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The stupid lion and the cute lioness ( intro ) a new swasan ff by mona

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Sanskar’s POV

I sat in a corner of the bar having drinks. It was an engagement party and I couldn’t believe myself spending time in here . Me, Sanskar Maheshwari, no 1 businessman of Bangalore attending a stupid party . But what to do ? I have no other option. Mr Karan khanna, top businessman in Kolkata, the one who is getting engaged have personally invited me and I, who knew that dealing with him could increase my profits, obliged. But no one can take me out of the drinking section . Anyone who know me, clearly knows where to find me.

I take a gulp from my glass and stretched it to waiter to fill it. But he gave me a suspicious and reluctant look. It’s been a while I am drinking. I was one of the early comers. I have no idea how I controlled myself from beating that man. How dare he ? He doesn’t know me and my capacity. I took my purse and get ten 1000 rupee notes from it and stuffed it into his hand. He looked at me shocked .

” Now, do you have any problem in giving me drinks ? ” I asked him.

He shook his head and gave me another large. I drank it in a single gulp.

It’s strange to be back in here, in Kolkata. Everything looks changed. I am back in here after five long years and it’s only been couple of hours since I reached here but it seems like a long time. I couldn’t believe that it is the same city that I ran away from to escape from her memories. That was really a stupid thing to do. But not completely. If I hadn’t , I would not have been such a successful businessman but a man good for nothing. But I should have done it in Kolkata itself. How had I acted like a coward ? If she could move on in her life, then why can’t I ?

I continued drinking and the waiter didn’t show reluctant face after that. But I stopped suddenly because my attention was seeked by some other things.

I heard the sound of an anklet, a really familiar one. It’s sound was not so loud compared to the noise around, it was only a fade sound but still I can hear that sound in my ears clearly. I looked at the directiom from where the sound was coming and I saw her. Her dark brown eyes were the same and her black long hair were having curls at the bottom. She was wearing a really heavy blue lehenga with matching jewellery. Over all she was looking gorgeous as always. My cute lioness…. My Shona….

No…. She is not my cute lioness and I am not her stupid lion , ANYMORE and there’s nothing left between us.

She was walking with much difficulty with that lehenga and high heels. I am sure that her mother forced her to wear it.She walked lost in her own world. Once in a while I saw her stumbling but she got hold on a curtain nearby and stood back in her old position as nothing has happened. I smiled unknowingly at her actions. I surprisingly understood that no one have noticed it except me. She stood beside Karan khanna and I sadly understood that bitter truth. ” She is the bride today ……”

I saw Karan putting his hand around her waist and a sudden wave of rage filled my insides. She did not smile but she escorted him wherever he went. He was introducing her to everyone. Many of them were nodding like they know her and some of them stood with open mouths exchanging negative glances. She was not bothered about it, as always. She will never learn. She is really a ‘ Beauty without brains ‘ .

She was beautiful as always but now there was something on her face which I have never seen . A look of proudness. A look of self confidence .

They moved through the whole hall and at last her eyes fell on me and I saw the small smile on her face fading. She looked really shocked and tried to turn her face as she haven’t seen me. But by that time Karan’s eyes had also fallen on me.


Swara’s POV

It’s my engagement day. I don’t know if I am doing the right thing or not but my father asked me to do this marriage and I obliged. I can no longer go against him. His name is Karan khanna doing some type of business about which I am not at all concerned of.

I thought that he is much of a foolish person in my first meeting with him. But whatever I am not at all interested. I am not interested in this marriage matters. ANYMORE…..

There are only two things in this world that matters to me now. My career and my ragu.

Ragu..My lil sis… She is the only one in my family on which I have not still given up. She is really innocent. An innocent soul. Just opposite of me….. But now I am angry on her, she have not reached here till now…. I really miss her.. She is the only person whom I could still love with full heart ……

I was wearing a much heavy lehenga. I am not much used to traditional type of dresses and I am also forced to wear ,high heels. No idea when I will stumble. It’s all because of mom’s pressure.

I have no idea how I reached the party venue wearing these things. I came really early, so I rested for sometime. When the guests start to arrive, I came to the hall. I was really surprised seeing the number of guests. I don’t like this show off. It was Karan’s idea.

When I walked I heard the sound of my own anklet. I always used to wonder why I am still wearing this. It was gifted by Sanky and after his chapter also I have not removed it. It really feels good hearing from tue musical sound of this. Don’t know from where he got this. I have never seen this model anywhere.But this one always remain there just like a part of my body. Immovable……

As I walked lost in thoughts, I lost my balance. My leg was half way up but I got hold of a curtain and I strained myself back to position. I looked around and understood that no one have noticed it and moved forward and stand beside Karan.

