The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 3 )

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Swara’s POV

My mom dad came and stood beside. They have not recognised Sanky for sure,otherwise Dad would have reacted so badly. They were always enemies.

They gave me the ring and asked me to wear it in Karan’s hand but my gaze was only on Sanky who was burning with anger. I have hurted his ego and he is not going to sit silently and watch.

I watched him crushing the glass in his hand. How cruel he is ? What crime did that glass do ? It is suffocating. I really felt bad for it.

( God knows what I am writing. She felt bad for that glass. Great girllll )

My father again asked me to do but I was not hearing it as my concentration was fully on Sanky. He asked 5 or 6 times and I suddenly realised the situation and I brought the ring near to Karan’s hand but as I expected Sanky’s voice filled the eholeroom.

” One minute, one minute ” He said raising from the bench he was sitting and coming towards all other guests. He fall down multiple times as he was drunk but he managed to get up every time.

” Ladies and gentlemen, I know that the function is not over but I can’t wait that much time. ” He said and laughed aloud. Then he turned towards the waiter and continued. ” Hey you man, bring a toast for everyone. Don’t dare to miss anyone .Understand !!! ”

That man did what he said and I found a glass in my hand too after some minutes.

” Guys…. you will be thinking that I am doing some drama being drunk but let me make clear to you it’s not something like that. “ He said.

He raised the glass in his hand and said “ So… this is for my ex-wife who is known to you all as the bride Swara Gadodia. I hope that you will not trouble that fool khanna like you did with me.. But whatever this is for you chudail “,and he fall down saying that.

Some people tried to help him to get up but he rejected them all.

“ I don’t need your help. Sanskar Maheshwari is capable of everything. And Mr Khanna, All the best. You are going to have a hard time. “ , He said this and drained his glass and signalled others to do the same.

But no one was bothered. Everyone was busy staring at me and my family.

There was a loud chattering around me. Many of them don’t know about my first marriage. There was nothing unusual about that because we ran away and married against our parent’s wishes and my dad really tried to keep it secret but now all his efforts are in vain as everyone comes to know about it.

I saw my father’s face. He looked really angry. How can’t he be?? But the thing that surprised me was Karan’s reaction. He was looking shocked as he didn’t know about it. He was staring at me. How comes he don’t know about it. Didn’t my father informed him about it. No, No How can that happen.They surely know it but the next process happened there proved that I was wrong.

“ Is he saying the truth. Was your daughter married to that drunk ?? “ ,Karan’s father asked my dad.

I saw dad trying to explain them something. How could he marry me to someone without telling the biggest truth about me ?? This sudden happening drained my anger towards Sanky and my dad is the prey of it now.

“ Mr Gadodia. Were you trying to fool us by hiding this fact? If you had told us before then we would not have felt bad but you hided this fact from us!! We don’t want a daughter in law from such a family. We are breaking this engagement. Come on Karan let’s go “ , Mr khanna said and they left the hall.

My dad was asking them to stop and he went behind but he returned after few minutes, empty handed.

Soon the guests start to leave. In such type of occasions normally bride’s father will be really sad and heart broken but my dad is different from them. He was angry at me. He gave a look at me that said “ I will see you later “.

He then stormed past towards Sanky. He hold his collar and warned him , “ I had told you a hundred times, to stay away from my daughter. Now you broke her engagement don’t you ? I am not going to leave you so easily. Wait and watch my game. “

” Oho !! Mr Gadodia .. Really sad to see your daughter’s engagement breaking. Don’t worry every time the same thing’s going to happen and it’s better to leave my collar if you don’t want to get hurt. ” , Sanky said in his usual taunting manner.

” You are playing with the wrong person ” , Dad told him angrily.

” Sanskar Maheshwari likes to play. No matter if it is with right person ya wrong person. ” , Sanky said .

” One day you will fall on my feet. ” , Dad said leaving his collar.

” One day you will lie on streets. ” , Sanky said.

He looked at me and smirked. He left the without doing anything further.

All these while I was standing without doing anything and my dad reached me as soon as he could.

He hold my hand in anger and said , “ It’s all because of you. Nothing like this would have happened today if you haven’t ran away with that bastard… Was that you the one who called him here ? “ He sighed and I stood like l have not heard anything.

“ I asked you, was that you the one who called him here ? “ , He asked holding my hand more tightly.

