The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 14 )

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Chapter 13


Swara’s POV

It’s really painful. No … The word pain is not enough to express my feelings. I was really broken when we were separated. But my brain was always trying to get over him. But I could never get over him completely because he have left a stone in my heart.

I had shed a lot of tears. Most days I was deprived of sleep. I have skipped food a lot. I had worn his promise on my finger for a long time. But I removed it forcefully one day. But his name not just written in that ring but it was written in my heart.

But somehow there was a desire inside me to move on. And I tried my maximum for it. But all my efforts are in vain when he came back again.

Yesterday would be the most beautiful day in my mind because I had spent that with him. I was in his arms and all the pain buried inside bursted out. But he cared for me…. He really cared… And everything about his making me fall for him again…..
But it will only remain in my heart even if it happens…

” Am I doing right ? ” , the question was playing football in my mind when I sat in front of Sanky in a cafe.

I have decided…. Yes I have decided to accept that offer. I have decided to marry Sanky. Again !!!!

Not I am doing all this for money… This is not right…

But I immediately changed my thoughts because I know I am selfish.. Really selfish… And no one can change that.

” Why you have called me here ? ” , Sanky shouted angrily at me.

But right now his anger is justified because it’s been almost half an hour he is sitting here and I am just travelling through my dream land.

” vo.. Actually … I want to say…. ” , I started stopping on each word.

” I don’t want to here any stupid things… If u r saying anything just say it now.. Or otherwise… ” , he said.

” No no I will say.. Actually I was thinking to accept Karan’s offer. ” , I said looking down.

Even though I was not looking at him, I knew that his angry gaze was on me. I was expecting a thunderbolt on my cheek any second but to my surprise. It didn’t happened.

I raised my face to look at him. He was looking really shocked, but it was not angry.. He was just shocked…

” Have u gone mad ?? ” , He yelled.

” No I have not… It’s benefit for both of us na… ” , I shot.

” Benefitttttttttttttt .. I would die rather than it ” , He said in a full angry mood but I was trying controlled my anger because I knew that I myself would have reacted a 1000 times worser than this….

” I can understand… But pls let me compl.. ” , I started trying calm down myself.

” I don’t want to hear anythi.. ” , He started to shout.

” Just shut up OK !!! Shut up !!! What do u think ? That I really want to marry a cheapster like u… Just see that in ur dreams.. The only thing that matters to me is money. And there’s a golden opportunity lying in front of me and there’s no way I am declining it. And I can understand that that project was really something to u too. There’s a thing called DIVORCE… We will marry and will get divorce as soon as the money and project reached in our name… Understood u stupid lio… ” , I stopped like trying to take breath but I stopped because I was gonna call him stupid lion.. I have never called him that for a long time and I no longer want to call him that anymore.


I know I uploading really late. I know many of u all like my ff a lot but I am not able to write. I am even getting any free time.. So I think that u could only expect small late updates from me…

But if u r saying its better finish it fast then I would do it…
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Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic


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