Sudden turn of events… shivika few shots… shot five.

Anika though felt he was shivay rubbed that thoughts off and went as mehek called her. after she turned back shivay too turned back just to see her going… he had already sensed anika by getting triggers from his anika meter. He smiled and left from there. He reached the hotel where he saw his gang sitting with much tension prevailing on their faces. He went to them just to be showered with innumerable and unstoppable questions. He was already tired due to lack of rest so he just sat on the couch while the rest surrounded him. He then getting fed up said in an annoyed tone.

S: oh… stop it… stop it… not a word more. What do you want to know? Where was I this whole night? What was I doing? Who was with me? and why didn’t come back…. Right.
Omru, G, B, M: (in unison) yes…
S: fine. But I don’t want a word come out from your mouth after hearing what I am going to tell… whole night I was at mehek auntie’s place taking care of anika and she had not let me leave while sleep so unfortunately, I had to stay back.
Omru: what?
S: what… what?
R: bhabhi let you be with her? didn’t she ask you to leave…
S: amm she thought me to be her imagination so she didn’t react… (looking at rest) so basically, I was with anika and due to her I couldn’t come back nor even had time to inform you all about it. Anything else you all want to know. (all like obedient kids nodded in a no) fine then can I have some peace of mind if you monkey’s permit me then.
The men sat back on the table while bhavya and gauri were going to get food. Shivay stopped them in the mid-way and said.
S: gauri bhavya after having food get ready…
G: okay bhaiya… (but she didn’t understand why so she asked a bit hesitantly.) but bhai why should we get ready?
S: you both are going to temple.
B: but bhaiya we went in the morning and now again… why?
S: amm anika is going to come there and I know she might have restricted herself from eating her favourite food thinking about baby and even thinking about my tastes. So, I will be preparing aloo puri for her and you have to give her on my behalf.
M: (confused) but how can you surely say that she might have restricted herself.
S: amm last night though she knew that I was in real she thought that I was her dream and in that process, she was doing her usual duty.
B: what usual duty bhaiya?
R: what else throw water at bhaiya… Haina bhaiya… (looking at bhavya as she was not aware of this thing she was confused) oh, haan you don’t know. And what a stupid person I am, I missed you telling the famous thing which my superwoman does with this great wall.
O: really shivay you mean to say bhabhi threw water on you…
S: (sighing) I knew that my siblings were duffers but I never knew that they were stupid to this extent. You idiots she not only throws water on me but she was the only person who dared to answer directly on my face. and last night she was cursing me straightly without even thinking for a second. (he saw that omru were about to ask even more about it but he cut them off and said) I don’t want to discuss more about this now. I have taken permission from the hotel staff in this matter and so I will be leaving now. Bhavya gauri be ready on time.

The rest smiled while shivay left to the kitchen. Anika and mehek came to the temple and found gauri and bhavya already there. Mehek knew about it so was not surprised but anika was surprised to find them there. She asked surprised.
A: arre what a surprise… both my devranis are here and that too at this time.
G: (under her breath she murmured) even we are surprised didi as we are visiting this same temple for the second time.
B: amm nothing bhabhi voh we knew that you usually arrive in the temple at this time from our talks with mehek aunty… (mehek looked confused at bhavya thinking as to when did they talk while anika looked at mehek with an irritated face) so, we thought to bring your favourite food as your breakfast bhabhi.
ME: oh, really… I never knew what is her favourite food till now. So, let me also see what is my daughter’s favourite cuisine.
Saying so they went near the common food serving area and after making anika comfortable gauri gave her the food which was carefully packed. On finding that it was aloo puri anika’s happiness knew no extent. She just exclaimed in excitement and then started having it without even caring what will the rest think. After having some she felt like t tasted the same like shivay made and thought.
A: why am I feeling like this has been made by shivay? everyone are telling me that he is not here but still from yesterday various things are indicating that he is somewhere near and now even this. I think that these people are hiding something from me.

But she continued having her food and after having some quality of time with the rest they left. In the afternoon anika went out for some shopping but since mehek was having some important work she couldn’t accompany her. but shivay was following her keeping a safe distance. He was surprised to find anika going into a local market and there was not even a shop where there was no crowd. Shivay thought that anika will never change. After purchasing some stuff, she would always end up doing bargaining. Shivay was enjoying seeing the shop keeper getting frustrated fighting with anika. after anika left shivay would pay the rest amount much to raise the confusion and surprise of the shop keeper.

While walking back anika was talking to Chanda and was not even bothered to care about the road where she was walking. She was so engrossed in talking that she didn’t notice a bike coming in her way and the biker was also busy with his phone. shivay looked around to see if someone would help or not but to his surprise he just found people waiting to see her get hit. Shivay didn’t wait for a second and he pulled anika back while the rest who waiting to see anika get hit just frowned in frustration and left from there. While shivay just turned around to go when he heard anika saying something and stopped. Anika who was much annoyed with the sudden pull looked down to see her phone broken and without looking at the person she just shouted.