I removed his hand from mine and yelled at him “ You are getting angry on me dad, aren’t you ? Let me clear you something. It was not I who called him. He came from groom’s side. And why you are getting angry on me. It’s I who is supposed get angry on you. And if you are going to marry me to someone without informing about my past, then I will never marry !! “

Dad raised his hand to slap me but my mom stopped him. But I will not have thankfullness or anything in my mind for her because she also turns against me according to the occasion.I left the place and went to home. I went inside my room and sat inside it locking the door without allowing anyone to come in.


Ragini’s POV

I was cursing myself as I enter my home. How the hell could I miss di’s engagement. I know that she will be really angry with me and I tried to find some ideas to cool her. I found mom and dad in the dining area. I yelled ‘surprise’ from their behind but they neither looked shocked nor happy seeing me. Mom just smiled at me but dad didn’t even looked at me. I enquired and I came to know that the engagement broke.

“ Where’s di ? “ , I asked.

“ She is in her room “ ,Mom replied in an uninterested way.

“ I am going there. “ , I said and I was about to leave but dad pulled me into a chair next to him.

He was controlling his anger and managed to give a fake smile at me.“ Look beta, you have no need to talk to her. She is completely spoiled and I don’t want you too to become like that. So from today onwards you stay away from her“ , He said seriously.

“ What are you saying Dad ? How can I stay away from her?? She is my di and she needs me now. I should go to her now “ , I reacted.

“ I already told that you are not going to her. “ , He shouted.

“But why ?? What’s her mistake?? Whatever you say I am going to meet her. NOW!!! “ , I said.

I really couldn’t understand why dad is reacting like this.I rushed out of there. I heard my Dad trying to come behind me but mom stopped him. I hided behind the wall to hear what they are going to say.

“ Shekhar, let her go !! “ , Mom said.

“ Mishti, leave me.. How can I just let her go like that ? How can we expand our empire if she also follows her sister’s path. Marry a useless guy. How can we make more money then ??“ , Dad asked.

“ Shekhar, don’t act like a fool. If we stop her, then she will start to support Swara more. Children of this age likes to do just opposite of what they are told !! We should handle her calmly otherwise she will surely follow her sister’s path and we have no chances of becoming more rich. “

[ I know that it will confusing as usually boys marry girls from rich families to get their money but here it is opposite because Shekhar and sharmishta knows what to do !!! ! ]

I didn’t dare to hear more and I left from there. It was really like a heart break for me. Tears flow from my eyes. My parents don’t care about their daughters. All they care about is money……I don’t know how I reached di’s room. I knocked the door hardly. I needed her… I want to cry in her arms. I know she will be able to console me. The door was not opening and I knocked it even hardly.

” Di, pls open the door “ , I cried and the door opened suddenly.


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It was so much emotional. I only came to know yesterday there is so much water in my body but I am wasting it fully as tears.

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Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic


    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Hi Character di
      Now it may seem like that… but after a few episodes there’s chance that your opinion may change

  1. Jaf

    Awwww! Wow! Marvelous! Amazing! Super!
    No words dear but what’s the reason behind their separation? I mean SwaSan

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Hi Jaf and so many beautiful words…
      Oh!!! I am so happy…
      Wait dr.. you will come to know about it in a few parts

  2. Dolly

    Super dear ….. I am very much in love with the ff ….shekar is strict and very cruel …..
    But I liked sanskar attitude towards shekar. …that’s attitude ….love u varun
    Ya even I am crying with yesterday’s episode …..cvs making our varun to cry …it was so emotional …….
    I must say u r doing a great job by giving us this wonderful ff ….
    Thanks for the that !
    Love u loads …..

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Hai Dolly di…
      You don’t I am really in cloud nine hearing these words…
      Yeah Shekhar is so cruel.. I am a Sanskarholic then how can’t I give some attitude in him…
      And never say T word to me.. I will get angry… Always remember Sanskar rule
      Love you too ??

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Hi Shagun… really glad that you are agreeing with me..
      Do you have classes now ?

  3. Jwala

    awesome.. I’m reading full parts now.. really interesting dear.. i think you are a malayali.. I’m also.. continue soon.. loved it very much

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Yes jwala di.. I am a malayali…
      Happy to know that you loved my ff !!!
      You are from which district dr?

  4. Chris

    Hi Mona,
    Nice episode.. feeling for the glass?
    I used to bid bye to the things in my room whenever I used go out for vacation.. in fact i still do that?

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      It just popped into my mind and I just typed it at that second ???
      Nalla hobbie Chechi…
      These things also have feelings ???
      Only some people like us could understand it…

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