The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 6 )

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Sanskar’s POV

Sweety is standing in front of me angrily….

” What happened to you sweety ? Why you are avoiding me ? Sweety… RAGINI …. I am asking to you.” I yelled at her angrily.

” So that’s it. You only hear your sister now isn’t it ? As now everything is over between me and shona you started to take her side. How can’t I realise ? Every girls are the same. I was a fool to think that you are not like that after all being her sister too …“ , I squeked angrily.

“ We both clearly know that I will not tolerate a word against my sister. So just shut up !! And one more thing I don’t care about what happened between you and my sis. And that’s not the matter for me to run away from you “ , She said determindely.

“ Then what is it ? “ , I asked her angrily.

“ You don’t know the reason , isn’t it ? You don’t know…. “ , She said and she hold my hand and dragged me out of the crowd to the place where my car was parked. She took the keys out of my pocket.

She pushed me into the car and she sat on the driving seat murmuring “ You don’t know…. “.

She drove it in full speed. I was afraid. I don’t think she have even got lisence. Is she 18 ?

“ Have you gone mad ? Stop it!! “ , I said but she continued like she have not heard anything.

I make many efforts to stop her but she continued driving through different streets and at last she stopped. She got out of the car and I followed.

“ Five years jiju… five years it’s been . You says that I am your best friend. All the problems are between you and my di. I have no role in it.But you have never even come to see me once.. or even contacted me… What type of friend you are jiju ??? “ , She said with tears in her eyes.

That was an another blow for me. How much I have hurted everyone ? First my family and now my sweety… How can I hurt sweety ? She is like my sister but more my best friend. Then how can I ?

“ Sweety.. I’m really sorry…. “ I started.

“ No need for apologizing I have already forgiven you. “ , She said peacefully.

“ So you are not angry at me now .. “ , I asked anxiously.

” I was… but I have drained it fully on the car !! “ , She smiled at me.

“ Jiju …. One minute ex jiju…. No no it’s really difficult to call that…It’s too long… Then what will I call you… hmmm….. yes… eju… “ , She said completely lost in her own world.

” Eju ???? What the hell are you saying ?? “, I said being confused and she came out of her dream land.

” Don’t you have brain Eju…. E from ex and ju from jiju = Eju… Nice name na ? Do you like it ? ” , She asked me enthusiastically.

” Yeah !!! I loved it ” , I lied . Actually I felt it really disgusting but I didn’t want to hurt Sweety anymore. I am not going to say no for anything she asks.

I really felt like I have unloaded something from me which I had been carrying with much difficulty for a long time..


I lied on my bed thinking about the incidents of the day. It was really difficult to believe that it’s only been two days since my arrival in Kolkata. Patch up with sweety had risen something in me.. Hope !!

But my life will never be happy as it was when Shona was there in it. Our first meeting was really tremendous.


Fb starts

I was walking through the streets aimlessly. It had always given me a good feeling. Many of them were deserted. But the real face of many people will be seen in these places.

From one such place I heard a noise and I ran to that place to find a girl being pulled by three men .. It was Shona … they were trying to kidnap her.

She was struggling to get away from them . I immediately went forward for helping her as a matter of humanity. I fighted with that goons and freed her and found her too hitting them. A cute lioness.. that was when I named her that…

The goons ran away as they were not capable of fighting this Lion and lioness together . She came towards me and I stood steady being ready to accept her gratitude but I got a thing that was really unexpected…

A slap.. right over my left cheek and she said , “ You stupid lion !! What was the need of fighting with them … I was able to manage them alone but because of you my plan failed.. If they had kidnapped me they would have took me to their leader!! Do you know what is this ?? “ , She asked me pointing a pen .. what a stupid question. “ You will be thinking that I am asking some stupid questions .. but no.. this is not an ordinary pen.There’s a hidden camera in it. I was intending to record their hiding place and their activities and handing over it to news channel so that I could find a job in there after my studies. Do you know .. I have my own ways of escaping from them “ , She continued angrily.

I listned to her voice. I didn’t cared what she was saying because she had the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. And with that voice she called me a stupid lion.

She went from there but she still remained on my cheek and I smiled.

