The stupid lion and the cute lioness (chapter 21)

Hi guys, I know very well that I am a late updater. But it’s not at all done intentionally. But my studies and dance practice etc are clashing and I am reaching home so late.
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Chapter 20


Swara’s Pov

Even though I was hidden behind the magazine my eyes were on him. I saw expressions change over his face. And I understood that he had at last changed his decision.

” I was hell worried and tensed about a contract that I desire the most, the whole day. So I didn’t get time to eat anything and I felt that only now. So I went out to get something to eat. Otherwise I would have lied dead on the floor just like that mosquito is lying now. ” He explained looking at the mosquito that I killed by clapping my hands. I was still continuing killing mosquitoes standing on my toes. But I leaned back after he said this and sat.

” U were hungry !!! ” I said like I am amazed.

” Yes, I was. I am a human unlike u. ” He taunted.

” How dare u call me inhuman ” I shouted angrily getting back on my foot. My temper level was terribly crossed after hearing this statement and I tried to take anything that was in hand’s reach to throw at him. And I got something but I was not able to throw it because I was taken aback by a terrible pain on my hand.

My eyes went in the direction where the pain was present. It was my hand and blood was flowing from it. The thing I had took to throw at him was the same vase which was half broken by myself hitting Sanky and the sharp part of it had pierced into my hand.

I yelled with pain, leaving the vase. I barely saw him rushing towards me and trying to stop the blood flow but it was not.

” Still u have not stopped this throwing-things-habit.” He said trying to stop the blood flow.

But my mind had already left that place already. He’s saying the right. Still I had not learned to control my anger. Even after that nasty incident, that dangerous incident, that thing I did which almost cost my ragu’s life.

It was 3 years ago. I was really angry about something and I started crashing and breaking things. Then Ragu came, trying to stop me. But she failed to do so and I continued. And there was a knife with the things. I accidentally took that too and threw it but it hit her. She was in critical stage for 3 days.

Those 3 days, I had done maximum of things by which I could punish myself. Killing myself didn’t seem a punishment worth to me. That’s the only reason I am alive today.

After that I had tried my maximum to put a control on my anger. It was not at all a great success but I had managed a little. Or that was what I thought. After what I had done now I understood that I should accept this fact.

” Anger is my husband who never gives divorce. ”

[ I don’t know whether any one of u remember or not , I used a sentence same like this in the 2nd chapter I think. ‘ Alcohol is my wife who never demands divorce. ‘ I am feeling really crazy, copying my own words 😝😝😝😝 ]

What had happened to Ragu could have happened to him. It may not have been that much worse but I don’t have the strength to face one more situation like that.

He just taunted in his usual way and what I did. There was nothing for me to be this much angry. He had told things 100 times worst than this and I had a control. But why now ????

But he was really surprising me. After all these things I have done, he was caring for me. He had tied a cloth on my wound and now my hand stayed between his hands in rich one was just sand as mine.

I took away my hand and went towards the bed without uttering a word more. I lied on the bed and stared at the opposite side. But this time I did so, not because of my ego but because I had nothing left. Guilty consciousness was getting over me…..

Precap : Sanskar see Swara trying to jump off the building.


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    It’s awesome,read all chapters in one go,must say u r a good writer,when will u update next chapter?

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