The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 4 )

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Swara’s POV

I heard the continuous knocks on my door. I assumed that it will be Mom or Dad and I didn’t open it but then I heard Ragu’s voice.

I understood that she is crying and I gets worried and I opened the door as fast as I could to find Ragu completely broken down. She fall into my arms and tears from her eyes wetted my shoulders.

I patted her back to comfort her but she was not stopping it. I make her sit on the bed and I locked the door. I came back to her. I sat next to her and I cups her face. She looked into my eyes and I saw the misery in it. I’m not going to leave the person who brought these tears in her eyes. I wiped her tears but it still continued to flow.

She lie on lap and I hold her tightly to assure her that I’m there with her always. No matter how much big she is now, but for me she is still a baby. She is not my sister but she is my daughter. Although I was very much anxious to know the reason for her crying, I didn’t ask her because I knew that it can only increase her tears.

I caressed her hairs until she stopped weeping which was after a really long time. She sat straight and looked at me.

“ Do you know one thing Ragu ?? I am really angry on you. You are Swara Gadodia’s sister!! How could you cry like this !! “ , I said making a pout and she smiled seeing it.

I smiled back at her and hugged her tightly.

” Di , you will not leave me na ?? “ , She asked.

“ NEVER “ , I replied.

“ Ok, so now as you have stopped weeping, pls tell me who make my baby cry , so that I can take my revenge. “

“ You can’t take revenge di “ , She said. I noticed that she was again in verge of tears.

“ Because I am crying because of our parents. “ , She continued. “ They don’t love us di. They only care about money. They just want do my marriage with some rich guy and get their money. They don’t even care for us di. “ , She said and hugged me crying.

At last she came to know their real face. I didn’t want her to know it. I would tell others that Mom and Dad are great but I can’t hide that fact from myself.

They are the most selfish persons I have ever seen. They could do anything for money. We are really lucky that they don’t sell us for it but I know that that idea would have came in their mind… at least once..but I think they found this a better plan.

I had a bad childhood. I was not a stubborn child but I had some wishes…some things that every child want… To be cared by her parents… To sleep hugging my mom when I was afraid… To be taken cared by Dad always… To cry in Mom’s lap when I was sad..

But these were all my dreams… I was always alone in this big house. That’s when ragu came. My parents had no time to take care of her. They have spent much less time with me but they had given a big impact on me.I’m bad selfish stubborn and everything. But I was keen not to make Ragu too like that. It was I who gave her this name. RAGINI. Mom dad were just names. It was I who took care of her. I became a mom in my nine years of life. I was grown seeing my parent’s true colors. But I didn’t allow Ragu to know it. I knew that it will not digest her. She is an innocent soul…

I had tried my maximum to keep her away from them. We only meet while having food and talk a little. But I can say confidently… They don’t even know my Ragu…

But the most difficult task was when I had decided to marry Sanky. He had no problem for her living with us but the financial problems made us leave that option. We were forced to bring in her only after sometime . But I could never leave her.

I put forward an opinion to sent Ragu to a boarding school in front of my parents before leaving and I easily got permission from them. So I again succeeded in keeping her away from them.

I visited her frequently but we truly missed each other. After I and Sanky parted ways I really struggled. I didn’t went back home because of my stubbornness. But I went back home when I came to know that Mom dad brought Ragini back from boarding school.

I was not welcomed back but they didn’t throw me out. I didn’t leave the house after that but I did what dad said because I needed money.

I tell all these things to Ragu. She was really shocked but she didn’t cry. There was a deep silence and she was the one who broke it.

” I promise di.. I will never cry thinking about them. I will be my di’s strong girl… ” , She said with determination.

” And I promise you that we will leave this house as soon as possible. “ ,I said smiling at her.

“ Ok OK enough of this emotional drama.. I am tired of it…Actually I wanted to console you but it all ended up in you consoling me. How stupid I am ? “ , She said.

“ What’s the need of consoling me ? I am not crying !! “ I said.

“ But I bet you were di. I know that you were crying.. He broke your engagement na.. “ , She said emotionally.

I couldn’t resist myself from laughing hearing her.

“ Di, why are you laughing “ , She asked me looking confused.

“ If you say some foolish things like that how can’t I laugh. It’s not him who broke my engagement… It was I… I just used him… “ , I said trying to control my laughter.

“ You used him… SO you didn’t wanted to get engaged to that man ? “ , She asked anxiously.

“ Of course not. I can’t even imagine that chipku as my husband. Do you know one thing I was searching for some way to stop the engagement because you know why I can’t reject what dad said. But then I saw Sanky. I was really shocked but I knew that I could use him to stop it. So I talked to him and he was doing his usual taunting. He was jealous you know! By seeing me with that chipku. So everything was in my post… I don’t know how I controlled throwing things at him. Maybe because I know that I shouldn’t be angry after what all happened… Because of my anger you almost lost your life..How can I ever repeat that mistake again… sorry sorry I diverted from the topic.. Instead of showing anger I also taunted him and I hurted his ego and that was more than enough for him to loss control and he broke it.. “ ,I said enthusiastically while ragu listened to it with full concentration.

“ Poor Sanky… He will be thinking that he won… he hurted my ego… but he don’t know it was I who won the game “ I said and started to laugh. Ragu also joined me in it.

“ Di, you are really cruel… “ Ragu said making a pout…

“ I am …… ” , I said.


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    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      I also love them so much..
      I wanted to show at least a little bond but you know I was in rush so So that was all I could manage I couldn’t write swasan but I hope that you w
      are satisfied by swaragini.. I will try to update soon…

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      I tried so much to not use t word but I can’t do it more anyways thank you.

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Yeah she is clever… In next parts you may also see her other shades…

  1. Dolly

    Gorgeous dear …..I love simplicity ….u completely showed it in this episode …
    The sisterly bond between swaragini is really cute and adorable to see ….this CVS should learn from u …..
    I loved the care that Swara showed to ragini …..I was easily able to get involved with the story for that hats off dear !
    U never stop surprising me with ur episodes dear !
    I want more and more swaragini scenes in future which we couldn’t see in the serial …its an humble request dear ….
    East or west Mona is the best ! ….(old dialouge adjust ) ha ha ha ….
    Swasan rocks ….keep smiling

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      you are also surprising me everyday by your comments di…. You are making my day now
      I will try to add swaragini scenes
      By the way what are you studying ?

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