The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 9 )

I know I am late. I am really sry. It’s only been a week after my school reopens and there’s so much to study. My parents forbid me to write ff. Dad have locked the laptop. But still I am righting this chapter in phone without their knowledge. My spelling mistakes are going to increase because I am not much used to phone typing. Pls forgive me.

Sanskar’s POV

It was a fresh day and I was working in my laptop at three in the evening when I heard my phone beeping continously and it flashed on the screen ‘Private number calling ‘ . I took the phone and connected the call.

“ Hello “ , said a crooked violent male voice from the otherend.

“ Who is this ? “ , I asked roughly.

In place of reply a loud laugh was heard from the other end… a wicked laugh.

“ Who am I ? Who am I ??? I don’t think you have need to know it but there’s something you should know. There’s’s someone with me whom you care for. I could kill that person if I need now. “ , Said that crooked voice and there was a moment silence.

“ Sanky…… “ , A voice screamed out of the phone.

The phone fall down from my hand… Shona ….. He have got Shona……She is in danger. No No… Nothing can happen to her. I picked up the phone back with my shivering hands.

“ If you do anything to her .. I will not leave you….. What is that youwant ?? “ , I asked tensedly.

“ What do you expect ?? Money !! No.. I don’t need money !!Just do as I say!! “ , that man said.

“ What do you want me to do ?“ , I asked. I was shivering from head to foot.

“ First of all.. I am warning you. If you are gonna inform police, you will never see her alive. Don’t think that you could trace me with this number..It’s caller ID is restricted. So get out of your house and took the cycle that is parked in your garage. You should come in that cycle itself to where I say !! I have my eyes on you.“ , he said.

“ That cycle is really old and is not in condition of using. “ , I shot at him.

“ Then I will better kill her… “ , he said.

“ No no.. I will ride it and where exactly I should come ? “ , I asked him.

“ House no:24 mile forge 2nd street [ just an imaginary place ] “ , he said and I gets shocked hearing that.

“ Who are you ? “ , I gasped

“ Someone you know… someone who want revenge from you… And reach as soon as possible. Each minute you waste increases her wounds.. Bye “, he said and disconnected the call.

Someone I know.. someone who want revenge from me… who will be that ….. I’m sure that its someone who know me closely.. No Someone who know us closely….

I rushed out of my house. I saw ma coming behind me calling me but I didn’t stopped to explain…… The only thing I cared about at that moment was Shona…… I got the keys of garage and opened it.

I found that cycle in a corner.It’s the cycle on which I went to high school but dad still conserves it as an old memory. I touched that cycle. It was full of dust but I didn’t had time to clean. I tried to take it out of garage but I found that the cycle is locked. Bull shit. It’s been years since it’s locked. The key may be anywhere. Sometimes it may be gone.

I fall on the ground…… What will happen if I didn’t get the key… God !! Why you are doing this with me ….. I have done many mistakes but don’t do this …. You took away my happiness… but I didn’t complained… but now you are taking away my sole reason to life…. You are taking away my life… my love… Shona….

What…. do I still love her ?? No I don’t .. I loved her before but not now…. But I should save her life.. ‘JUST FOR THE SAKE OFHUMANITY ‘ and also for sweety.

But for that I should get the key first. But where ??????? I rushed inside the house where ma was still standing tensed. I searched for the keys running all around the house. But it was nowhere to be found.

“ What are you searching beta ?? “ , I heard ma asking to me tensed.

“ Cycle keys “ , I managed to tell her but I was not sure whether she understood that r not. “ on’s with your dad. He is in his office. “ , She said immediately and I ran out of the house taking the car keys without even telling her thanks.

I started the car. My hand was sweaty and it was slipping from the steering but I somehow managed to take it out of the gate. I drove it in full speed dodging the vehicles. I reached dad’s office after some time and didn’t mind to park it in parking area and parked it on the front gate itself.

I rushed inside and asked someone about dad’s whereabouts and they informed me that he is in conference room and they didn’t allow me to go inside.

I looked at my watch and found that its already been three quarters of an hour since the call. Oh no.. they would have harmed her. I should get that key fastly.

I didn’t worry to hear their protests and I entered the conference room directly where I found dad. He was shocked seeing me but I had no time for explanation.

“ Dad , please give my old cycle’s key. Now !! it’s urgent. “ , I shouted in one breath and I expected him to protest but he didn’t.

He took the key from his pocket and gave it to me. I took it and run back.I get in my car and was turning it but it crashed with the wall and my head hit the glass which bursted and blood flows from my forehead. It was deeply hurting but I knew that it’s nothing compared to the pain Shona would be going through now.

Once I reach there I will not leave them JUST FOR THESAKE OF HUMANITY .

I drove back to home. I was feeling dizzy because of losing a lot of blood.It’s been almost one hour when I reached back home. I directly ran to the garage and opened the lock. But that was when I found another problem.

There was no air in the tires. I hitted my hand hardly on the wall because of frustration.

Why does problem always comes in packs…

Luckily I found the old pump from there itself. I filled the tire with air.I was really tired. The wound on my head had weaken me. It took me almost fifteen minutes to complete it. At last I took the cycle out of the garage and now there is the biggest task.. to ride it.

I have not ride a cycle for years and I also don’t use two-wheelers. I will just need to wait to fall down. I get seated on it and it really feels like so small but I get out of the gate riding it.

It was really difficult to ride because it was completely rusted. I was also losing my control on the cycle and it keeps on going here and there. I fell down from it 2 or 3 times.

My brain was continuously asking me to give up but my heart could never give up. I have made the target in my mind and I will not rest until get to it. I will save Shona for sure……

I looked at my watch. It’s been two and half hours after the phone call. God!! please keep her safe.After some fuve or six minutes I found myself stopping the cycle in front of that house.

The scene of that house filled my eyes with tears. At every step towards it my distress and agitation increses. It almost looked unrecognizable. There was a terrible emptiness all around.

And at last I found myself standing in that house where I used to live…. No, we used to live. This house is the sole witness of our life together. Our love… our happiness… our misery… our fightings…. Etc…..

I am seeing it after five years. I stood in the hall looking all around the house. It was full of dust and spider webs. I had no idea from where in this mess I will find Shona. I was really weak that I couldn’t even move.

“ Sanky “ , I heard a sound from my behind.

I turned to find Shona standing a few metres away from me. She looked really exhausted and she was gasping. She was walking towards me leaning her hand to me and her foot slid down and she half fall on the floor.

I tried to hold her hand but everything went dizzy so fastly and I too fall on the floor. The last thing I saw was Shona leaning her hand towards me through the floor trying to hold mine.


I will try to update next one as soon as possible.. But I hope you all will understand my situation.

Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic


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