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The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 5 )


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Chapter 4

I am noticing that number of comments on my ff are decreasing. I am feeling a little sad about it bout guys pls tell me if it gets boring and also pls point out my mistakes.


Sanskar’s POV

I drove my car in the happiness of breaking her engagement. My one hand was on steering while with the other one I was clutching my bottle and drinking and my one eye was searching for any police man in the road side while the other one was concentrated on the road.

As I was near to my destination tension started to build up in my mind. I am going home that too after more than six years. I had no contact with anyone other than Lucky from my family. I am going to meet them after a long time. By now he would have already informed our parents about my arrival. But I don’t think that Dad will allow me to come inside the home.

I had hurted them a lot. I have never cared about their feelings. I am their elder son and I had ran away from that responsibility. I don’t know how will I face them.

I reached the gate and I took a deep breath. I drove inside and parked my car. Now I am standing in front of my home.. where I was born.. where I was grown.. Everything still looks the same expect some of the demolishions done in the front yard.

I rang the callingbell and after few seconds I found the door opened and Lucky stood in front of me. He hugged me and I reciprocated . It was him the one who was hurted the most because of me. He was the one who struggled the most because if my absence. I know he was really missing me and I also missed him a lot. But he was really happy seeing me.

I entered the house placing my right foot first. I found ma sitting on the sofa. She was clearly waiting for my arrival. Her eyes found me and she turned her head swiftly to hide her tears.I moved slowly towards her. I was also crying.

I sat on my knees in front of the sofa and took her hand in mine and I whispered , “ Ma … I am really a bad son MA.. I am really a bad son.. ”

She could not control any more and she turned towards me. She hugged me and I cried in her arms like a small child.

She cupped my face and said, “ How could you leave us like that ? You may not have missed us.. you may not have needed us but we needed you. Your ma needed you. You are my elder son. It was you who gave me the happiness of becoming a mother. Then how could you leave me. ” She said crying.

” Do you have any idea how we all were living after you were gone. Laksh stopped talking with us with us and your dad…. I accept that he had forbidden you to come to this house with that girl but he never expected that you will leave the house like that. Since you left he became just like a machine. It was him who missed you the most. But he never tells his emotions to anyone. He hides it in his mind.. “ ,she stopped and there was a silence.

“ Whatever happened is happened.. Now there’s no point thinking about that but you should promise me that you will not leave me again. “ , she said.

“ I promise ma… “ I said and she nodded.

But she suddenly left my hand hearing a sound. It was Dad.I turned and he was standing few metres apart from us. I was about to stand but I was stopped by ma.

“ Annapurna , tell him that his luggage is already here and one more thing tell him that he can use his old room itself “ , he said.

Dad was not looking at me but it was sure that every word of it was sincere.He should not have behaved so nicely with me. I had expected him to throw me out of the house but he didn’t. I stood up and went towards him. I touched his foot but he didn’t reacted.I was not feeling bad because I deserved it.

“ Annapurna, it’s very late. We can go and sleep. “ , Dad said.

“ Ok, I will come now“ , ma said and dad left the room without another glance at me.

“ Good night beta, we will talk tommorow “ , Ma said and she patted my cheek.

“ You too better go and get some sleep Laksh “,She continued.

“ I am with bhai today “ , Lucky said and ma left the hall and me and lucky went to my room.We both sat on the bed.

“ So, bhaii where were you ? “ He asked and I tell him everything happened.

“ How many times I have told you to stay away from that women but still why you are going behind her ? Don’t you had enough of bull shit. “ , He asked angrily.

“ I didn’t went behind her. It was an accident that we met . “ , I said angrily. “ and if you have no other subject to talk I think that it’s better that I will try to get some sleep. “

I fall down on the bed and covered myself fully with the blanket. I felt lucky also fall beside me. He was not about to sleep of course. I know that he will be cursing Shona with all his mights now. Sometimes I felt that he hates her more than myself.

After a lot of days I had a peaceful sleep that day.

Next day I was forced to go to the market by ma. She is trying to make me do all the works as a servant. She also made me took leave for a week saying that I have to spend some time with my family. I was going over the list ma gave me a standing in the middle of that market when I heard that sound. It was a girl.She was abusing a person and she was slapping him. She stood with her back facing me.

“ This is a remainder. I hope that you will never try to misbehave with any girl after this incident. “ , she shouted at him angrily pulling his hair.

This world needs girls like her now.

She turned her face and I saw that face that I was waiting to see for a lot of years , “ sweety “.

She saw me and I saw that she was shocked but the next second I saw that her face expression changes into anger and she stormed past me.

I went behind her calling her to stop but she started to move really fast.

“ Sweety … pls stop. I want to talk to you. “ , I shouted but she went like she have not heard it.

The crowd in the market made it really difficult for me to catch up with her.

“ Sweety …. Sweety…. Pls stop.. I said stop there… SWEETY….… “ I shouted and I found her stopping for a second.

She turned at me. She was exhausted but she didn’t stopped and she again rushed across the crowd.But this time I was determined to stop her and I ran behind her.

I saw a shortcut on my side and took it and I reached in front of her when it joined the main street. I stopped her from escaping from my sight.

“ Let me go “ , She said “ I said let me go…. “

“ I will not.. I have to talk to you… “, I said.

“ I have nothing to talk to you “ , She shouted and tried to escape but I stopped her again.

I am not gonna stop my efforts until she open her mouth..


So guys.. I hope you like this one… I need your support hardly… And I really sorry for no swasan but I promise you can find in find in next part… Pls forgive me….

Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

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