A: hey you idiot person… are you mad or what… look at the mess you have created now… you have broken my phone. (looking at him to just find him standing facing his back to her. she continued being annoyed) excuse me mr. I am talking to you and you are facing your back to me. is your face so bad that you are not even daring to face me haan…?

Saying so she forcefully made shivay look at her. she was least expecting this and was not even ready for the situation. And the moment her eyes met shivay’s everything freezed up. She just stood still and only his name escaped from her mouth. Anika was just stepping back in shock while shivay just held her back to stop her getting into more mess. Finally, anika composing her took his hands off from her and said with hatred and pain.

A: so, my thinking was correct. Right from yesterday everything that came in my way indicated your presence but everyone managed to hide this truth from me.
S: anika… (trying to calm her down) anika please calm down… it is not good for you to get so hyper in this condition. It will affect baby’s health.
A: (calming down a bit but she continued in a mocking tone) and why are you so worried about this mr shivay singh oberoy… you don’t have anything to do with this baby right.
S: anika please…
A: (smiling) and as far as I remember there is nothing left between us. we signed the divorce and by next month we will be getting legally divorced. So, why are you showing this concern mr. oberoy… every time you give me suggestion but this time I am suggesting you one thing better learn to accept the things which you do. Life is not a puppet game. Which will help you decide someone’s fate in a minute and even destroy the same persons fate within seconds. You forcefully got married to me and then without even letting me a chance to defend myself you divorced me. and now you are here again suggesting me what should I do and what all should I not do. Thank you mr. oberoy but I don’t want any kind of help from you.
S: (he knew that anika will not listen to any of his sorry so he thought better to answer back in his own style) look anika what I did was just an act of humanity. I had not seen that it was you, and if in case I knew that I was going to save you then I swear I would have not even done that.
A: (smiling she covered her pain. Yes, the words which shivay told her was paining her but she didn’t want to show it off so she hid it. Though through the inner self she was happy that shivay saved her she didn’t want to let herself lose so early so said) humanity… really mr. oberoy… humanity and you… better say this kind off joke to someone else. I know how much humanity is there in you. taking the weakness of someone and making them do your work by an act of harming them is your so-called humanity. But that’s an old tale…
S: (getting angry) enough anika I am keeping silence that doesn’t mean that you will go on telling the things that are coming onto your mind. And why the hell I am standing and talking to a person like you. it’s just a waste of time.
A: (in an annoyed tone) haan so who is stopping you? the road is clear and you consider me as a road side thrash… right then just deviate a bit from the place you are walking and leave from here.
S: you know what… you will never change and I was very correct in that matter. I always knew that even on getting insulted this much you will behave like this only… you won’t even feel ashamed talking to me like this. Girls like you never were changed ago, has not changed now and will not be changing in the near future.

Saying all this he got down and collected all the things which had fallen off from her hand so that she won’t be doing the trouble of bending down and doing this thing. Anika was just looking at his doing and was feeling happy that at least she met him like this… but was sad that she was fighting with him. She just wanted to hug him and thank him for saving her but her mind was not letting her do so… shivay in the mean-time collected all the things and gave it to her and finishing off whatever he had to tell he left from there.

Shivay was smiling that at least though thorough a fight they both talked. But he stopped in his path when he saw anika standing in front of him with a smirk on her face. he looked at her confused and before he could judge anything anika threw a bottle full of water on him and said, while shivay just looked at her shocked. Even the people who were seeing this were shocked beyond limits. They were even capturing this cute moment between them on camera.
A: you must be thinking as to why I threw the water on you right? and here is the answer… (she again threw another dose of water shocking shivay as this was totally unexpected) one for making om tell lie that you are not here… then for making gauri and bhavya come with the food. Secondly for coming in front of me and showing your tadi to me.
S: (pulling her closer he said with equal attitude) and I swear you will never get a chance to regret for the thing you have done now… you have committed a big mistake by throwing on me anika and I swear I will make you pay for this insult.
A: (in her swag attitude) acha then let me also see what you can do? (pushing him away with all her strength) mr. oberoy if you are forgetting let me remind you this is not Mumbai nor this is your house. This is Delhi and there is no one here who will obey your orders and do according to what you tell. Hence this is an open challenge do whatever you can but you won’t be able to anything to me.
S: (in his SSO style) challenge and me… if you are forgetting anika then let me remind you shivay singh oberoy never lost a challenge till now and will never lose one in the coming time too… so, sweetheart better try doing something in which you can really destroy me okay… else you will fail miserably. (he flipped his fingers through his like he used to do earlier)
A: (smiling) great then lets see who wins… but there is a challenge in which you lost mr. oberoy… (shivay looked at her confused while she came close to him and folding her hands to chest she said in a voice which was audible only to him) the challenge which you failed miserably… and that was me shivay… the love of your life shivay… (walking back and then looking at him she continued) and you are daring to show you tadi to the same person who knows you better than anyone else… and who also know what is your weak point and your every weakness, so better tie your seatbelt properly before playing with that same weakness… ALL THE BEST…

She winked at him and also did his signature step and left from there. While shivay too walked away reminiscing the things which anika did… a smile crept on his lips for seeing his real anika after a long time. While anika was also smiling. Shivay smiled and stopped and turned back to see her going and said.

