Stuck With The Billionaire (Intro & Prologue)


hey frds h r u all?
this is something i was thinking to write.. it’s a lil different story from my previous… I do wanted to write something different so after a lots of thinking I’m writing this… hope u like it… enjoy

Introduction Of Characters

Skylar: A Hot, Handsome, s*xy, Rude And Heartless Multi Billionaire… Who Think Money Can Buy Anything… He Stays Alone In His Own World Where He Rules On Everyone…

Elena: A Beautiful, Cute, Pretty, Lovely And Intelligent Girl.. She’s A Nerd And The Most Unpopular Girl In College… Everyone At College Always Irritate Her And Is Against Her Because Of Her Outer Beauty…


The sun was shining bright… it was around 6:00 in the morning… Elena was sleeping all smiley but soon her sleep got disturbed because of alarm… she open her eyes being irritated and turn off the alarm… she cover herself in blanket but yet again her sleep got disturbed but this time it was her mother shouting to wake her up… Elena sat on bed and said
Elena:god please make the day good

Elena got up and left to get fresh… she came out wearing blue jeans with white tank top… she adore her eyes with mascara and liner.. she applied a light pink lipstick and tied her hair in ponytail… she came down and hug her mother lovingly… she had her bf quickly and left for college… after a drive of 20 mins from Elena’s cycle she reach her college… University Of Las Vegas (I don’t know if any university of this name exist it’s only my imagination) Elena saw the poster of famous multi Billionaire businessman Mr Skylar but something else catch her eyes… below the poster there was written in capital letters

“Famous Businessman Mr Skylar Is Coming In The College To Give Interview And Encouraging The Students”

just like every girl Elena also had crush on Skylar and why won’t she had… he was hot and handsome at the same time he was dashing and s*xy… Elena came out of her trance when. someone pat her shoulder… she turn to find her only frd “Lara” she was her frd since school… she wasn’t judgemental like others… Lara said
Lara:so u got to know about Mr Skylar’s visit
Elena nod blushingly and Lara said

Lara:oohh someone is blushing
Elena:shut up Lara
just then the bell rang indicating about their class and both left…
hey frds how is this ?

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  1. It’s amazing plzz continue as it’s not any ff it seems interesting

    1. Mavo

      Thanks and soon ?

  2. Crystal

    I read it on Wattpad Mavo and i am truly happy 😀

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  3. amazing prologue n intro dr cant wait 2 read it plz try 2 upload it asap

    1. Mavo

      Thanks and soon ?

  4. Hi..mavo..
    I have read ur stories..they are awesome..Nw following u on wattpad..
    This intro is nice..continue

    1. Mavo

      Hey kuma
      Thanks a lot and soon ?

  5. I read it on Wattpad it’s very nice dear

    1. Mavo

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