The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 18 )

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Swara’s POV

My peaceful sleep was disturbed by the sun. My eyes were not ready to open. It was not only that I was really sleepy but also that my head was aching so hardly.

The sun rays were again asking me to wake but I was throwing pillow at it. It was really comfortable to lay like that.. To lie here forever….

But the sun was irritating me so much that I was really angry and I tried to got up from the bed but a hand was preventing me from that.

Of course it’s his hand… his hand’s on me… Wait minute….. His hand !!! WHAT ???

I opened my eyes rapidly and I found myself in his arms….

I screamed loudly……….
But no voice came……
( Wow.. She have invented a new type of screaming ??? I have no idea how she did that )
I got up from that bed and ran fastly to the washroom…..

How could this happen ????

I was in a state I couldn’t think anything…. I opened the shower and cool water flowed through my body… And I crushed my hand on my head which was deeply paining trying to remember something.

And slowly everything came into my mind… How I got drunk and everything.

There’s no words to express what was going through my mind at that moment. How could I make such a mistake. How could I lose control of myself ?? What has gotten into me.. Is his presence taking my mind off every other thing ??

I went on trying to strengthen myself to not get attracted to him anymore which was somewhat impossible but I tried.

I am here on a mission and it’s really important for me and I will complete it with any cost.

No idea how much I stood like that under the shower. The truth is that I was not confident enough face him.

Why I am doing this even after knowing that this is not at ask right. It’s all done by Karan.

Fb starts :

” I am not gonna give it u ” , Karan said.

” What ? ” , I asked shocked.

” I am not gonna give it ” , He repeated.

” You will have to give Me Karan Khanna because as u told we are married now and it’s time to give that contract. ” , Sanky said.

But the reply we got was a sarcastic laugh

” You both underestimates me so much. ” , He started. ” What do u think ? I am fool enough to believe u. I know that the next thing u are going to do is trying to get divorce as soon as possible. And do u expect me allow that happening in front of my eyes ? ”

” And do u expect us to live as husband and wife forever ” , Sanky asked.

” I never said that.. I am only asking three months .. At the end of three month I will give u the contract and money. ” , He said.

” THREE MONTHS !!!! And what’s the guarantee that you will do it then ….. ” , Sanky asked again.

” I would give anything ” , He said widing his hands.

I saw Sanky deeply thinking.

” OK then !! ” , Sanky said.

I wanted to shout at him. How the hell he could say that. How the hell will I live with him for three months.. THREE BIG MONTHS…

But I was rooted into that spot and I felt like my full body is paralysed because I couldn’t do anything other than observing what was going on.

” Good !!! Very good !!! ” , Karan said clapping his hands. ” I will arrange tickets for your honeymoon ”

” HONEYMOON !!!!!!!!! NO WAYYYYYYYY !!!! ” , I shouted but still there was not at all a faint sound coming out.

” Honeymoon.. We are not going for honeymoon. No way.. “, Sanky said and I felt relaxed. He opened his mouth at least in this eleventh hour.

” It’s not u to decide that. It’s essential to make sure that u both are together… And I think Kerala would be gud… What u feel ? ” , Karan said turning his head towards me while saying the last part.

” Kerala ??? I don’t even the language ” , Sanky said with frustration.

” That’s why I am sending u both there. I don’t think any of u would take the risk going alone somewhere in an unknown place. ” He said.

Fb ends

I don’t know how much resistance was done not at last I ended up in agreeing. The worst moment of my life that for sure. Otherwise I would have need to face something that I am facing now.

I sat on the washroom floor for sometime thinking deeply. And I made a firm decision on what to do. I rised up and took a deep breath. I went over my own one more and went forward to implement it.


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    It’s kk dear u r busy in ur exams n that’s more imp. For anyone…..n coming to story I think swara ko new type ka paralysis in which she can’t talk firstly n it’s body went numb …hmm… interesting type of paralysis…..??

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    I missed you so much and you ff
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    I missed u alot and ur ff thank God ur back ?❤ and the exams ur going to top for sure
    Eagerly waiting for next part

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