The stuffed toy : Shivika Drabble

A short scene after Shivaay finds out that Anika had been faking the ML

Shivaay had pulled Anika into his room and threw her on the sofa, he lashed out at her for fooling him and doing all those stupid things from the past few days. He had been going crazy as he didn’t have her beside him like before. He wanted her presence and wanted her to acknowledge his, she never knew how much it had hurt. A thin layer of tears formed in his eyes. He turned back towards her to see her staring at him with tears filled in her cocoa browns. She suddenly collapsed on the floor and Rudra had luckily caught her before him.

“Rudra do you know a story of a boy and his teddy?” She asked between her countless sobs. Rudra although confused, nodded in negative. She started narrating it “One day a boy got a little teddy bear, he didn’t like it, so he never played with it. But as time passed the boy started playing with it. But he would often forget about it and play with other toys. And then one day the boy found someone else playing with teddy, he got very angry and he tore off the beautiful red bow it wore and threw the teddy far. But after somedays the boy started playing with it again. One such day the boy fell very sick and his mom threw away the poor teddy in the dustbin thinking it to be bad luck. When the boy got to know he became sad and cried, he somehow found his teddy and took it back home” she paused to pass a weary smile to Om who stood beside Shivaay and continued “The boy still hurts and thrashes the poor teddy, and later he takes and comforts it so that it he can throw it harder next time”.

Shivaay stared at Anika in horror, he felt his body going weak. The thought of she hating him, resenting him made his heart clench. He somehow dragged himself up to her and cupped her face. As their eyes met she hugged him tight and cried into his chest. “Shivaay, tell the boy to throw away that teddy now, its all torn and worn out, let him get a new one”. He gently kissed her hair, his hot tears wetting them. He finally knew how much he had hurt her, he needed to take away the pain. And he surely will.

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  1. Sslachu

    It created tears in my eyes somehow ???

  2. Vincy

    Nice episode

  3. Samm

    awww… poor anika! this was so painfully sweet! 🙂

  4. Diyaa

    What a story! Heart Wrenching.

  5. I loved it ???

  6. Nice one dear..

  7. Did I just cry ?? OMG..hats off !!

  8. Sairan

    Heart touching..❤❤

  9. U know i jst accidently opened this os
    But now i think if i just ignore it then i would have miss a wonderful os
    Thanks dear
    It is a vry touchy story it was awesome
    I loved it
    And i cried
    But it was so gud

  10. Awesome

  11. MariaRebecca

    Thankyou guys!!!!!

  12. Excellent

  13. Neha_Pheonix

    Great yaar! Maria…..The idea of a story so well crafted in IB…IT was awesome…..

  14. Fabulous… loved it…

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