Fb ends


That was our first meeting. I should have slapped her the minute she slapped me.. I had not done anything wrong but I got trapped by her.

That was the starting of the love story of stupid lion and cute lioness. I started to follow her everywhere.. I was really crazy for her.. But I was losing her continuously when I was following her.. in college… in her way to home and everywhere.

I found the reason after few days and it was really unexpected.She was following me too… I thought that I was following her but it was her who was following me…

And I came to know that..the cute lioness had fallen for the stupid lion before the stupid lion hadfallen for cute lioness.

Everything was direct and simple. There were no much complications other than going forward in the relationship without our parents knowing.

I was crazy for her and she was crazy for me and it was really CRAZY STUPID ISHQ .

Her parents wanted her to study business and they forced her to it but she was only interested in journalism.

She had decided to leave that house with sweety when she gets the job a lot before itself. And then one day I met Sweety.


Fb starts

I climbed the wall of Shona’s house as usual and I found the ladder that was fixed permanently for me to climb up to the terrace where she waits for me every day. I climbed up and jumped to the terrace where a shock was waiting for me.

Shona was not there but I found another girl. She was only about 12 and she looked much like Shona. I guessed that it will be Shona’s sister.

She looked scared and she was hiding behind her books. Of course she will be scared. Any one will be scared if they found a stranger in their terrace at the middle of night. I was expecting her to shout but surprisingly she didn’t.

“ Who are you ? “ , She asked trembling.

“ San—sanskar.. “ I said nervously

“ Are going to rape me ? “ , She shot at me.

“ What .. No of course not.. “ , I said nervously .

“ Then are you going to kidnap me ? “ , She asked. She was in verge oftears when she asked it.

“ Please don’t cry .. I am not going to kidnap you, but pls let me expain..“ , I started.

” Then you will be a thief “ , she said a little confidently.

“ No , I am not. “ , I said.

“ You are not thief.. you are not.. you are not.. I wil scre.. “ , She criec but I cut her across.

“ No no don’t scream . I’m thief. I’m thief ok. “ , I lied and found she stopped crying and a smile appeared on her face.

“ Are you really a thief ? “ , She asked me enthusiastically while I stood confused..

She is happy seeing a thief.. What a child she is!!!!

“ Yes I am “ , I lied again.

“ OMG !!! You stopped in correct time otherwise I would have screamed. But I have one condition… you can steal anything you want and I will not scream but you should do a simple thing for me. “ ,She said.

“ Ok… have it a go ? “, I said because of interest to know what she is upto.

“ Take these books with you “ , She said.

“ What ?? “ , I exclaimed.

“ Books!! You steal these books too. Have you never heard the word book ? “, she asked.

“ No .. I mean yes but why do you want me to steal the books? “ , I asked anxiously.

“ If my books are stolen by thief , then I will have no need to study it no? By the way how’s my idea ? “ , she asked enthusiastically.

I was dumbstruck hearing that.. She is asking me steal the books so she can’t study it but before even I could react to it .. I heard a laugh.. a sweet laugh and I saw Shona coming from behind the terrace door.

“ What is this di ?? You have spoiled it.. I had many more things planned..“ , She complained to shona.

“ Sorry Ragu.. I couldn’t resist myself after seeing his face..“ , Shona said.

“ Yeah di.. I even don’t know how did I resist myself “ , She said and joined Shona in laughing and they gave each other a high5.

They laughed and I even assumed that they have forgotten that I was present there. At last they both see my face and stopped laughing.

“ Do you understand anything ? “ , Ragini asked sarcastically and I shook my head. I have not made head and tail out of what happened here.

“ Sorry Sanky .. It was all her plan.. When I tell her about you.. she was stubborn to play a prank on you and she stopped me from coming here and she stood here in my place and asked you these all stupid questions and Ragu your acting was superb …. I thought that you were really crying. “ ,Shona said and Ragini smiled with pride.

I was a little angry at first but later I joined the sisters in laughing and Ragini and I become friends very fastly and I started calling her sweety because she is really sweet.

“ Ok.. ok .. I am feeling really sleepy now.. I am going. You two carry on.“ , She said and winked at me and left the terrace.

Sanskar’s POV ends


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Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic


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