Sudden turn of events… shivika few shots… shot eight.

After saying all those harsh words to anika shivay was also somewhere hurt. But he knew that this was the only way left for him to make anika understand the reality. He just went and stood facing his car keeping his hands on the car and thinking about the things which happened sometime before. while anika was also sitting lost in her inner turmoil. She was the thinking of the circumstance if she returns back to OM. How would pinky react? How will she meet dadi? Everything was still a mess which was never going to get cleared. She just held her head and all that she could do was cry. While situation was also not the same with shivay. he was just banging on the car for all the rude words he told to her.

Finally, anika decided to go back to home as by sitting there nothing was coming in her mind that could control her emotion. She came down the stairs just to find shivay too standing there facing his back to her but facing the car. From his way of reacting she could clearly understand what was going on in his mind. Shivay on feeling her presence turned around just to find her descending down the stairs. She just to break off the silence and said.

A: I don’t know wha and how to react to the thing you told me right now but can you do me a favour.
S: (without any hesitation) I have never told a no to whatever you asked me to do anika. you are free to ask whatever you want from me.
A: amm I called the driver but he said that he has taken mehek aunty out and he can’t come here any time soon. so, please can you drop me back to mehek aunties place.

Shivay nodded and asked her to get in. throughout the travel none talked to each other but their hearts were talking enough. Seeking answers of the questions that were still left unsaid and loads of complains but words were not spoken. After reaching the place shivay accompanied anika till the house while anika was just walking silently by his side. She wanted to ask how he came to know the truth but didn’t have the courage to ask anything. Shivay on finding no other welcoming from anika was about to turn when she said making him look at her again.

A: well shivay one more thing I want to ask.
S: hmm go on…
A: (gathering words) what really happened… aft… after my… exi… exit from the man… mansion?
S: well if you feel that the words or acts I did to you is pardonable then have your own time and visit there sometime. You will get to know everything by yourself.
A: (she knew that there was no point in arguing as shivay was not going to answer anything. She just asked again the thing which was disturbing her from many days) I will look after the thing you told. But I want to know one more thing… were you really there in front of me when I hugged you and slept after getting discharged from the hospital… and if yes then why didn’t I ask you to leave then.
S: (smiling on seeing her asking all these so innocently and said while leaving) well yes that was me only by your side and I think you didn’t kick me out because you thought me be your dream. Anyways, good bye anika… think twice before you take any decision because it will not only change your life but even mine too…

Saying so he left from there. While the next day as shivay said he was busy in his meeting. And anika decided to confront omru about the matter. She went to hotel and asked what all had happened after her leaving from mansion. Om first asked her to calm down and get seated but she was adamant. Rudra after lots of efforts made her sit and she said in a tone which was very affirmative.

A: okay fine now since I have done what you both wanted I expect you both to tell me what and how everything got out? What happened to shivay after I went away? And above that why did you both tell the truth even after I asked you both to never reveal the truth. (banging her hand on the arm rest of the chair.) why?

Omru were initially shocked to see anika in this state. Neither they had imagined in their wildest dreams that she would react something like this. For the first time, they were cursing shivay to let her know the truth. And they knew that this time they had to tell everything without hiding anything. But they were afraid to tell that shivay had even suffered a cardiac arrest and even he had done many stunts too. But finally, after gaining all the strengths they could gain they told whatever happened… how the truth came out on the so-called wedding day…. What happened after that…. Shakti’s revelation and then pinky getting thrown out of mansion… listening to all this anika was sitting there all numb. She was just gathering all the truth said to her. rudra who was looking at her came and sat by her side and half hugging her said.

