The stupid lion and the cute lioness (chapter 22)

Next day Sanskar woke upto find Swara standing on the terrace. Before he could do anything she jumped. He took her to hospital. He was really tensed and also angry. All those emotions, all those love, everything was coming out of him in high speed.

What if she doesn’t come back ?? .

He couldn’t stand that thought…..

No I will bring her back for sure .. He decided.

Doctors worried him a lot saying that her condition is critical. This that and everything … Atlast he shouted at them in anger…

But he had luck and Swara gets back consciousness..

He went inside to meet her who was struggling to sit up….

He went near her with red eyes full of anger and slapped her and she remained shocked…

He scolded her more and more for hours. Doctors tried to stop him but there was no use ..

She told nothing but heard all without a spot of anger on her face which was more surprising for him…

Atlast he broke down telling that he loves her always and can’t live without her…

She didn’t do anything other than hugging him with all her mights…..

That was enough for telling him her heart’s words…

They took out everything out that were hidden deep inside their heart….

And became one again…

Atlast she revealed…

That she was not trying to commit suicide which held him perplexed..

She told that she was trying to get network but accidently slipped…

He was really shocked by this revelation but that was not strong enough to take back then love they had took out now…

Their love was pure….
And they lived happily every after…..

The end


  1. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    What is this yaar???? U ended it up in the hurry?????? If you are so busy then you might taken time but what was that????? Anyway that is ur wish…. But pls don’t do it next time!!!!!!!

  2. chanu

    i ws waiting 4 ur update soo long. & nw u updated it. i ws so hpy dat tym. nw u sayind dat it is end?
    im nt satisfied. hey dnt end dis soo soon. i want their cute romance & shearing their pain when they separated.. and much more.
    keep writing dr
    be happy always

  3. Kritika


    |Registered Member

    Why did u end it abruptly??
    It was really awesome!!
    At least give a long epilogue please!!
    Its amazing..buttt!!!

  4. Mica


    |Registered Member

    Monaaaa!!! i’m waiting soo long.. but.. uft!
    maybe you are busy in your real life… it’s OK!
    stay blessed, have nice life.. ty

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.