The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 15 )

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I found myself standing in front of the temple trembling. I was wearing a simple saree just to show I am not going to give any value for the things that are going to happen. But the truth was that I was hell scared.

The temple was so crowded, but I felt much lonely. I was screaming my heart out but no one was hearing it. Is there no way I can’t do this ?

I slowly look took my steps. In each step I felt like iron nails piercing through it. With each step my heart beat count increased and I felt that it will jump outside if it continues like that. I fold my hands to ensure that it does not happen.

I moved forward and found him standing in a side uninterested. He was looking as hot as usual. Yes! I am not bothered to say that because it’s a fact and every girl will be forced to accept that and if there’s someone who says he’s not hot, I would prefer her to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

That idiot Karan was also there taking care of all the arrangements like a very big thing’s gonna happen. Yes! Me and Sanky are going to get married. I found out that it would be the weirdest thing that could ever happen in one’s life. But that question was still ringing in my mind. “ Am I doing right ? “

But I washed it out my mind as fast as I could.

We were having a perfect plan. We will marry, get my money and his project, go to home as nothing happened and get divorce as soon as possible. Then our own way. SIMPLE But if our plan fails someway, everything’s gonna flop.

I found a pair of eyes gazing at me for which I don’t need any medium to identify whose it is. He was trying maximum to keep his eyes blank but he was clearly not succeeding in it.

I came out of my dreamland seeing the pandit ji coming. Oh god ! It’s gonna happen.

I was trying maximum to keep my mind somewhere else.

We exchanged the garlands just as pandit ji instructed, in silence. We were staring at each other’s eyes but they were not sharing their feeling through them like said in some happily ever after love stories. They were just staring because they didn’t knew what to do other than that.

We took the saath pheras or it would be better to say running around like lizards.

He then put mangalsutra on my neck, a particulary heavy and expensive one and I knew perfectly why he bought such an expensive one. But it took me back into some old memories.

I closed my eyes

Fb starts

We were hiding because my parent’s goons were trying to find us. That’s when I felt a movement over my neck. I looked fastly and found a light, simple mangalsutra. I looked at Sanky questionably because of the shock of this sudden action.

“ Do u like it Shona ? “ , He asked me.

“ Sanky, How could I not like something given by you and now wearing this mangalsutra , You have given me new identity. “ , I said happily.

He smiled back and said “ Do you know one thing I had brought this with my first salary.. for you, but thechance give it to you only came now. I know you will not like it. It’s so light and simple and there’s nothing special in it. It will be probably the cheapest one in the store, but this was all I could afford. If you don’t like you can threw it away “

I glared at him like I was going to kill him.

“ THROW IT AWAY !!!!! That would be the last thing I will do in my life. How could you even think about. You bought me this with your hard work, your money…. It’s really special for me. Never say something like this again “ , I shot at him seriously.

He smiled again.

“ But there’s something missing “ , He said looking at me.

“ What ? “ , I asked in confusion

He didn’t reply but he took a stone from the ground and scratched it on his hand resulting in a pool of blood.

“ What are you doing ? “ , I said taking his hand.

I tore a piece of cloth from my dress and was about to tie it on his wound but he prevented me from doing that. He removed my hand from his’s gently and he moved his’s above my head. The blood from his fall on my head and it filled my maang and I closed my eyes enjoying that feeling.

“ Now you look perfect “ , I heard him say.

Fb ends

I opened my eyes and thought What all he will do to showcase that he’s able to afford anything now. But next second I found pandit ji saying that the marriage is complete. I suddenly touched my forehead to find sindoor there.


We registered the marriage and posed to some photos on Karan’s insistence. All that while I remained silent like a robot.

At last after everything was over, we found ourselves in front of Karan for asking him to fulfill his demand.

“ As you have said , we are married now. It’s ur chance to fulfill the promise. “ , Sanky said and extends his hands.

“ I am neither gonna give u that project nor that money to her “ , He said shooking his head.


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      Thank u so much Harshitha di, I am glad that you liked the twist ??
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      So u r a nibir fan ?

      • Harshitha


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        Yeah Mona I love nibir ❤?? and swasan too not because of serial but reading all swasan ff I became a swasan fan

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        Really yaar… I also love nibir
        It was them who broyght me to turn. It was really wonderful days in time nauc page..
        Anyway glad to meet another nibir fan

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      First of all u look superb in pic my sweet little sissy…??
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    Sissy… Did u 4give me for my stupidity? Sry yaar.. I was in a hurry and i was stressing coz i 4got many names i shud have mentioned.. And i have a bad memory.. One of the reason dat i hate exams!
    I think Karan is gonna ask them to live together… Anyway.. Love u neighbour…and plz check out my challenge..

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      If u said set one more time I will kill u for sure..
      I just commented funnily and it never hurts me. I guessed that u would have written in a sleepy mood or somewhat like that… but I am really angry because u r using that s word..
      Remember Sanky’s rule .
      Will check out that for sure..
      Love u ????

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    Congratulation 4 ur 15 epi.
    I lv it. Finally they got married. Yaay yaaY.. 😉 im soo hpy. Lets see hw much time they will take 2 confess.

    Im also varunholi as u. I lv him vry much. 😉 😀 i hv my exams so cdnt cmnt here. I want to read all ur epis after my exams so plz put pingback in ur evry ff. Its a request. @.@

    Study well & be happy always!!!

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      Thank you so much dr…
      I myself can’t believe that I am writing 15th would when I wrote this

      I think everyone in here is Varunholic but I am always happy to meet new ones..
      In most parts I out oingbacks but sometimes I become really lazy but from next chapter inwards I will do it for sure.

      Rock ur exams.. All the best..

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        Awww… U r soo sweet. Thank you dr.

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        U r not an Indian..
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        But don’t underestimate me dr. Sometimes if I said happy there could be second meaning hidden ????

        K di I will not end soon..
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    I lv it. Finally they married yaaa yaay… 😉 lets see how much time they will take 2 confess their feelings.

    Congratulation 4 ur 15 epi.

    Dr plz dnt 4gt 2 put pingback 4 ur evry epi. its really hard 2 find ff in tu. 🙁 I hv exams now. After my exam i want to read this. Its a request.
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      It’s k dr…
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      I hope it would be easy for you.

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