R: bhabhi I know what you thinking and how it is hard for you to accept the things told. But this is the only truth and today we have told you everything.
O: yes, bhabhi rudy is correct… we also never thought that the truth will bring this kind of disaster. We know that choti ma was at fault but she should have been never thrown out. But we couldn’t tell anything against chote papa’s wish.
A: (controlling her emotion) okay so where is pinky aunty now.
R: no idea… we have never seen her after that…
A: fine we will look after that… but still something is amiss. (looking at both of them) why… don’t you think so?
O: (sighing as he knew that she was talking about shivay he said defeated) well bhabhi why don’t you forget about this thing… the thing which you are talking about might be very painful to handle.
A: (smiling mockingly) amm do you really think that the thing which you have told me about the truth getting out was a very easy idea for me to handle. Then for your notice omkara I am already in pain hearing it. And coming to the one you are talking about he is my life and my biggest strength. So, if that strength is alright till now I guess I will be handle to myself.
R: (smiling) okay… but bhabhi before we mention you something we need you to meet the person in person who is responsible for keeping shivay bhaiya intact till now.
A: (confused but amused) what?
O: hmm… you heard it right. basically, we are not the one who took care of shivay from the past two months. The credit goes to someone else.
A: and who is that specifically?
R: (making her turn and indicating the person who was standing behind them leaning to the pillar the one who was listening to their conversation so far. Anika just was surprised) mahi bhaiya…
A: (getting up on seeing him and she said surprised while mahi too smiled back) mahi… what a surprise? And you here…
M: (smiling) well I guess where ever my sibling go I will be with them only… and you know them even if I wish not to accompany them they will push me along with them. Well… (indicating her from top to bottom) you are looking great.
A: you too… well if you were here why didn’t you come to meet me?
M: (shrugging his shoulder) amm didn’t feel so. I thought that you and shivay need to mend up the differences.
A: haan but the matter is between me and shivay. I don’t have any difference with you.
M: no, anika you are getting it wrong. Well the reason why I am linked to the family is because of you only. If you had not sacrificed your love, might be the truth would have remained hidden and I would have never got back my family.
A: anyways… look at you… your language has changed and even your personality.
M: anyways are you planning to come with us or again going to refuse.
A: not until I know what all happened to shivay.

Omru looked at mahi while mahi nodded in agreement and omru started telling the things which shivay did after she left. His almost heart attack, he getting arrested, doing unimaginable stuff and all. He then living mechanically and even falling in the trap of pinky and ragini and then the truth confession. By then mahi continued getting seated beside om how he handled shivay and even to keep an eye on him he too joined shivay. anika was looking at the three just shocked while the rest just supported her. after knowing everything om said.

O: well bhabhi I also want to tell you something else.
A: (the thing which she heard was enough for her to handle. She was just in no mood to hear anything. She said in a devastated tone) no, om I have had enough. I can’t handle anything right now.
O: okay fine. We will talk about this later anyways the question applies what have you planned.
R: bhabhi I know that all are asking you the same question again and again. But I will not ask you anything. As I always helped you and always obeyed your decision. This time too whatever you say I hope will be the right decision. But bhabhi think twice. your one decision will change not only your life but will also change bhaiya’s life.
M: and even the lives of the rest. As the moment shivay will get distorted everything will get ruined. Shivay is the only reason why the family is together.
A: (sighing some air out and then looking at the rest she said) right now all I need to say is I… (fixing her gaze somewhere else) still need sometime.
O: (though he was hurt with the statement he said a bit calmly as he knew that the decision which anika will take would be after thinking something) okay bhabhi we will go with anything you decide.
M: so, are you planning to still say that you are never going to forget shivay? (anika looked at him thinking him to be angry but she just found him to be calm. Mahi understanding her mind said in a casual tone) don’t worry anika… I am just asking it casually. At least I must also know how long I have to bear your mad husband. (he chuckled)
A: (everyone smiled and anika said in between chuckling) here the situation is getting tensed by each passing second… and mahi you here are trying to crack jokes.
R: (smiling) don’t worry bhabhi he is always like this. Anyways, come let me drop you drop you back. It I too late. You should also rest.
A: (getting up) hmm I think so… so, when are you all leaving tomorrow.
O: we all will be leaving by evening… but shivay I guess he is leaving by tomorrow morning.
A: (in mind) so, he is going to leaving by morning but why is he not going with them. Don’t know when this bagad billa will leave his tadi. (composing herself she said smiling looking at the rest) well if you get time then do come to meet me before leaving… else I will be coming sure to see you off at the airport. And…
M: and shivay… don’t worry even we are not aware when he is leaving tomorrow. He just said that he is leaving by morning due to some urgent work and we all will join him in peace.

Anika smiled and left with rudy behind her. next day shivay vacated the room early morning and came to mehek’s house. He had already informed her that he was arriving so she was all awake waiting for him. She welcomed him warmly and smilingly asked looking at him standing there with his luggage. She had no idea that he was leaving. She just asked amused.

ME: don’t tell me that you have planned to stay here and that’s the reason why you are here with your luggage.
S: (smiling) why won’t you like me staying here? After all I am your relative now.
Me: nahi… why would I mind? Well I was saying that because I don’t want any media to hover around my house. I don’t like free of cost attention.
S; don’t worry aunty… I was planning to leave today. My flight is in three hours from now. I know that anika is still having her stubbornness filled in her and she will not come back very soon. but…
Me: (completing what he was saying) but you can’t go without meeting her. haan so, what are you waiting for go in. she is sleeping or if you want I can wake her up.
S: no… it’s alright… don’t know if in case she finds me here how will she change her colour like a chameleon and from being a normal well-toned going to be mom she will become a jungli billi.
Me: haan that’s also true. Anyways get in I am freezing.

