Sudden turn of events… shivika few shots… shot four

Mahi and mehek had already searched the whole open spaces of the hospital and at times mehek would come and hold mahi as people whom she enquired would guide her to him by mistake. Finally, on learning that shivay had not left the hospital premises they wondered where would he might be. Mehek finally looking at mahi asked.

ME: mahi what do shivay do when he gets emotional?
M: of course, aunty the thing which he did sometimes back… get on some sort of stupid condition and then leave us speechless and then cry.
ME: okay so does he cry in front of you all or alone.
M: (not understanding why she was asking all this he looked confused at her but still said) alone… he goes to study room or either his room and cry and then after becoming fine he returns back.

ME: haan that’s exactly the reason why we are not able to trace him till now. Now I think we must search the rooms which are empty and not frequently used.
Mahi nodded and searched the store room… medicine room… and all such rooms and finally they entered the changing room where shivay was and found him sitting in a corner of a sofa and then crying hiding his face. mahi had never seen shivay in such a state so he was just looking at shivay like he was never his brother. Mehek went to shivay with a water bottle and sat next to him. Since shivay had not noticed them he was still in that position. Mehek huffed a bit and then put her hand on his back. Shivay looked at her and composed himself. She offered him water which he accepted but without drinking it he just held it and looked at mahi just to find him lost. Mehek to lighten the moment said.

ME: shivay water is a thing which we prefer to drink not to hold. So, just drink it and don’t worry that is your brother mahi only so stop staring him like this and mahi since I am here it is nowhere written that you must stand like a statue. Come join us.
S: how is anika?
ME: don’t know I didn’t meet her. your brothers and bhabhis are there with her right now. I needed to talk to you on something very important so I thought that there won’t be a better chance than this so came here without meeting her.
S: fine then go on… even I want to get some answers from you. so, you go first.
ME: look I know what all had happened in your and anika’s life five months back and how come she had landed here. And after listening to all the things which you had done with her I had made sure that if by any chance I would have met you then I would have taken a very good class of you for hurting her. but after hearing all the things which you shared with your siblings I felt that you have suffered enough for hurting her and even that you are much more hurt compared to what anika is.

S: I didn’t understand.
ME: (smiling) look shivay even though anika is broken due to your acts she is having a hope to live still inside her. and from the way I have understood her she is not that stubborn that she will not forgive you. but still if you feel like she needs to be apologised then go on I won’t stop you from doing anything but haan better make me aware of the thing you do at the earliest.
S: but Mrs. Mehek how did you meet anika and how come she is here?
Mehek was at first confused on such a question but then smiled and told him the way she met anika through an accident. Five months back anika had no clue where to go as she knew that she cannot come in front of shivay just to break him so she decided to leave for the train which came to the station. And by this she landed up in Delhi and while she was wandering on road she saw mehek getting into an accident. Though even anika was broken from inside she helped mehek and on gaining senses mehek told her about the blank out which she faced after her daughter died and even losing in business. From nothing anika helped her out and brought back the business to the position it is now.
Even on offering anika the ownership of the firm anika refused to take over as she was not at all interested in it. All she wanted was to take care of mehek and expect nothing in return. Then they came to know about her pregnancy and then finally anika decided to live for the baby. Though even on asking loads of times about her family anika never revealed the names of Oberoi’s but always praised their way of living. She never said anything wrong in what shivay did and what all had happened was destined to happen. Mehek finally concluded.

ME: she came as an angel in my most difficult time and helped me out of crises. She was a complete stranger to me at that time, but now she is my everything and even my daughter. She has filled the absence of my daughter and has taken care of me. and I have even seen her crying a lot but now its high time and she has to get her happiness back. And her happiness lies in you shivay so I think you should get to her back. And haan I have even heard that you were searching for her relatives too… right so, let me tell you I am her mother now and if you even hurt her then there won’t be anyone worse than me.

S: (smiling) the thing you told is enough for me to understand how selfless my wife is Mrs. Mehek. But I promise I will not hurt her anymore. Even on making her suffer this much she still safeguarded me, she never told anything wrong about me and me on the other hand never understood how she was my lucky charm. Now if in case you are considering anika as your daughter then get ready to accept one more daughter too.
ME: (confused) sorry… what do you mean? One more daughter.
M: after anika left we searched her everywhere but the search ended up by we finding her real family. Though unfortunately her parents are not alive her sister is alive and with us right now.
ME: (happily) that’s a great news… well who is the lucky one… who is my second daughter?
M: gauri… om’s wife.
ME: well I think we must tell this to anika after all she will be happy that she is having a sister now.
S: no aunty… this is not the right time. If you tell this to her then she will think that still my ideology is intact in me and then she will never forgive me. I will myself tell this to her but right now I think you both should go and meet her as I am sure she will be question about you both to omru.

