The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 13 )

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He stood waiting the pain but he fall down before without even that thing touched him because he slipped and felt something fall on him. It was on his chest and he expected that it would tear him apart any second.

But he waited and it didn’t happened. It was still on his chest but it didn’t do anything. He opened his one eye to check and his mouth fall open…

He saw a cat resting peacefully on his chest.

He suddenly got up in the shock and it jumped down. He rubbed his eyes again and again to confirm the situation. He was really shocked. It was just a cat !!!!!!!!!!

This realisation creates an embarrassment inside him and he looked at Swara who was still on floor. Her lips were widened and sound of her innocent chuckle started to flow through his ears. She was laughing. She was laughing whole heartly. She had put one hand on her chest and was laughing so loudly.

5 years !!!!  5 years it’s been since he saw her laugh.

” Pls make her laugh like this always… ” ,He prayed in his mind.

” What ??? What the hell I am wishing ?? Why the hell I will wish good for her. She should suffer ” , He thought.

” STOP IT !!!! HOW DARE YOU MAKE FUN OF ME ? ” , He shouted at her angrily.

But hearing this she started to laugh even more loudly and he became really angry.

” Achaa… Then lie there itself. I am not gonna help u. You just only know the way but without my help you also will be in some animals stomach. So it’s better for you to stop laughing and apologise. ” , He shot at her expecting her to do as he said.

” APOLOGIZE !!!!!! That too, meeeee. ” , She said laughing ” Sun will rise in West that day . ”

” So that’s it!! alright. I am going. ” , He said. He was trying to blackmail her but she was not falling in his trap. He walked forward for making her afraid and he expected her to call him back any second but it didn’t happened.

It was only 5 steps he took and he heard a sound from his back. He turned back suddenly to check and found Swara climbing up a mango tree that was just beside her. She settled on a thick branch with pride while he stood with open mouth.

” Close your mouth or any fly will enter it ” , She said and he looked at her angrily.

She was enjoying his irritated mood and he stared at her plucking fruits from the tree and eating it. Water was filling his mouth..

He really love mangoes.

” What are you staring at ? ” , She asked me. Did u think that I will beg you for taking me. I am not gonna do that even in my last minute. There are enough things in here for me to survive until my leg is alright. ”

She was taking advantage of his  weakness.. Yessss he don’t know to climb trees…

She ate those mangoes enjoying her maximum. His mouth was flooding as she made some sounds protruding its sweetness. She tried her maximum to show it to him as he stood stuck with no idea of what to do….

” Want some ?? ” , She asked him showing the mangoes.

He nodded without realising what he was doing.

” No way.. ” , She said with a mischievous smile which was long lost deep inside her. She continued eating and at last she threw one at him and he jumped to catch it He managed to do it but he found out that it was only the seed when he opened his hands. His attention again went back to her hearing her laugh again.

” OK…. Come down. I will take you ” , He shot at her while trying to make some plans in his mind for irritating her.

She came down the next second and he lifted her.

He didn’t know what happened to him then because no idea came in his mind.

She was giggling covering her mouth and he looked at her angrily.

” kk sry… I will not laugh. ” , She said while laughing. ” But what to do… I can’t control my laughter. Seeing someone being afraid because of seeing a cat is not something that I see everyday “.

He didn’t cared to reply her and tried to take his mind out from here. Truth is that she felt ashamed of himself. How could he be afraid seeing a CATTTT !!!!!

He moved ahead but he slipped and fall down. His hands were automatically doing something for her to not get hurt and she only falls on him. She hold him tightly. He had fallen on some sharp stones and it was really a big pain for him but still he was trying not to create any pain for her. He hold her close and she removed the hairs on her face and looked at him.

Tears filled her eyes which were lost in his eyes. She didn’t wanted to break that contact. She just wanted lie there staring at his eyes… Those which had always made her crazy for him. But she hated his long hair. That hair which was trying to conceal him from her.

He was lost in her. She was his’s once. Only his’s… And he was proud of that but he let her go….. But he has took his heart with her….. She never returned it..

Aasmaan tera mera hua
Khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan
Aasmaan tera mera hua
Saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara,
Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara

They slowly became aware of their of their position and Swara got up, followed by Sanskar. Both tried to avoid eye contact because both pairs were filled with tears.

They didn’t knew what to do and it ended up in a few minutes silence while they looked anywhere but each other. At last Swara broke the silence.

” I will walk from here, it’s only a short distance. ” She said.

He nodded as he didn’t knew what to do or what to say and walked slowly so that she could catch up carefully checking whether she’s getting hurt.

She walked taking the trees as her support. Her naked feet had no place left to be wounded. He was hurt by seeing this and many times he unknowingly tried to hold her back but she rejected any help from him and turned to opposite side with filled eyes. He also turned to other side. His eyes are also the same.

Both of them were screaming inside…

Tu jo mila toh yun hua
Ho gayi poori adhoori si duaa
Tu jo gaya, toh le gaya sang tere
Mere jeene ki har wajah

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara,
Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein abb yaara

They didn’t know how they walked but after sometime they found themselves on the highway. Sanskar checked his watch found that it’s 5 in the morning. They waited on the road side for getting a taxi or any vehicle. After a 15 minutes waiting they found one and both got in.

They sat on the back seat. There was only a few inches distance between them but they are trying to make a 1000 miles distance even when they didn’t want it.

Her eyes were staring outside the window but her mind was travelling on what happened sometime before. She had laughed whole heartly today… She laughed like that after a long time and it was him who made her do that. Being with him is the most comfortable time for her… But at the same time it’s also the most uncomfortable too.

And the blanket of silence wrapped them again………

Tumpe miti tumse bani
Tumse hua hai haan khud pe yaqeen
Tu jo nahi to naa sahi
Main hoon yahaan toh tu hai yahin kahin

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara,
Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara

Swara got out of the vehicle as it reached in front of her house and Sanskar watched her limping towards her house……


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