Shivay smiled and went in to anika’s room. He found her resting her back on bed and sleeping. He just nodded in a negative thinking this girl will never change. He came to her and placed her back in a comfortable position and said sitting close to her.

S: you will never change anika. in this phase, too you are sleeping like this. Anyways, I knew that you would never come to meet me in person after what all happened. So, I thought to come and meet you like this.

Some strands of hair was falling on her face. he saw her getting disturbed due to it. He just tucked them behind she just gave a faint smile in return. And murmured something in her own dreamland. Shivay too smiled and said in a soft tone.

S: while sleeping you look very cute and like a little baby… why can’t you be like this always? Only I know the real face of yours which is hidden behind this mask. My panika. Well I thought that you might have forgotten to throw water on me but no… you are still keeping your act still. Well you might have thought that I was annoyed at that time when you threw water but no haan, everything was fine. I was actually enjoying that scene. Anyways, madam get back to me soon as I have to take loads of revenge from you. and even I have to give you back all moments of these five months which you spent alone.

In the mean-time anika in between her sleep placed her hand on his and she tightened her grip on his hand. Anika just smiled and cuddled more to her pillow and shivay just got conscious for a moment thinking that she might wake but she didn’t. shivay just sat there watching her for some more time. Telling nothing in special. Mehek came there with his coffee and said sitting on the opposite side of where he was sitting. She lending him his cup said.

Me; I have seen her sleeping so peacefully after a very long time shivay. every time she just wakes up in the middle of night sweating. And from the day she has met you she has stopped that thing and today she is sleeping as if all things are clear.
S: (nodding in positive) well I think she is so calm because all the truth is in front of her now. And nothing is hidden I think. And even she went to meet my brothers and she might have cleared everything.
Me: okay she is returning back or not.
S: I don’t know they didn’t tell me anything. They only told me that… she told them that she needs time.
Me: how much more time? Shivay she needs you, at this time.
S: aunty relax. I know my wife very well she will definitely come back. After all she has to take all the revenge back from me for throwing her out from my life. Now let her come when she wants.
Me: haan and taking her own sweet time. Shivay common she is not a kid. She must not be stubborn like this.
S: its’ okay aunty. I am fine with whatever she says and does. All I need is that she comes back very soon. you don’t even know how much difficult it is for me to stay without her but this duffer doesn’t understand that.
Me: (looking at time) well shivay I guess you are running out of time now.
S; (confused) haan…
Me: (pulling his cheek) well my dear daughter husband… mr. bagad billa you might get late for your flight. Get going now. Before she wakes up.

Shivay realized that he was running out of time. He just smiled and finishing off his coffee started to leave but he felt a tug on his hand. He turned back to see her still holding his hand and mehek smiled looking at it. Shivay softly took his hand off and kissed her on forehead and left. In the afternoon, anika was sitting all mood less. Mehek came there and sat by her side. She cleared her throat and asked driving anika’s attention on her.

Me: why are you sitting here like this madam? Kya baat hai? Kisi ko miss kar rahi ho.
A: me… why will I miss someone aunty?
Me: yaa correct… why will you miss someone other than shivay?
A: and now which heavens did shivay come in this topic aunty? I didn’t even mention his name.
Me: (smiling) well who said that you aren’t mentioning his name? your eyes and body language is clearly telling his name.
A: oh, common aunty why will I think of him.
Me: hmm… because he is left today right.
A: (in a questioning tone) and how did you know that he left today?
Me: well I met gauri and bhavya yesterday in the mall and while talking to them I got to know that.
A: (in a complaining tone) and that bagad billa is still in his tadibaaz mode… he didn’t even think to come and meet me before leaving.
Me; oh, really why do you expect him to came and meet you anika. after all, whenever he tries to meet you, you are ready to pounce on him like a jungli billi.
A: (in a hurt tone) but still he could have met me aunty.
Me: (sipping a bit of water) and who told that he didn’t come to meet you anika…
A: (confused) what do you mean?
Me: I mean he did the formality you told some time before…
She smiled and left leaving a confused anika behind. While anika was thinking what mehek meant.

So, that’s it for today. I hope you like it and if you do then do comment. This series will be finishing in 2-3 shots… and the ff which I am writing “till you come back” will be coming back tomorrow. Do comment on views on the episode and I am fine now so relax everyone. So, this is priya signing off… bye and have a nice day.

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