The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 8 )

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Swara’s POV

I was preparing for getting some sleep when Ragu told me about her meeting Sanky. I felt really happy hearing that they patched up but I didn’t show it. I fall down into the memories of that day. That day… We decided to part our ways…….


Fb starts

We were in a party and it was a time when our relationship was in a state that it would burst with a small wind. And that day, I did that thing that I should have done a lot before….

He was drinking as always… I hate drinking a lot and I have tried my maximum to change that habit of his, but I have only faced failure. He is completely addicted to alcohol. I walked around trying to make some friends. Then I met a delightful man, he was a channel owner. I tried to get friendly with him so that I had a chance to follow my desired career. It was always my wish to become a journalist but ….

We were talking and in the middle Sanky came and started to beat him. I tried to stop but he pushed me and he again started to beat that man.

What have he became. A standardless drunk… Beating anyone without any reason. The anger I had at him at that time was really uncontrollable. I hold him so tightly and pulled him out of the hall. He was not in his senses and he was still struggling to fight. I somehow pushed him into the car and I sat in the driving seat. But by that time I had lost control.

” Pls, stop it!!!! Are u insane ?? Why were you beating him ?? Because he was talking to me ??? I have told you a hundred times that I can handle all these things but can’t you understand !!! After today’s incident I don’t think I will ever get a job in any channels. Do you know the influence he have in the whole media and now he also knows much about me ???? Because of your actions , my career is going to be a flop now ” , I shouted at him while he still struggled without senses but he was hearing it.

I shouted so loudly that some people who were nearby surrounded to see the scene. But I saw Sanky again out of control. Before he could step out of the car, I went outside.

” Look, this is our family matters and there’s nothing in here for you all to see, so please leave otherwise I will lose my control ” I said trying to sound calm as possible but I couldn’t because my anger was uncontrollable.

” Hello madam.. This is public place and we have full rights to stand in here….. ” , one of them said.

I didn’t reply to him because if I did, then I wouldn’t have controlled my anger and they all would have landed in hospital. I am a karate expert and I have tricks with me that could make them lie in hospital at least for one month. But with Sanky these all will not work because he is better than me.

I get back in to the car and drove it back home. Sanky was still struggling. He hold the steering and I lost control. I applied brake in correct time otherwise it would have hitted a tree.

Rage was flowing inside me like hot lava but before I could say anything he started to say..

” Why the hell you stopped me from beating that man ?? What authority he have to be with my wife ?? ” , he yelled at me.

” Can’t I talk with anyone ? I’m not your servant. Why you are being this much over possessive ? ” , I asked him trying to make my voice steady and taking the vehicle back to the main road.

” Talking with you …. Is it because I am fool or are you really a fool ???? Can’t you see the nasty looks he was giving to you ….. “, He yelled again.

” So what ??? I was just about to make my career. I told you that I could handle all these… It’s not like that he was asking me to sleep with him. I will tell you directly to involve if the limits are crossed. Sanky… ” , I also yelled at him looking at the road.

I waited for sometime but he never said anything after that. I was surprised by this and turned my head to him and I saw him sleeping peacefully. I slowed down the vehicle and lean towards him and I yelled in his ear. He jumps from the seat and looked really scared. He saw me close to him.

” Wat – r – u – do – ing ??? “, he squeked

I stopped the car in front our house and looked at him angrily.

” I’m – talking – seriously – with – you – in – here – and – you – are – sleeping” , I told beating him with each word.

I get out of the car swiftly. I banged it’s door and get inside the house. I directly went to my room murmring. I removed my jewellery and through it on the floor. I moved towards the bed and sat on it’s side angrily.

After a minutes, I saw him coming in. He tossed my phone at me which I had left in the car. I threw it back to him. He kept it on the bedside table and again started drinking.

Then I heard my phone ringing. He stretched it out to me which showed flirt calling. He is a person who was trailing behind me for a lot of days and calling me always and I kept that name so I could understand it’s him. I saw Sanky’s face expression changing after seeing it. But he didn’t do anything just like testing how much I could handle. But I was in no mood to attend any call and I rejected to take the phone from him and he kept it back in its place. The call disconnected naturally.

After a minute it again started to ring. I could see him getting angry. He looked at me and I turned my face. He disconnected the call and continued drinking.

Then for the third time it started to ring and before one ring is completed, he took the phone and started to give that man a shower of bad words. I closed my ears because of its impact. I tried to get that phone from him and I succeeded in it. I took it to my ear and I heard a voice from the other side. My papa’s voice… I took the phone from my ear and looked at the screen, it was clearly flashed papa on the screen. Sanky who had also realised it looks shocked.

I tried to explain to Papa that Sanky had a misunderstanding but he was not ready to hear my explanations and he disconnected the call and I turned to Sanky..

” Are you peaceful now…. After abusing my father… What had you said before… That you will make power packed impression in front of my father. You insulted him on the first meeting with him and I forgave you but now again… I can’t forgive this.. Can’t you just look at the screen before taking it. Why you are doing things so restlessly ?? ” , I asked him.. There were tears in my eyes.

” I am being restlessly.. I am being restlesssss… Then what about your father ??? Why can’t he understand that it was a misunderstanding ?? You have no problem with whatever your father dooo , but if I did a mistake then it’s a big problem.. I’m also not your dog who obey all you said like your dad ” , he yelled at me .

” What did you say ??! What did you say about my father ?? He is a great man, not a possessive loser like you and you have no right to insult him ” , I shouted at him with full anger. He have no right to say against my father.

” Great man uh.. Great man.. He was such a great man who wanted to kill his daughter and her husband for marrying against his wishes.. ” , He squeked raising from his position and putting bottle away.

” So… He tried to do so because of a father’s love. We should have married after getting their permission only !! But we don’t try much..” I said.

” Father’s love ( shocked expression) father’s love.. It was selfishness.. He just wanted to use you to expand his business. ” , He said.

” But it was for me naa… ” I said there was in tears in my eyes..

” Then why did you come with me ? You should have lived with your idiot papaji. Ouch …”

Before he could complete I had thrown the A/C remote at him and it strongly hit his stomach.

” Good bye Mr Sanskar Maheshwari… I have had enough .. I am going and never ever try to come again in my life …. ” , I said to him firmly. Iy was a sudden decision but I was sure that I will not regret for it in future.

He looked shocked for a minute while I swiftly dragged my clothes from the closet and stuffed it in my suitcase.

I went out of the room but then I heard him calling me and I freezed. Somewhere in my heart I wanted him to stop me.

He came in front of me and stared at me for a second. Then he took his finger and removed the ring from it and threw it on my face.

” I don’t want anything of your’s in here. So before going make sure that everything is taken. There’s no place in my life today onwards for you b*t*h. ” He said it coldly.

I was left heart broken hearing him. Our love was this much weak or didn’t he loved me at all ? My heart wanted to scream loudly but my ego stopped me from doing that. I took a flower vase that I found near my hand.

” What did you called me you moron !!! How – dare – u ??? ” I shouted throwing that vase at him which missed him by inches.

I stormed past him towards the door but something hit my hand and I felt extreme pain on it. It was bleeding. He had thrown his bottle at me.

But I am not someone who gets weak and accepts losing. I took the hair dryer lying on the ground and threw it aiming his head and banged the door on his face without turning back for knowing the results.

Fb ends


Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic


  1. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Whoa……what a fight…….. it was like watching a world war…….mona u have written it in such a way that i’m,able to visualise the whole scene in my mind……… grt work yaar….

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Thank you so much…
      I am really happy reading your comment…. I think the fight became this much effective because I wrote this just
      after fighting with my cousin… I was still in that mood..

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