The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 7 )

Hi guys… This one is completely swasan and it’s a romantic one. I am not good in writing romance, but still I tried… I hope you all will like it.

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Fb continues

She was staring at the sky. It was a full moon day and the whole place was glowing in it’s light but it was giving an extra glow to her eyes, hair and her whole face.

She enjoyed the cool breeze which was touching her face. Her hair was covering her face continuously. But everytime she removed it sofly.

Sanskar was watching his beloved mesmerised. His eyes were not blinking. He looked at her from top to bottom and wondered for a moment… Is she is a human or an angel ??

He saw her happy and he thought in his mind.’ She is mine… Only mine.. ‘…

He moved towards her. She could feel it but she acted like she didn’t know it. He hugged her from back. She turned to him and gave him her billion dollar smile. She was enjoying his touch. She always loved his closeness. He pulled her more closer and she felt a sudden spread of heat. And without their knowledge the moon hide behind the clouds.

Her face had turned into tomato red and he felt that she looks more beautiful now.

” So my lioness also knows to blush. ” He whispered in her ears and she blushed even more.

He moved towards her and his hot breath touched her neck. She put her chin on his shoulder.They closed their eyes and enjoyed the warmth .That’s all they needed then. To live in each others arms for the whole life.

They danced romantically. There was no music other than the music if their heart beats. They danced completely absorbed in it. Their steps matched automatically and they lost sense of this world.

At last they stopped and she looked at him. She didn’t know anything than him. There is only him.. Her love…Nothing else..

She hugged him tightly and air was fighting with them to find a space between them but it failed. Suddenly a jeolous rain started to fall.

He cupped her face and moved his face towards hers. He took off his T shirt and covered her head and he thought. ‘ She is mine. I will not even allow rain to touch her face.’ He wiped off two three that had fallen on her face with jealousy.

She smiled seeing his possessiveness. He moved his face across hers and kissed her forehead and she actually felt the sensation of having butterflies in stomach. His hands moved over her soft hands and she enjoyed his touch.

He kissed her face all over except her lips but both separated suddenly realising their position. But it was only moment’s separation and next second both of them were back in each others embrace.

His lips touched hers gently and he sucked it. She reciprocated moving her arms over his back. They kissed passionately while the rain enjoyed the melody of their love. They felt they don’t need air, food, water or anything to survive but only need each other.

He was not a good kisser but he was not bad though. It was not the first time they were kissing but this one was really special.

He hold her bare waist and entwined his rough fingers with her soft ones. Rain was flowing all over him but he did not allow it to touch her.

But he felt something other than rain flowing through his face. It was her tears. He broke apart from her swiftly to check on her which only resulted in her assuring him that it’s tears of happiness.

” I want to make love with you Sanskar. I want you to take my virginity. ” , She said to him calmly and he nodded.

” Do you trust me Swara ? ” , He asked her.

” More than myself ” ,She said.

He kissed her again and it was protruding the depth of their love. He lifted her in his arms without separating his lips from hers. Her shivering fingers was trying to hold his tightly. He opened the door out of the terrace to her room. He kept her on the bed.

She smiled at him and she kissed his hands. He caressed her face and ran his hands all over her.

She clutched the blanket in one hand other one was entwined with his. They forgot themselves in their love. They undressed and completely became each others. Their souls entwined. There was only love…..
True love…… Nothing else…. ???????????????????????????????

Fb ends.


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Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic


  1. Hope

    My sis is turning naughty…huh.. 😉
    I really blushed.. And tnk god i broke up b4 reading dis!!!
    well.. My besties came too see me..actually tease me.. We made d house into disaster.. Pnne vaayanottam.. Der is an handsome-dashing boy in neighbourhood of my grands home.. Engineering final year.. Beard and moustache.. Thick wavy hair.. Black eyes.. Tanned white skin..then a million dollar style..above all a communist and a black royal enfield.. My all frnds flat.. He has a gf..and she’s my relative..and she’s very sweet.. But who cares.. Just vaayanottam..alle..aake sangadam future il aale njan bro ennu vilikande.! Aalum enne unni nna vilikka..reminds me of my own bro.. Athkond njaan aalde frnd ne matram ippo vaayanokkarullu.. 😛

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Thank you dr and I was always naughty… I was just trying to become a little decent in here but resistance is finished. Only child… I am a lot pampered.. ??

      Parayan koreyundu Pakshe enteyamma ippo vadiyeduthu varum.. padikkaan paranjoodu..

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