Stuck With Her (SwaSan Short Story) Chapter 2 Betrayal by Marsuu

Stuck With Her (SwaSan Short Story)
Chapter 2: Betrayal

Swara is so happy as sanskar accepted to marry her. After a month, swara is getting graduate and then they will marry. She is shopping and learning to wear saree and all. On the other hand, sanskar is normal, for him this marriage is nothing. After marriage he will make swara realize that how wrong it is force your decisions on someone. He told sujata and ram about his marriage and they are happy but due to ram’s work they won’t be able to come. Infact the marriage is going to be a simple function with just near ones.

Swara didn’t realize how quickly her month passed that the day for which she is waiting impatiently has arrived. Today she is marrying sanskar and her happiness has no limits. She has dressed herself in red and black saree with minimal makeup and her hairs are left open. Her friends are with her. The small mandap in the hall is decorated where sanskar is already waiting for her. There are total about ten people to be counted in the hall. Sanskar’s face is stern and eyes are blank. Soon swara came and after performing all the rituals they got married officially. After an hour, swara left with sanskar to his flat. All this time, they didn’t talked to each other.

Swara is standing near the window of sanskar’s room which is now her also. A joyful smile is playing on her lips. The house is simple but she love it because she is going to live with sanskar. Her heart beat fasten against her chest as she heard the footsteps. She is pretty sure he is sanskar because there is no one else in the house.
Swara turn towards him and give him a smile. Her breathing got unstable with the each step sanskar was approching her. He lean towards her and swara lower her eyelashes. Her hands fisted her saree as he trace his nose from her cheeks to neck.

” do you want to celebrate our marriage??” He asked huskily that swara freezed for a second. She raised her shades to look in his eyes which are already staring her. ” your silence means yes??” Swara don’t know how to react, it’s so new to her. She didn’t protested as sanskar proceeded. Sanskar place his lips on her and started kissing. Swara got lost in his touch and her hands crawl in his hairs. Sanskar stare her closed eyes and thought ” i know you want this swara, Disgusting!!!” He pressed her waist in anger making her wince in pain.

Sanskar picked swara in bridal style and made her lie on the bed. She didn’t denied him and let him go. Sanskar discared their clothes and they got lost in the most heavenly feeling. At many points, he tried to stop before he cross his limits but it became uncontrollable for him when she is too near. Swara felt pain and pleasure. Sanskar got up from her and lie on his side of the bed showing back to swara. She stare him blankly not getting what happened. Her eyes got watery and few tears feel on her cheeks.

She felt rejected but the next moment she convinced her heart ” may be he is tired and need time to adjsut with me, be happy that now you belong to him” she smile shyly as flashes of last few minutes played in her mind. They are one in all senses is the best think swara is feeling. As the realization hit her mind that she is not wearing anything, she pulled the comforter on herself till her chest. Swara closed her eyes giving last look to sanskar.

Sanskar is not able to sleep, it’s midnight. He turn and saw swara is sleeping and her cheeks has tear stains. His heart is feeling heavy with all the happening of their union. Did he went so far just to make swara realize her mistake?? His gaze was not ready to leave her face. It’s done now and nothing can be changed!!. He thought how she must have felt when after their union, he turn his face rejecting her. His mind is clouded with so many thoughts so he preferred to shut them all and sleep for a while. ” she also did wrong by forcing me in this relation ” sanskar convinced his heart though it was not satisfactory.

Sanskar slipped close to swara and wrap his arm around her waist. As soon as swara sensed his touch, she hugged him nuzzling her face in his chest. Sanskar felt her slow sleepy breath hitting his bare chest. He lean and pressed his lips against her forehead. Her petite figure fits perfectly in his arms. The moment was full of contentment, satisfaction and completeness. His eyes got closed and soon he drifted to sleep.

Sanskar open his eyes as sunrays strike his face piercing the curtains. He look at swara who was lying peacefully on his chest. He closed his eyes for few seconds capturing what all happened last night. He slowly made her lie on the pillow and got up. Sanskar left to washroom after gathering his clothes.

” waking too late are not signs of good wife” swara read the note lying on the side table which obviously sanskar left. She got up in the afternoon as she is not habitual to get up early. She picked her mobile and dialed sanskar’s number but he is not receiving ” i think he is busy, i should leave message” swara mumble and typed message ” I’m sorry sanskar!! I will not repeat it again. Please don’t be angry” she went to washroom to freshup. On the otherside, sanskar read the message and roll his eyes as he don’t cares.

Next morning, swara had prepared the breakfast and as a good wife, she got up early or she didn’t slept last night because sanskar was not there. Yesterday he didn’t came back and swara was so nervous and scared to be alone at a new place. No phone, no messages from him stuck swara’s breathe. She was praying that he must be fine. Later, she called in the hospital and from there she got to know that he is there and fine. Swara waited for him for the whole night sitting in the hall. Hardly she slept for couple of hours. In the morning, after getting ready she made breakfast for sanskar so he should not get upset with her.

It is almost afternoon when sanskar arrived at home. Swara signed in relief after seeing him. Sanskar look at her from top to bottom. Her red vermilion and mangalsutra caught his attention. She is wearing messy pink saree as she don’t know how to tie it but still she tried. ” hello how are you?” Swara started the conversation. She is nervously biting her lips under his constant gaze. ” good” sanskar said and enter inside. ” why you didn’t came yesterday?? Are you angry with me?” Swara asked following him. He didn’t reacted nor replied. ” sanskar why are you ignoring me!! I’m sorry if i did some mistake” swara held his hand and he instantly jerked it.

” you are the biggest mistake of my life swara” sanskar shouted as he had enough suppressed his anger. ” sanskar…” she tried to say something but was cut by sanskar’s roar “stop acting to be innocent swara”. She give him perplexed look. ” ohh so you and your father blackmailed me and took the advantage of my weakness and now you are behaving like you don’t know anything” sanskar said giving her unbelievable looks.
” i really don’t know what you are taking about. You agree to marry me because you said you will love me” swara said whatever she got to say. ” neverrrrr!!! I can never love a cheap girl like you” sanskar snapped.

” Mr shekar gododia said if i won’t marry you, i have to leave my job” sanskar said stepping towards her. Swara got scared because of his dangerous gaze. Sanskar pin her against the wall ” you know what swara, i was not having any feelings for you neither hate nor love but now i just hate you, i hate your presence!!! Did you get that” sanskar jerked her making her stumble. Swara’s vision got blur as she grabbed what all he said.

” no you can’t do this!! ” she shook her head while whispering. She don’t want to accept it. ” why it’s affecting you?? Okay tell me why you love me because of my good looks, right?? And you want me on bed, you got it now get out of my life” sanskar shouted. Swara was beyond shocked. She still can’t believe the person whom she loved for the first time is saying such words to her. Swara’s tears are flowing and throat is too dry to say something. Sanskar left to his room not caring for her condition. Swara is very sensitive girl, she never faced such situation in her life. She has always lived a life of princess and everything was like a fairytale for her. The bitter truth of the life shattered her and broke her little heart into million pieces. The man whom she trusted and give her everything betrayal her. She ran out of the house feeling suffocation inside.
What she will do to tackle this situation??
To be continued….

Precap: Surprise, Shock and Regret.(last)

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