The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 2 )

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Chapter 1

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Sanskar’s POV

They came towards me. Five years it’s been. I have changed a lot but she looked the same . I had also not heard anything from her since three years.

It was two years, three months and twenty one days after our big argument day… That was a really disturbing day for me and that’s when I received that post. It was sealed perfectly and I opened it with anxiety. It was the divorce notice. I was surprised seeing it. It’s not that I have not expected it but I didn’t expected it to be so late. I signed it but not because I accepted failure in front of her. But because it was supposed to happen one day or another .

After that I have not heard anything from her. The truth is that I didn’t try to know about her. I didn’t want to know about her. I tried to involve myself in work and alcohol so much so that I could forget her, but I couldn’t. Now she is, standing in front of me going to engaged to my business partner.

” Mr maheshwari, I had been searching for you. I am really glad that you came. ” , Karan said gladly shaking my hand.

” Next time onwards you may not worry about finding me because I will always be there in here. I will not go anywhere. ” , I said formally but my gaze was completely on Shona who was turning her face here and there so that I can’t catch her eyes.

” Oh, really funny Mr maheshwari . You have good sense of humour. ” , He said laughing .I didn’t know what to do because I don’t think I had said anything funny but I gave a fake laugh to show him. But it was not only me , Shona was also laughing in the same way I did, just to show him.

Next second he found my gaze on Shona.” Oh, I forgot Mr maheshwari this is Swara gadodia (pointing at her ) my fiancee. She is working in a very famous channel and Swara this is Sanskar maheshwari (pointing at me ) my business partner. ” He introduced us to each other while we both looked uninterested, but he was really interested.

“Sanskar.. Mr Maheshwari , will you mind me calling you by your first name ( for which I shook my head but in my mind I was beating him) Mind her,she may try to get something precious out of you from which she could make up a story for her channel. ” , he whispered in my ears so that only I could hear it.

I saw her trying to lean to us to hear what he was saying but I understood that she didn’t hear anything with that disappointed look on her face.

Suddenly Karan left from there hearing someone calling him and we both were left alone.

I thought that she will leave too because I don’t think that she will ever want to create such an awkward situation. But to my surprise she didn’t leave but she settled herself on the bench leaving some space between us.I think she wanted me to talk but no voice was left in my throat. I was really nervous. I tried to gain some guts and I opened my mouth to say something but it was she who spoke.

” Well…. Hi… ” , She said nervously in her angelic voice. That voice repeated in my ears. I am hearing it after five years. That voice, that sweet melodious voice trapped me and I enjoyed that feeling.

I nodded at her because I still couldn’t get voice out my throat.

” So…. ” , She started trying to continue the conversation but I didn’t cared about what she said. I only wanted to hear that voice and enjoy flowing in it forever.

She remained silent expecting me to speak but she was disappointed. But she didn’t dare to leave and spoke again.

” What’s up with your hair ? ” , She asked staring at my long hair which had even l covered my forehead and a smile came on my face.

” It’s because of you. ” , I said. No idea from where I got my voice back.

” Me … Me.. What did I do ? ” , she asked trying to keep her voice steady.

I could sense rage rising inside her. How short tempered is she ? But I can’t stop myself from thinking that she looks really cute when she is angry.

“ Because of you I am forced to grow this. “ , I said.

She opened her mouth to argue but she closed it and spend a minute in deep thinking. Then she gave me a pitiful look and again opened her mouth but this time I cut her across because I understood what she is thinking!!!

“ One minute, please don’t think I am being devdas or whatever !!! “ , I said straightly looking at her face.

“ Then what did I do ? “ , She asked me quietly.I removed my hair from the forehead and she gasped.

There was a scar. Because of it I started to grow my hair because I don’t want everyone stare at me. That days when my hair was not grown were like being Harry potter. Everyone staring at that scar was really disgusting. This hair is forbidding it.

“ Do you remember throwing that hair dryer at me ?? That day !!!! “ , I asked her with a fake smile.

“ Yeah !!! Does it hit you ?? “ , She asked eagerly.

” Directly here “ , I told her pointing at my scar. “ Why can’t you leave me alone?? Now I should wander with this thing that you gave me whole life. “ , I said.

