Stuck in an elevator OS (swasan)


Hey guyzzz i am writing a new swasan ff hope u guys like it

Stuck in an elevator

Swasan one shot

Naina and nihaal were twins

Naina loves sanskaar and he loves her back

Nihal and swara r in love just like sanky and naina

Swasan werent really intrested in each other

Naina and sanky were the best couple in college everyone were jealous

Nihaal and sanky were bffs and were the coolest and most popular in college swara was famous because of her studies people hated her

Swara was sad when nihaal proposed her every girl hated swara twice than before now

Swara accepted as she thought he was her true love

One day

It was naina and nihal’s bday so swara planned something she even got to know sanky was also planning

She went to him

Swara: hello sanskaar

Sanky: hi

Swara: um….kya hum milke plan kara cause i donno naina’s intrests

Sanky: umm…..ok u help me with nihaal

Swara: sure…

For One week they were planning

They did all arrangments but small things like ordering cake and few decors were left so they both headed to the mall

They odered a cake shaped 23 so that both can cut one nihal was elder to naina by 10 mins

After they were done with their shopping they went to the lift they waited for sometime as some repair was happening

Then they got into the lift they were on the fouth floor

And when they were heading down a there was a loud thud only they both were in the lift swara got hurt

Because of the thud she got sprain she begin to weep because of the pain sanky consoled her

Now they were stuck for five minutes and swara started to cry sanky was tensed

She said: i have slight claustrophobia ( people who have this phobia r scared to be locked in a closed place)

Sanky was shicked then he took out his phone and began to ring naina but he didnt get the signal they were stuck between floors of 3 and two

Swara was panicking she went and hugged sanky tightly

Swara: pls save me i even have breating problem and my inhaler is over

Sanky: what

Now sanky was clueless

Then he spotted a small glass on the lift and tried breaking it

It broke

But only a little air was passing through

Swara slowly started fainting

This culd cost her life

Sanky saw this and got an idea he tries to txt naina and in between his phone got switched off it was because of low battery

He threw some water on her face by a bottle he asked for her moblie

But she was too weak to respond

Sanky got up and hugged swara pls pls himmat mat haro

Pls ( why am i soo worried for swara do i like her?)

He did everything to puther awake

He kissed her on her forehead pls himmat mat haro

Swara: san….s…kaaa…r

Sanky: bolo swara

Swara: woh i know i will die but now if i dont confess i will be guilty

Sanky: kya hua swara

Swara: sanky u were my first love but i thought u will never love me cause i am uncool

Sanky: swara……..! Pehle kyun nahin bata ya if u loved me i wuld have accepted u

Swara: i… u

She closes her eyes

Sanky got scared and took more water and sprinkled

But she didnt wake up

He started crying

Kyun kyun nahin bola pehle

In school when i was a nerd and u were a topper i used to love u u were my secret crush

I…i thought u will never love me

Pls swara….i…i love u too

Swara suddenly opens her eyes slowly

The lift starts moving sanky will be weeping he hugs swara

The lift door opens and naina is standing there with nihaal

Nihaal runs to swara and snatches her

Naina: baby u r alright…????

Sanskaar: swara is she alright

Naina notices blood coming

Yeh kya

Sanky is lost in swara he was sad that he confessed inthat situation he started crying and hugged naina

Swara didnt remember anything which happened in the lift

Weeks passed
Elders decided engagement days

Swasan were sad sanky thought he has to confess

Swara thought the same

Suddenly nihaal comes and says i am soo happy darling

Swara gets melted she thinks sanky doesnt love her so she moves on

That night when she was writing her diary

Someone threw a paper at her window she looked down it was sanky she was shocked

She thought it was her imagination and rubbed her eyes but ne was still there

She took a paper and wrote

” tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?”


“I want to tell u something”


“I luv u”

Swara rubbed her eyes

” this is real”

Swara couldnt belive it she wrote yes and cut it

“But nihaal”
“No sorry”

Sanky but” i know u love me u confessed that day”

“What when”

Sanky tells her when

She gets shocked she goes down

And runs to sanky and hugs her yes i luv u par wb nihaal

I will tell him

Aur naina

Sanky if she really loves me she will sacrifice

They both tols nihal and naina and they sacrificed their love

Swasan were happy a d got married

Happy ending

Hope u guys liked it pls comment down below if i have to inprove or anything else

Credit to: Pravalika

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