The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 11 )

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Sanskar’s POV

I was sitting still thinking about who would have did all these things and why ? That’s when I heard that sound.

“ It’s me “ , That voice said and I tuned back to see who is it and Shona followed me. I was shell shocked seeing that person but Shona was more shocked than me.

“ Karan “ , She whispered.

“Yes… I did this all “ , Karan khanna said with an evil smile.

“ I called Shona first and told her that I kidnapped Sanskar and made her hear an old audio with your sound to Shona which she believed. Then I did the same with you too. But please don’t worry. I did all these for your own good. “ , He said seriously.

“ For both of us. What the hell you meant by that ? “ , I exclaimed.

“ I know that you both still loves each other . I saw that in your eyes that day. You both just don’t realise it. I wanted you both unite again. “ , He said calmly and there was second’s silence.

“ Is that it ? Is that it ? .. You bastard. You have no right to interfere in my life. And you did this much things for such a stupid reason. You made me walk these much distance without chappal for this ? “ , Shona shouted angrily.

“ Yes. Can’t you realize ? You both came here to save each other. “ , He said as he had said a great thing.

“ I would have done it if it was any stranger too.” , I said firmly.

“ Are you sure Sanskar ? Will you ride a small cycle that too a fully rusted one under the burning sun. I think you also had an accident with your car and you were bleeding. Will you try to go to hospital or will try to save some person in such situation. Of course anyone will go to hospital. But you didn’t. You came here to save her without any concern for your own life. “ Karan said.

I was completely frustrated. From where does he got the courage to play with me. I jumped up from my seat and rushed towards him. I hold his collar in anger.

“ You played with a wrong man. You have done enough rubbish and I am forgiving you for now. But If you took any other step like this you will have bear seeing my real face. “ , I said but his face expression didn’t change.

“ I did all this because I know your real face. “ , He said taking my hands off his collar.

“ I knew that you will react like this. So I also have an another plan. I have an offer for you both. Accepting the offer will only provide good for both of you. “ , He said seriously while I stood still uninterested.

“ And may I ask what is it ? “ , Shona asked him sarcastically.

He gave a fake smile and took some thing from his pocket. It was a cheque and he gave it to Shona. Shona took it and looked at it. I saw her expression changing. Her face fully protrude shock now.

“ This much money.. that too in my name. “ , She exclaimed.

“ Not till. I have not signed it. But I will give it to you. It’s enough for you and your sister to live peacefully whole life. Other than this you will have no need to do this much risky jobs today onwards.. Oh yes !! I know about it Swara. “ , He said.

I turned to Swara who was standing with open mouth.

“ As both of us know about it, I think that it would be better if Sanskar also know about it. So Sanskar do you have any idea about her job ? “ , He asked me.

“ She is a journalist in some stupid channel. “ , I said in an uninterested way and he noticed it.

“ She is not just an ordinary journalist. I think that you know about that recently arrested politician, Sidharth Thakur. A video of his was leaked. A video in which he is accepting a big amount as bribe which led to his arrest. But It’s unknown that who shooted it. The channel authorities keep it as a secret because Thakur’s supporters even gave oath to kill that person. And right now that person is standing in front of us. “ , he said

That shocking information had a powerful impact on me. That was something completely unexpected. I knew that Shona is brave but I never thought that she is this much brave. She isnot only a cute lioness, she is a brave lioness.

“ Not only that one. All the shocking news published by the channel have Swara’s hand in its behind. “ , He completed.

“ But why are you doing such a risky job ? “ , I asked Shona who was standing silently.

“Do you expect that my parents will keep me in that house for my whole life? I needed money and through this job I was getting it. I didn’t cared about risk. I needed money and I agreed so that I could save it and could buy a small home and give ragu a good life. I wanted to get her out of that house as soon as possible.“ , She cried.

“ And Mr khanna, please tell me that offer. I need money. “ , She cried at Karan.

“ Relax Swara, relax. I have not completed. You will get a no-risk job with a good salary if you accept it. “ , He said.

“ I told you I am ready to accept “ , She shouted.

“ But first I want to give Sanskar’s offer. “ , he said and now his attention was fully on me. “ This project is for you.

He took a file and gave it to me. I took it and opened that one. I was surprised by it’s contents.

“ It’s .. it’s a great project and with………… “ , I started.

“ And with this your company could become the No 1 in Kolkata. “ , He cut me across.

Oh!! I could not believe that I am going to get that project. The future of my company would be completely secured through it.

“ I am ready to accept your offer. “ , I said.

“ So both of you are ready to take it but don’t forget.. I am not going give you this freely. You should do what I say. “ , He said.

“ I am ready “ , Me and Shona said together and we both looked at each other in surprise for a second.

“ Firstly I want your three months time. In these three months you should do any job and only this offer should be your priority. “ , He said and we nodded. I am ready to do anything for that project.

“ I wanted you both to be husband and wife again. I want you both to marry each other . AGAIN . “ , Karan said.

And I stood shocked for a second.


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  1. Hope

    Hey my lioness… Don’t worry abt cmnts.. I’ll be always there 4 u… And i guessed ryt!! It was Karan..! Its gonna be swasan soon! Yippeee.. I just watched d show..and now i’m poor sanskar..

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Yeah you guessed it right.. and thank u so much for ur support…
      I was feeling really sad and frustrated seeing the epi and do you like Sanskar’s new rockstarwala look…

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      how can I make my sweet di sad…
      I will continue it for sure !!!

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Don’t call me di, Shipra.. I think I would be younger than u .. I am 14
      And Yeah I will continue this..

  2. Niku

    Its nyc twist to make the unite once again….u made a gud plate n for the its a gud trape..

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Thank you so much Niku..
      I am really glad that u liked the twist ???

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Yeah He is.. I myself didn’t expected something like this from Karan when I started my story but it all turn out be like this..

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