The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( Chapter – 10 )

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Chapter 9

Sanskar’s POV

I found myself lying in a dimly lit room when I opened my eyes. The wound my head was dressed but it was painting now too. I tried to remember what happened and I remembered seeing shona and how she fall down. Oh no !! I have to save her. But where am I ?

I looked around the room for the first time and I found a surprise for myself. Shona was sitting in in a chair on a far corner of the room. She was staring at me.

“ Where are we ? “ , I asked her.

“ I was about to ask you. Do you have any idea how we reached here ? “ , She asked me anxiously.

“ How can I have ? I was unconscious. “ , I said holding my head.

“ Oh !! I forgot that. I also went sort of dizzy… “ , She said.

“ Are you alright ? “ , I asked her suddenly remembering about her kidnapping.

“Do you think I am ? “ , She asked and I make a confused expresiion and she show me her foot. It was full of bandages. Not an inch was left. “ Glass pieces… all because of you… “ , She said with a fake smile.

I didn’t understand what she meant at first. But then I remembered that man telling that her wounds will increase with each minute I waste. So he have hurted her. It’s all because I didn’t reach there at proper time.

“ Are you all right ? “ , She asked me.

“ Do I look airight ? “ I asked her and she shook her head.

I got up from the bed and went towards the door for trying to open it.

“ There’s no use.. I already tried it in all ways I could even with this leg. “ , She said and went tback to the bed. I know that if she can’t open then I too will not be able to open it.

“ So where did your sources go ? “, I asked her.

“ What sources ? “ , She asked as she don’t understand.

“ You yourself told me that you have your own sources to escape from kidnappers on our first meeting “, I said.

“ But it was you who was kidnapped. I thought that you also will have your own sources to escape.. but it turned out to be the opposite. “ , She said sarcastically.

“ I was kidnapped .. what the hell are you saying ? You fall in trap and I came to help you in the sake of humanity and now you are saying that I was kidnapped. “ , I said angrily.

“ I have no time to argue with you. I have no idea why you are blaming and saying some stupid lies. I came here to save from that man. And who was that ? “ , She asked steadily.

I became totally confused by things.

“ Tell me how and why you came here,.. In detail. “ , I demanded.

“ You have no right to order me . “ , She said angrily.

“ Pls.. “ , I said.

“ ok … I got this phone call from a creepy man and he told me that he had kidnapped you and only I could save you. Then he asked me to come here by walking that too without chappal. I also got these wounds by walking glass pieces. I have done these much things to save you and you are still saying something stupid “ , She shouted at me while things were being clear to me.

“ Sho.. Swara listen to me carefully. Someone is trying making fool of us. “ , I told her calmly.

“ Trying to fool… Trying to fool.. No one can make me fool because I’m not stupid like you. “ , She yelled at me.

“ No need of shouting. I have good hearing sense. “ , I said loudly and shed stopped her yelling. “ Now someone have actually made fool of you because I was not kidnapped and I was perfectly safe in my house. “

“ And how could I believe you ? “ , she asked seriously as it as a much relevant question.

“ Answer is so simple. The same reason by which I am believing you. Do you know one thing ? I was also not kidnapped. I also got a call just like you and the caller told that he had kidnapped you and I came here to rescue you. “ , I said and she looked shocked hearing. I wish she understands at least now.

“So that caller would have brought us here. But who is he ? “ ,She asked.

“ It’s me. “ , We heard the reply from our back.


Keep guessing who’s that !!!!

Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic


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