M: no shivay I am not planning to meet her right now. First you sort out the matter then I will meet her.
S: but mahi…
M: no buts shivay… she will ask me loads of question and I will in-turn blurt out the truth of how and what all happened. So, first you handle her sort out the matter and then make her understand the things the I will meet her.
S: fine. As you wish… call omru and leave with them.
M: what about you…
S: I will join after sometime after making sure that anika and aunty reaches safely.
M: fine…
Saying so mahi left and called omru and they left for the hotel. While mehek went to anika and asked sitting on the chair next to her.
ME: so, how is my baby now?
A: (pouting) oh, so you are concerned about the baby and not its mom… fine then the baby is saying that it is fine and it don’t want anyone worrying about it. Happy…
ME: (holding her cheek and saying in an affection tone) looks like someone is jealous of her own baby… but baby tell your mom that I was asking about you because I know that your mom will be very happy after meeting her relatives. Haina mumma.

A; acha aunty… why did you allow them to meet me? you know naa that I was hiding from them.
ME: common anika… they were the ones who had brought you here and while you were undergoing the treatment I had seen them in so much tension. And the one most affected by your fainting was shiv… (realizing what she was about to say she stopped at once and mentally slapped herself. Anika on hearing her telling shivay looked at mehek suspiciously)
A: (suspicious) why did you stop aunty? You were going to say shivay right… so my suspicion is correct shivay is here and you have met shivay.
ME: (smiling and covering up her mistake) look anika you are becoming a question Kamari now and I think you are thinking too much about your husband… and how can I know your husband’s name you have not even told me his name I came to know right now only that his name is shivay. and how will I meet him I only met the ones whom you met… no one else. Why don’t you admit it anika that you still want shivay to be by your side?
A: (letting out some air) hmm I think I am thinking too much… om too told me that shivay is not here and I even asked and doubted you. sorry… but yes, I miss him aunty like every woman wants… I too want my husband to be by my side but after what happened between us this will never happen. Even somewhere in the weaker side of my soul I want him… and need him very badly to take care of me… to hold on to me… to love me and above that everything to become normal again. Every day, I watch the moon just to calm myself by remembering his face in that, (smiling) he once said to me that he is the sun and when a person lives with the sun then he must be not afraid if anything but the reality is he was the moon in our relation…

He was the one who brought calmness, whenever I used to get annoyed at him I threw water at him and he never complained about it… I was the one to begin fight and even did stupidity but like a gush of wind he just sided my mistakes and even never used to get angry on me. he was the one hurt when I used to hurt even if it didn’t pain me it used to pain him a lot. He wanted me to be by his side when he opened his eyes and even he never cared risking his own life when the matter will become complicated and you know he has even taken a bullet which was destined to me… I was the sun who brought trouble in our relation so how can he claim that property of mine.
But little did anika know that apart from mehek the things were heard by shivay who was standing near the door and mehek had purposely kept it a bit open so that he can at least hear what anika was saying. When anika told about having bullet the flashes of him getting the bullet on sargi flashed in both shivika’s mind. While mehek was just looking in the direction of the door when anika was saying all this. All the moments which anika spent with shivay was flashing while tears fell from both their eyes when they remembered the moment when anika held his hand from beneath the bed. That was the moment when both felt complete. While anika wiping her tears said making mehek look at her.

A: and you know what… he always used to know I was around him even before I would open up my mouth. He said he can feel whenever I am around but on being asked how… he didn’t have any answer for that.
S: (from outside he said confessing but in a voice which was only audible to him) and even now too I don’t have any reason for that anika.
ME: well I can see how you are missing him anika… now why are you waiting beta forget the past your family is here now call him too. Why are you punishing him and you too like this?
A: (nodding in negative) no aunty… if I get back to him then pinky aunty will not like it. She doesn’t want me to be with him and if I go there then I can’t trust that lady she will tell everything to shivay and then shivay will break. I don’t have the guts to see my shivay breaking in front of my eyes. He is a person who lives with his principles and if he comes to know that the principles which he is following has never been in him he will not be able to bear it. So, I am better here away from him.
Shivay heard the last thing and a lone tear escaped his eyes while mehek just looked at both anika and then shivay. when shivay saw her he just gave a faint smile and left from there. Finally, after all the formalities got over anika was taken back home. Mehek was all the advising anika what all she has to do and while anika was getting irritated with all the advising process. She was making funny antiques which was being noticed by shivay wh was following them from a safe distance. And he was also smiling seeing her doing these things. After making anika comfortable in her room mehek came to shivay who was waiting outside her house. She asked.

