The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 12 )

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chapter 11


Sanskar’s POV

“ I wanted you both to be husband and wife again. I want you both to marry each other . AGAIN . “ , Karan said.

I stood shocked for a second but Shona reacted before I could. She gave a tight slap on Karan’s cheek.

“ Are you out of your mind ? How can you even think that I will agree to marry this cheapster ? “ , She shouted at him.

“ Wait a minute….. How dare you call me a call me a cheapster ? (to shona )And who the hell are you to say that ? It’s better to die than living with her. “ , I shouted back and I pushed Karan and went out through the door.

I came out of that place but I had no idea where I was ? It was really dark and I looked at my watch to find that it’s 11 o’clock. I just started to walk and I found out that it was a forest. I had no idea what I was doing. The area was completely deserted.

I turned back hearing a sound to find Shona too coming out of the door angrily but she was walking with much difficulty. She looked around and her face says that she knew the place. She saw me and gave an angry glare. I expected her to walk away as soon as possible but she didn’t.

“ I don’t think you knew this place. It’s not an easy task to get out of here. Come with me. “ , She told me. She was still angry but she didn’t expressed it.

“ I don’t need your help. “ , I said. It will be the last thing I do.

“ As your wish but I’m sure that you will not be able to get out of here. Even if you found out the way out you will be in the stomach of some lion. “ , She said and walked away in the opposite direction but I was sure she could never get out with that leg.

I walked with no idea of what I was doing. I was really afraid. I was hearing the roars of lions from a distance .. They could reach here any time. What will I do then ?? No.. No Sanskar . You yourself is a lion. Then how can you be afraid of them. Be calm and try to find a way out of here.. I tried to calm down myself but I couldn’t.

Then I realized how stupid I was. I could trace where I am with the GPS in my mobile. My hand slid down into my pocket but it was not there. I tried my other pocket but I still got the same result.

“ Oh shit !! I left my phone in home itself in the hurry. “ , I cursed myself. “ what will I do now ? “

I walked around and around scared.. I walked a lot but I found I was coming back to the same point. What is this place ?

I was really tired and wanted to rest. This ego is really a dangerous thing. I should have accepted Shona’s offer. I gasped and felt something creeping over my shoes. My breathe stop for minute..



I screamed and hopped back. I hide behind a tree to found that it was only a rat snake. I sighed and get out of my hiding place but I slipped and I rolled down and fall in a small pool in the middle of the forest. I was completely submerged in it for a second but I kicked hardly and reached the top of the water.

I swam and get out of the water. It was chilling cold and the horrors in the forest had got into my head. I want to get out of here. But how ??

The question started to play in my mind but the truth was that I myself knew it’s answer. Shona… Only she can get me out of here. She would not gave got out of this forest. I decided to find that place. Maybe she is still there. Maybe I also have the luck like SRK and I thought about the movie Chennai express.

I thought that finding that place would be an easy task but I was wrong. It almost took me one hour to find that place but my hopes were shattered because Shona was not there. I fall down on the floor. What will I do in this forest ? What if some animal comes but that’s when a bulb clicked in my mind.

KARAN !!! He brought us here.. He will know how to escape from here. I opened the door and get inside. But Karan was not there. But I found another shock. Shona was relaxing sitting on the bed.

“ You !!!!!!!!!!! “ , I shouted and Shona looked up at me.

“ Ah !! You came . I never expected you to come so fastly. I didn’t knew that you would give up so fastly. And oH!! So you fall in that water too. “ , She said sarcastically.

I didn’t replied her in my usual taunting way because I hardly wants to get out of here.

“ Why didn’t you leave ? Why did you wait for me ? “ , I asked her.

“ Waiting for you !! Why would I wait for you ? “ , She said. “ I knew that you will come back and do you think that I could ever get out of this forest with this leg ? “

“ You don’t know the way , I know the way. You can walk , I can’t walk. So we both can’t get out of this forest alone. So you should help me. You should carry me across the forest. I will tell you the way otherwise I will leave alone leaving you for the lions. So it’s your choice. “ , She said.

I was in a big dilemma. If I want my life I should carry her otherwise I will die. How could I carry across this forest. She’s so heavy. But I am trapped.

“ Okay !! fyn “ , I said and went towards her. I took her in my arms. She puts her soft hands around my neck. Oh god her touch is making me crazy. There’s no words to explain how embarrassed we were. I noticed her weight is increased. No idea how I will walk.

We got out from there and gets into the depths of the forest. She was completely silent. I was sure that she would try maximum to irritate me but now the embarrassment is not allowing her to do so. She just opened her mouth to point me directions. It turned out to be a long way.

“ How do you know this place ? “ , I asked her anxiously to break the silence.

“ That’s none of your business. “ , She said.

One thing I wanted to do then was to free my hands by putting her down but it was not because of anger but it was because my hands were paining so much.

I still walked and it happened so suddenly. There was as sudden sound from the bushes.

I looked there and found a fair of shining eyes looking at me. It something jumped from there towards me and I dropped Shona in fear. I closed my eyes. I know it will be a lion. It’s gonna tear me apart and eat me. Will it pain ?? Why god ? Why you are giving me this much painful death ?


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Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic


  1. Hope

    The first love? Well i had many ideas… But just couldn’t pen it.. I used to watch swasan 4 inspiration… But now.. That blo*dy Sahil ruined it all.. Don’t worry.. I’ll update it soon! And i’m also writing a few shots called “swasan – HAPPILY EVER AFTER” plz try to read it.. I already posted 3 parts.!
    Anyway, whats gonna happen to Swasan? Lion vs lion?

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      This Sahil is really much irritating…
      You will find everything in next part. I hope you will like that…
      And I have commented on your story…

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Thank u so much and I do really love you os’s… U will have to wait dr

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