She looked really embarrassed after hearing that. It was really an awkward situation. She didn’t talk for a few moments and I used that opportunity to restart my drinking.

“ But you deserved it !!! “ She said breaking the silence. She was trying hardly not to have eye contact with me.

I laughed seeing that and asked her , “ Really ?? ”

“Of course “ She said staring at the floor.There was again a deep silence when she stared at me.

“ You will never stop it. Don’t you ?? “ , She asked looking at me drinking.“

” Alcohol is my wife who never demands divorce !!“ , I said sarcastically and continued taking another gulp from the glass.

“ There’s no use of going to court. She will never leave me. “ She shook her head in a way which clearly say that “ He will never change. ”

Yes, she is right. I will never change.

“ SO, do you have s*x with him ? “ I asked her.“

” Excuse me ” ,She said.

“What ?? ” , I asked.

“ Excuse Mr Sanskar Maheshwari……. “ , She said.

“ Why are you trying to be polite. I know who you are and I can clearly say that this Karan Khanna will leave you after his use. You are rich and sometimes there’s a chance to lie in streets in future. He will leave taking all your money. “ , I said.

“ So you have problem for me being polite right. Ok. I will tell just in way.Shut up!!! You have crossed all your limits. You said you know me right, so you might know what will I do if you say one more word. And tgere’s no way I will lie in streets but ge may have that future. “, She whispered in serious tone.I gave a sarcastic laugh hearing this.

“ Don’t worry, I know what you can do!! You will throw things at me right ??? But I don’t think that you will do it now. Seriously, If you started to break things, that fool will see your real face and your engagement will break. There’s also chance that people will assume that you are psycho if you did that. “ , I said giving a little emphasis on the word ‘ psycho ‘ and I saw her cheek becoming chilly red because of anger.

“ And your career will over the day the news comes out that you are a psycho “ , I added enjoying her anger.

I saw the expression on her face changing from one to another. First it was anger, then it becomes tension and at last there was a glow on it.

“ We both know that I am not mad and you are the only mad person in here.Then why you are trying inform everyone about it. “ , She said in a sarcastic manner.

I understood in a second that she is trying to make me angry with her taunts.But I will not be. She forgets that it’s not her but I am the master in taunting.

“ Every mad person says that they are not mad. By saying this you have proved that you are actually mad. “ I said sarcastically.

As I expected, her temper began to rise and that was what I wanted. Something inside me was jealous seeing her with Karan and wanted to break this engagement and now it’s going to happen. But surprisingly she was controlling herself and she didn’t throw anything at me.

“ I know that you wanted raise my temper. You are really cheap. Marrying you was the biggest mistake I have ever done in my life. You are loser and you are nothing compared to Karan. “ She said straightly.

She stormed past me and I decided one thing. I will not allow this engagement to happen.


Swara’s POV

Sanky……..Whatever happens I can’t resist myself from saying that he is the most handsome creature god have ever made. His face,his looks, his smile, his anger and his everything still attracts me towards him. But it’s all just attraction and everything have finished between us long ago.He looked different now with that long hair but it really suits him.

It was really weird talking with him. He looked almost unrecognisable with that long hair. But I can recognise him in any crowd. It was really awkward for me to talk but he was drunk. So for him it was not a task worth. I really felt much angry when he blamed me for his scar. But when I understood that it was my mistake I really had a guilty feeling in my mind but my ego burns it away.

I said that he deserved it.He was taunting me in every way he knew. Making me angry is his most favourite hobby. ALWAYS …….

My temper was rising and I saw that he was enjoying it but still I can’t control it. But when he said about throwing things at him and breaking the engagement, it cools down. I remembered that controlling my temper was really important.

Same time an idea also flashes in my mind…..He taunted me, so I also started taunting him but I was never good as him.

At last I said something that comes to my mind and stormed past him.I am really bad and nothing can change me………

I went to Karan who was not seen for a lot of time. It was the time for ring exchange. But I was tensed and the only reason for my tension is him.Sanky………


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    hi mona….i am so glad to see u back…i was sad why u left kidnaper story but i wnt ask u the reason….just wanna welcome u to ur new ff and all the best…..i am loving it sweety?

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Hi Angel di… It’s so good to see your comment..
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