ME: so, shivay I think it’s too late now. You must head back to hotel. I am here and will take care of your wife very carefully.
S: (handing over the medicines prescribed) these are the medicines which the dr prescribed. I have a request aunty.
ME: hmm go on…
S: can I meet her. I mean she must be asleep by now as I think she was tired.
ME: (smiling) who am I to stop you? you have all the rights on her like she has on you. go in and if you wish then stay back too… I don’t mind. I think feeling your presence she will have a peaceful sleep at least for once in this five months.
S: thankyou… but I promise I will not take more time. You should also rest I will leave by myself you don’t need to wait for me to leave.
ME: good night… though it is already going to be morning now… have a nice time with your wife.
Mehek went to her room after leaving shivay to anika’s room. Entering in shivay saw anika sleeping but was much disturbed by the position she was sleeping. He came close to her just see the minute changes taken place in her very closely. Though earlier she was beautiful she on gaining motherhood had even turned more beautiful. She had turned a bit healthy but still the charmness was there in her. shivay sat on his knees and noticed the sindoor and nuptial necklace still in their place. A small smile crept on her face. he said to himself in a low voice not to disturb anika’s sleep.
S: even on getting forcefully separated me you are keeping me alive in you by keeping the things I gave you intact panika. A piece of paper will not decide what and how will be our relation anika. even on signing divorce notice the relation which we shared through our heart and soul can never get separated. You were always mine and I promise to win you back again but this time I will never leave you again as I have learned that how much impossible it is for me to live without you.

He saw anika was getting disturbed due to the strands of hair falling on her face. she was even murmuring something to the one disturbing her but shivay didn’t understand what she was saying. After contentedly scolding her hair anika pouted in her sleep making her even look cute. Shivay just smiled and carefully tuck the strands behind her ear. A smile at once appeared on her lips and she cuddled more on to her pillow hugging it tight. Shivay looked at her for some time and then got conscious on seeing her moving. He at once hid beneath the bed but on finding her not getting down and carefully came out see her sleeping peacefully.

He looked at the time and thought to leave. He looked back at her and saw something was disturbing her in sleeping and she was really looking uncomfortable. He checked thoroughly but nothing was there that was rough or hard. He was checking something sitting by the side of her pillow but to his surprise anika got up and before he could react she looked at him. Shivay was badly caught and he was just looking at her shocked. Anika who was half sleepy due to comfortless position got up just to see shivay. she was surprised but thought it to be her dream said in a sleepy tone.

A: kya anika tu bhi naa… you are thinking too much about that bagad billa… what will he do in your room over here. I am sure he must be peacefully sleeping in his room in mansion not even try to know where will you be bagad billa kahin ke. Koi nai… if not in real at least in your dream he is sitting right in front of you. toh he wont mind hugging you now and let you sleep in his arms.

Shivay was looking at his mad wife wondering how she was saying all this even on realizing that she was seeing him for real. He was happy that she had still not changed and even had continued her duty of cursing him. He broke of his thought when he heard anika asking still in a sleepy tone

A: you don’t know shivay how much I missed you… now since you are here with me will you let me sleep in your arms. (shivay just looked at her with a layer of fresh tear formed in his eyes. Anika just looked at him pouting while shivay just nodded and anika like a little kid smiled and went in his arms and getting comfortable she said) thankyou billuji… now I am feeling relaxed… good night…

Saying so anika drifted back to sleep and slept very peacefully hugging him. While shivay let her sleep as she wanted. His hands wrapped across her waist while his face resting on hers. She nuzzled into him closer to his chest and rested hearing his heart beating at a rhythmic pace. Shivay planted a kiss in her hair while he too hugged her close. A smile of content formed on anika’s lips and she slept off very peacefully after a long time. While shivay too drifted off not knowing when. At nearly eight mehek came to room just to find them both sleeping like this. She smiled and saw anika too sleeping very calmly after a long time and she said smiling.

ME: I knew it that this will happen… anyways I have to wake up shivay now.

But she knew that anika would wake up anytime so she came to shivay and very carefully woke him up making sure that anika would not get disturbed. Shivay looked at her and then carefully placed anika back to bed and was about to tell what made him stop back to mehek but she said taking him out.

ME: I know what are you planning to tell shivay and I said earlier too that you can stay with her. anyways the reason I woke you up is because anika might get up anytime and if she sees you here then you know…
S: yaa I am leaving. Thank you so much for taking care of her aunty.
ME: (smiling) anytime shivay… but leave now. I am sure your brothers will be searching for you in this whole city for you.
S: amm aunty a favour more I will send gauri and bhavya to the temple nearby… if anika is awake by then, then please send her to the temple. A surprise will be waiting for her there.
Mehek smiled and nodded and after giving him his expresso he left. But by now anika was wide awake and was looking outside the window just to see him leaving but she didn’t see him as he was facing his back. She felt he was shivay but said.
A: why am I getting a feeling that he is shivay? and how did I sleep so peacefully that too without disturbance like I felt like sleeping in his arms… was he here with me… (holding her head) god I am thinking too much… (in anger) mr. bagad billa door rehekar bhi chain nahi dete mujhe… aur agar chain nahi dena tha toh door hi kyu kiya. Tadibaaz kahin ke. (mr. bagad billa you are not letting me stay in peace even after getting away from me. then why did you make me away from you.)

So done with this part… I know this was a stupid part but nothing was coming in my mind so just typed what all I had in my blank mind. I hope you will like this and please do let me know your reponse by comment. This is priya signing off have a nice day and take care.

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