Stuck in an island – Shrenal Few shots *Intro*

Sriya is back! This story is set up in mid 19th century. It’s basically a story of an Indian warrior Kunal Jaisingh and a British warrior Shrenu Fernandez both stuck in an lonely island where , afar no people live . How’s their love story is possible ? how will they get out of the island ? will love blossom between them even after , knowing each other
‘s real identity ? or will someone of them hide their identity ? will their love will win amidst both countries hatred and wars ? It ‘s gonna be a happy ending or one of them has to die ? wanna know then read the book . I know it’s hard to imagine Shrenu as a foreigner and , with surname Fernandez but I ‘m helpless as the plot is decided like this only and I can’t change it now .

A/N : Sorry for disappearing suddenly I was busy with really , hectic schedule which is really hard to manage I ‘m writing on rikara for second time and I ‘m day by day starting to love this pair. Love shrenal and , I missed all my tu friends love you all . And , bshama I will post my ishqbaaz articles whenever I will get time . Once again Love ya!

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  1. Jayanti

    nice concept..yaar…will be waiting for your first update…next part asap…even I love this pair….same as u..hehe…which other story have u written on dbo???

  2. Interesting intro

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