Stupid feelings (few shots) – Shot 1

Ragini POV:

“Hey baby doll, I must say you look gorgeous in this baby pink dress….or should I say,the dress looks gorgeous on you. 😉 Now,now stop blushing, you have turned into a tomato,I know getting compliments from a handsome hunk like me is a dream come true…but unfortunately I am taken…and have taken your bestie 😉 ” . Taken my bestie? Oh he must be talking about taking her for granted!! He makes me blush cause he is a handsome hunk? Huh, hulk appears more good looking in front of him.Maybe if
I actually throw a tomato at his head,he will understand that the red color of my face is not because I am blushing…its because I am boiling with anger because of his stupid talks!!And why the hell does he keep winking?? Should I just permanently damage one of his eye because he seems to be using just one of them all the time!!! Oh there she is…my bestie..MISS SWARA BOSE . Hopelessly in love with SAHIL ROY , who is nothing but a flirt. Even I lost count of how many times I told Swara that she is and angel who descended from heaven..she deserves the best partner…who is probably yet to be introduced in her life…cause the ones who are already there in her life are not worth her….definitely not this idiot…but oh unfortunately she has a disease…a disease which now seems incurable…or maybe can be cured by only a miracle…and I am having a heartbreaking moment while telling my readers that the dangerous incurable disease she has is….

Swara POV:

LOVE…that’s exactly what she is going to tell you…I can read the look on her face , after all she is my bestie…RAGINI GADODIA. People consider love as the most precious possession a person could have,but if you ask Ragini,it is nothing but a disease…which stops your thinking process,to such an extent that you see your self respect going away but still convince yourself that all is well. Don’t start judging her as an enemy of lovers now,she is not completely against love,but seeing my love story,she just feels its a waste of time…after all the person I am crazy about(one of the symptoms of love,ladies and gentlemen) is the main reason for her irritation…the more she tries to maintain distance from Sahil ,the more he tries to get friendly with her. Many times I questioned him about his behaviour. But he just said one thing, “Baby when two people are in a relationship they should also maintain good relations with each others friends.” True,definitely true.But he forgets the difference between being friendly and being flirty. I know that Ragini tolerates him because of me,and I love her for that…but at the same time I love him…I can’t just,you know,breakup with him.Its difficult.Yes,every time he ignores me,or treats me like a third person,or flirts with other girls, I feel like my self respect is going away…and I just feel like slapping him and saying IT’S OVER YOU A*****E. But then I feel,that if I am dating a hot guy,I will have to bear the consequences as well..*sigh* . There he is…again flirting with my bestie,while she is on the verge of hitting his head to the wall. I am sorry Ragini . *pouts*

Ragini POV:

I KNEW IT!! THAT FACE,THAT CUTE POUT…correction POUT FILLED WITH REGRET…I JUST HATE IT!!! Dear readers…you are my only hope now, please convince Swara to break up with this idiot before I break his head…PLEASEEEEEEEEE *cries internally*


Hey guys Shipra here 🙂 .As you know that Swara CAN NEVER be with Sahil, its pretty obvious that Sahil will have to get out of her life sooner or later…but sooner or later? That’s the question!!! For now I can only pass Ragini’s message to you people…it’s up to you whether you want to help her or see her drowning in her own tears while Swara looks on helplessly…and about couples…hmm uska baad mein dekhenge…but for now helping Ragini and convincing Swara is more important…so guys ALL THE BEST!!
*Ragini pops up from behind*
P.S. Swara is extremely stubborn.And you just witnessed that!! Help me before her love story kills me… “Kills me? Oh you must be talking about my looks.Everybody says that about Sahil Roy,I don’t blame you sweetheart 😉 ” *Ragini runs away*


  1. SC

    Swaraaaa Sahil is not good leave him…..see your bestie is cryinggg…..omggg it was soo good update the next part soon!!!

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