more worse. (in mind) shivay what is this now? At least you could have hinted that you cannot live without anika. now what will I tell to her.
O: (snapping in front of mahi and bringing him out of thoughts) what are you thinking mahi?
M: (in a completely worn out and stressed voice) nothing I was just thinking now where might he have gone.
R: why are we thinking like this? Let’s ask khanna… he might have accompanied him.
J: no use rudy. He didn’t take anyone. He just drove of like that.
M: anyways, badi ma we can’t sit here ideally. At least we can search.
O: but where mahi?
M: (in a tensed voice) I don’t know… really! I have no clue. Anyways, I am going.
R; mahi bhaiya but where will we go?
M: rudra I said I have no clue… but at least I can search him somewhere. So, I am leaving.

Saying so he took his car keys and left from there. While omru too followed him and they too left in search of shivay. dadi just said really getting sad.

D: the situation which happened five months ago is repeating jhanvi… my billu… I could handle him. Don’t know where will he be now and will he be fine.
J: (comforting her) mummyji don’t worry everything will be fine. Don’t know when but I am feeling it that everything will be fine soon. don’t lose hope mummyji please.

Dadi just nodded while omru and mahi were searching the places where they could find shivay but no clue was found. On the other hand, shivay is seen standing leaning to his car at some lonely high-altitude place with just the thoughts of anika in his mind. Winds playing everywhere to indicate the rain that was coming. But shivay was least bothered.

S: (the thoughts in shivay’s mind) I wanted to live for someone and that was you anika. I never thought about my life before your arrival and had even stopped living after I threw you out. Now staying in the same house, I am feeling suffocated and as far as you don’t come back I am never going to step into that house again. You are the only wish I have wished to be there by my side and when you are not there I am nothing. I hope you forgive me soon.

So, done with this part… I hope you like it. Please do comment and let me know your views on it. And if in case you don’t like then do mention that too… well I wanted to ask you about paring someone with mahi… if you want that then do reply for that as I have still not planned anything about it. If you all want I can do that pairing too and also do suggest your views on the partner. That’s it for today… this is priya signing off and take care all of you. bye have a nice day.

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