The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 16 )

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I still remember coming here once. I was only 5 then. Too small to remember something do clearly, but in my case I remember everything perfectly.

My parents came here for some business purpose of course, but it was the first and last time ever when they took me somewhere. I don’t know why they took me there. But they went for their own works leaving me alone with a maid.

But she was so kind. She took me out and I enjoyed the beauty of this place. She was a native and she tried to teach me the language but it was all in vain. The backwaters, the climate , houseboats, fields, ponds, forests, hills,flowers and everything was so beautiful in here. Everything was so special and new for me who had only seen the conjusted Kolkata. I really felt that Kerala is the god’s own country…

Now I am back. The place have changed. Buildings have raised everywhere. It’s the ernakulam town.. But it’s not this towns where I liked to go.. I wanted go to the countryside.. And a few hours after I found myself in a 5 star hotel in Alappuzha…

But this place is no more attracting me… But I wish Ragu was here. She could have enjoyed a lot. But I am forced to be in here for her.

Everything’s different now.. I have changed. Everything’s so fast. Everything changed so fast…. But now there’s three months lying in front of me which I am sure that which will go only like a snail….

But still the question flashed in my mind..

Am I doing right ???


I know that this one’s something really confusing and it’s not really like a chapter I know.. We can just say it a promo…
The confusions will be cleared in next chapter which I will try my maximum to write today itself..

And the story have also shifted to Kerala. A new place is essential for the story and I being a malayali found Kerala easy to write…

Hope u like it…


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