He greeted me and put his hand around my waist. Uneasiness was growing inside. I was really feeling uncomfortable. But I tried not to bring that in my face.

Then he pulled me towards the guests. He stated to introduce me to his business clients. I gets really bored of smiling at them. It was really a long process. I moved with him praying dearly to God to finish all these things fastly but I get to have one of the biggest shocks on my life.

I saw him, Sanky… sitting in the far most corner of the bar, drinking as usual…… Staring at me……

Oh god!! What is he doing here ??? Did he came to create a problem in here ?? Can’t he let me live peacefully…….


Hi guys… I hope you liked this chapter……

And about the next
On Friday my mother gets really angry on because I used four towels that day…. I cried so much that the towels were completely wet. I really can’t Sanskar crying…. When he got that pendant oh god.. So much tears.. Best part was Swara screed I Love you when she fall down…
Whatever the new character is. . I f he became an obsessed lover or whatever. Swara could never love him… Because she is our Sanskar’s and always will be… Even if the writers decided it took, swasan can’t be separated.. Then how could this new entry…

Only problem is no idea how much we will have to wait to see Swasan….

Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic


  1. Dolly

    Super Mona ….I loved today’s ff …..but can’t see Swara with any other than our dashing sanskar ..plz make sure u don’t give any pain to him ….
    Plz I can’t see him in pain again …..I love ur ff dear …
    Keep it up !
    And the one in the profile is me … I looking good ?

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Thanks Dolly di..
      After 2-3 chapters everything would be ???
      Wait for it and even I can’t see Sanskar in pain..

      Was that you ??? You looks so gorgeous ???

  2. Tina

    Mona can u tell me how to do the title card …with the title name and pics ….I love the title card —plz tell me …
    Today chapter of awesome dear ….u killed it

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Tina di.. This one is edited by one of my friend in fb for posting it in there..

      You can edit like this by some apps like Pics art, Pip camera etc… There will be text box option… Write in it. You can use different fonts… too

      And thank you so much…???

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Thanks jyoti di… You are really a great writer..
      This will be somewhat like love hate story… and swasan will there together in their past but in present it will take time…
      But you could bins of Swasan scenes…

  3. Anu

    I read the intro, prologue and now this chappy. Im totally in love with your story. God! Lovely. And same pinch x x

    Im also a die hard Sanskarholic and Varunholic.

    Looking forward to thr next chap. Update soon mona darling ????

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Hi Anu di.. I’m great fan of your ff’s..
      And thank you so much those nice words ??? .
      I will update soon ???

      • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

        kk di… but I really like your ff’s a lot…

        I am 14 di.. wbu ??

        Love you too behna ??

    • Anu

      You call me di and call urself a fan? Il kill you for that!! ? ? ?

      Ur my pyaari behna so snap out of that word FAN. Love you sis! ❤

      And what’s ur age (if you don’t mind telling me)

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Hai Naina di…
      Thank you so much… Really that my ff is being loved…
      Have patience dr because even I don’t where this story but this will be a pure swasan ff… ??☺

      • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

        * Really glad

        * Even I don’t know where this story is going

        Oh god!! How could I miss so much …

  4. Meher

    Wow!!! Osm dear…

    I will patiently wait for swasan…

    Hehehe here I guess all of us are varunholic ????

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Hi Meher di … Are your exams finished ?? And thanks a lot for those lovely motivating words.

      Yeah everyone here will be Varunholic but I am biggest of them
      all.. ???
      I even started watching the show just for him…

      And your dp is one of my favourite swasan pic… I made my first swasan edit with that one
      .. I really love that pic

      • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

        No way di.. I will argue until you agree that I am the biggest Sanskarholic.. ?? ??

  5. rashi

    this is d first ff
    i am reading. Its really nyc.u r doing a grt job. But we
    n will b d nxt chap. I am eagerly waiting

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      The first ff and that too mine…
      I can’t believe my eyes ???… What if you have not liked it… I can’t even think about that..

      Thank you so much dr.. I will asap

  6. L Khan

    Superb story…….nd i believe that no one can separate swasan nd remember one thing also swasan said that they will be together all their life nd no one can separate then nd also she so ads I love u before drowning so I believe at last it will be swasan only nd moreover they have to continue the show so they will show something or the other……..but love ur story it awesome

  7. richa (titli)

    hmmm just read ur intro nd first paraaa awsmmm dr5 keep it up i’ll try to read full nd plss gimme summary of urr lasttt ficc 😛 keep writingg ndd gimme ideas too steall 😀 😉

    • Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

      Thanks di !!! ??
      Read fully and I will give you the summary on fb…
      Love of loads

  8. chris

    Plz plz don’t separate swasan… I am already sad with the original serial’s track…
    But u write well ?

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