The stupid lion and the cute lioness (chapter 19)

Hi guys, I am really excited and happy as after all these days also you all remember and appreciate my stupid ff. It is really a good feeling. Keep supporting like this and I will try maximum to update. Sry I couldn’t reply to all ur comments. But I had read all.

I had been trying for last two days to upload this but whenever I tried tu was not opening up. That’s why I couldn’t upload.

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Sanskar’s POV

I was really tensed. Where did she go ? The question was making me really restless. Where could she have went ? I had searched the whole hotel , dialled her at least 25 times but there was no use. She was not picking up.

Did she went because of last night ? LAST NIGHT. I have been cursing myself from the moment I regained my senses. I am a casual drinker and I am very much used to it but still I lost my senses. How could this happen at all ?

It was almost 3’O clock in the afternoon, 4 hours since I woke up. But still she didn’t came back. I sank to the floor and my eyes closed unknowingly.

I heard the door knob turning and opened my eyes and found myself on the floor and Shona standing on the door step.

I stood up suddenly andy eyes went upto my watch and I found that its 9 PM.

What the hell ? How long I had slept ? But that was not of much concern for me then.

I stormed towards her and pushed her to the wall.

” WHERE THE HELL WHERE U ??? ” , I shouted loudly at her.

” It’s none of your business and you don’t have the right to shout at me. ” She said angrily.

” I have the right. I am ur hus……. ” I stopped. I couldn’t tell any more.

She looked at me with fire in her eyes and pushed me away.

” What I do what I don’t do, it’s my choice. Don’t interfere. ” She said angrily.

” That’s the same I want to say too. ” I managed to say and we both went on to own worlds.

The time goes really slowly and after about 15 minutes, I saw her going off to bed and I went to the couch slowly. We had already made an arrangement. One day she on bed and next day me.

But I couldn’t sleep. Something was disturbing me so deeply .


Sry for the short update


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