The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( intro ) a new swasan ff by mona

Hi guys, I am Mona (ash) ? but now I have demolished my name and now it’s Mona swasanholic varunholic. I previously wrote a swasan ff , the kidnapper. Now I am back with a new ff. ☺I hope that you all will like this one.

This is not a mystery ? story like the old one. It’s a simple story ?. I myself don’t know what how the plot will go because for now I have only planned intro and prologue. So I myself have no idea about the story.

This will be a swasan ff but raglak will also be there but now I am not sure how much importance they are going to have in this story. For today I will give intro of characters.

Pls support me guys. It’s really essential for me to write more.???

Sanskar Maheshwari – He is an arrogant and egoistic businessman of 30 ? .Owner of Karma group of companies. He is very handsome and girls die for him but he hates girls. ? He is addicted to alcohol. He had a bitter past ?and he is much bittter now. He is really expert in taunting ?. He is proud of what he is ? .

Swara gadodia – A beautiful ?girl of 27. Guys will die just to have gaze from her ?. But she is really stubborn and short tempered. She will start throwing things if she gets angry. She never allows anyone to point at her status and ego ? . She is a journalist . She had a bitter past which made her a bitter person.

Ragini Gadodia – She is a beautiful, naughty and bubbly girl ?? of 17. Swara’s lil sis ☺. She is innocent and is very different from her family members. Swara is not only her sister but also a mother. She is complete opposite of Swara but their bond is really great ? .

Laksh Maheshwari – A young handsome guy of 21. Much scared of his father ?. He is Sanskar’s small brother and both of shares a great bond. He is a failed Casanova and falls into traps very easily ?? .

Shekhar Gadodia – He is Swaragini’s.father Owner of Gadodia Industries. He is selfish greedy and bad ?. He is rich guy but always need more money. He don’t love his daughters ?. The only thing he cares about is money and Ragini don’t know this fact.

Sharmishta Gadodia – Shekhar’s wife and Swaragini’s mother . She is same as Shekhar. She don’t have time for her daughters and could do anything for money.

Durgaprasad Maheshwari – He is Sanlak’s father. He is a strict ? and serious but not bad. He loves his children but he will not show it. He is who person who stores his emotions inside his heart itself.

Annapoorna Maheshwari – Dp’s wife and Sanlak’s mother She is a loving mother ?but she will not do anything against dp’s wishes.

I just gave intro of all characters. I don’t know they will there in the story or not because I don’t know what is the plot. It’s just a small idea I have and I don’t know how much I will extend it . I think that it will be 10- 15 epis. But I am not at all sure.

Bye for today….

Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic


  1. Delina

    Wow nc one ….uhh can i tell u something…if u watch korean serials can u make an ff based on descendants of the sun if u dnt mind…coz it was a hit…sooo…um if u dnt knw korean serial then its okay

    • Mona (ash)

      Thank you dr. I am really glad that you liked it.

      And sorry I don’t watch Korean serials

  2. Hope

    OMG…U R BACK.. I hope u still remember lil sissy… I missed u..yaar.. Hope all ur issues solved and der r no more guests..@ ur home.. Ente begging kettu maduth avasanam Nandana Niv n Nazriya ff ezhuthi thudangi… And abt ur new ff… njan abhiprayam chap 1 vaayichitt parayaam..
    ok… Bear hugs n kissy kissy my lil one.. Cls okke start cheyto? Tc..

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Of course I remember you. I missed you a lot. Now guests are not coming often but my cousin is staying in my house and he will leave me for a minute ???. I am really exhausted.

      AA ffnte name entha ?

      I will update next asap.

      Class thodangilla. choodu kaaranam

      love you

      See you soon

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Yeah failed casanocva ?????

      Thanks yaar. already posted the prologue. Read it dr

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