S: now I can see my panika back after a long time… and if I fail this time too in my challenge then also it doesn’t matter to me… bringing you in my life was the mistake that god did and then making you a part of me was the mistake which I did… and if I lose again just to win you back then I am ready to lose in front of you forever. JUST TO KEEP YOU SMILING AND HAPPY I AM READY TO DO ANYTHING…

He just smiled and turned back and left from there. While the moment he turned the other side anika too turned back to see his retreating figure going away. She stopped and said to herself.
A: well I am ready to do anything to repay back for whatever mistake I have committed so that you always win shivay. I can never see you failing in anything shivay and not even losing in front of me. today I saw the real you and from this meeting I can confirm one thing why omru and others hid the truth that you were here. Though you tell something from your mouth your eyes were speaking something else. They were showing me the unending pain and grief after my exit. You are also not the same shivay… you have lost your tadi… and the thing which you have showcased now has clearly proved that thing to me. omru were right no one can understand you better than me shivay… and this shivay is not at all mine… mine is somewhere lost and I promise will do something to bring my old shivay back and for that if I need to lose then I am ready for doing that too… JUST TO KEEP YOU HAPPY I AM READY TO DO ANYTHING…

Saying so she too turned back and left from there. Shivay came back to room just to find the punters in his gang sitting in his room and that too glued on watching something on tv which was connected to the phone. he asked in surprise.

S: what’s going on and why are you all in my room…
Omru & M: (shocked) haw… shivay/bhaiya what’s this? Don’t tell that the thing which we saw is true.
S: (he had not noticed what they were viewing so he just asked confused) sorry… I didn’t get what you are saying… and without knowing that I can’t tell that what you saw is true or not.

Mahi indicated him to look at the tv and shivay found the fight which he and anika did some hours ago going live on Facebook. He just stood there shocked and was brought to real world by the sounds of his bhabhis. Who were asking him to tell that the thing was just a joke and someone was framing him because they had never wanted this kind of shivika meet. But to their dismay shivay just nodded in a yes and told them what had happened. Omru just slapped their heads while mahi was having a nothing can happen of you look.

They just pounced on him for behaving like this. While shivay knew that this was the only way left for him to handle her. even when he was getting sufficient scolding’s his mind was only stuck on anika and his mission to get her back by any means before it becomes too late. And didn’t knew when he drifted to sleep being tired. While the situation was no less in mehek’s house. Mehek was scolding anika for creating such a scene in public place and making fun of shivay. while anika was just trying to defend herself but before she could tell something in her defence mehek would cut her off in between.

Anika was wondering the source from where mehek got the vedio and was mentally cursing the person who sent it to her. while anika on one hand was cursing the person mehek was thanking the person who was none other than rudy. Mehek was happy to see this side of anika as from the time she had come in Delhi she had lost her charm and now by meeting shivay the spark had finally come out. And she also knew that anika will get back her happiness back. Though on seeing the water prank she had scolded anika the most little did anika know that, that was the one scene which mehek had enjoyed the most. Finally, anika getting back to her room said closing the door.
A: (in an annoyed tone) aah… bagad billa kahin ke… he never lets me live in peace… by his one or the other things I am the one who is getting punished. God, I will first kill the person who shot this and then kill brutally the person who has sent that vedio to aunty and finally will build a grave for the person who is solely responsible for all this. Mr. kanji ankho wale bagad billa now wait and watch what I will do of you.
While shivay is seen sleeping even being amongst the atmosphere where everyone is scolding him. And anika is walking to and fro like a pendulum in her room. The only one who was happy was mehek and finally anika was getting back to her real form. Omru and others on finding shivay sleeping said in disbelief.
Om: guys I cant believe this…
R; yaa o… here we are scolding bhaiya and…
M: how peacefully he is sleeping…
G: as if we are not scolding him…
B: and how can one sleep in such a tensed situation.
Together: really he is impossible.
S: (still sleepy in a thanking voice) thank you people… for stopping at least now. Now, I will get a good sleep so stop disturbing me and get the hell out of my room.
Om just looked at everyone in disbelief and threw the remote on him and left from there followed by the rest. While shivay sitting up said in an affirming tone.
S: panika now wait and watch what I do of you… till then have a nice time.
And saying so he fell back and drifted back to sleep since he had not slept and was even tired and above that relaxed.

So, done with this part… I hope you like it… I really don’t know what I am writing but whatever is coming in my mind I am typing it down. If it is boring then do mention and do comment and let me know. This is priya signing off… have a nice day. Bye.

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