‘Struggling for maa swabhiman’ – Nairan FF Chapter 3

Hi!☺ I am very much happy with ur nice comments on previous chapters. Today is the 3 chapter of my FF. And I have added the entry of Karan and kunal as the readers wish. I hope u all will like it.

So, Let’s start
Naina comes home from office and saw Sharda is crying. Naina hug sharda
Naina- Everything will be fine maa!
Sharda started to cry badly.
Sharda- How… How will be everything fine. It had been 3 years for my Gudiya not talk to anyone nicely. It’s had been 3 years we have not find the real culprit. The whole world is understanding that the guilty is my loving Cheeku. I am a very bad mother.
Naina- No maa! There is nothing wrong between us. U are a honest, loving and good mother.
Naina thinks- I have to do something.
She goes to sleep.

At Chauhan’s House-
A man is sleeping on Kunal’s bed covering his face with bedsheet. Kunal is watching a horror movie with so much concentration and eating popcorn sitting beside the man. When the horror scene come he shouted and all the popcorn fall on the man.
Man- Abey! Tujhe itni raat me horror movie dekhne me kya maja aata hai. Raat ke 2o’ baj rahe hai.
The man was none other than Karan:)
Kunal- Ha bhai aur tujhe raat me sone me kya maja aata hai.(and the popcorn which was left in the plate, Karan made it fall on kunal.)
Kunal- Tujhe to mai choduga nahi.
He take a pillow and started fighting. Our karan is also not weak. They both started pillow fighting. Suddenly someone came into the room and the pillow was on his face now?. He was none other than NK?. They both freeze as they were going to hear a big lecture. Nk gives them a big lecture. But Kunal was angry with his father from many years. He could not hold his anger and splash the water on NK which was in the glass and closed the door. NK was left outside in anger.
Karan- Wa bhai! Kya papa ke lecture ko paani paani kar diya.
They laugh and have a hi-fi.

Next day- At chauhan’s house
Dadu- Beta, u both have to go office. It’s had been late.
Kunal- Yes, dadu i am going. But karan…
Karan- I will not go to office. I am not feeling well.
Dadu- Ok beta.
Kunal(whisper in karan’s ear)- Oh Mr. Prankstar u have taken a good excuse to leave the office. But i am punctual.
Karan- Abey! Tu punctual hai toh wahi rah. I am lieing, i have fully best.
Kunal- It means that..
Karan- Yes, I am getting tired of the office all day and at night teri dhamachaukadi shuru ho jati hai darpoke. How u not get tired i did not know?
NK- What both u are whispering in each others ear?
Karan- Nothing…nothing..
Kunal leave for office and Karan go into his room.
Karan- Now, i have to leave.
He whistle and his two friend comes out in the garden. He make a bedsheet hangover the window and was going down from it.
Karan friends- Kas ke pakdna.
Karan- Jaanta hu expert jo hu.
Karan fall down. His friends laugh.
Karan- chup kar… Tum sab kya kabhi gire nahi ho. ouccchhh…
He gets up.
Karan- Let’s race

They started running. Naina leave for office. Karan is coming towards Naina but teasing his friends backward and Naina was looking in her mobile. Suddenly they hit each other.Beside them there is a well, Karan catch Naina hand to save her.They share an eyelock. Kaun tujhe plays. Karan was memrised by her beauty. They come back to their senses.
Karan- I am sorry. I was racing with my friends.
Naina- It’s ok.
Naina started going.
Karan- Oh Mrs. khadus.Atleast thank u to bol do. Maine tumhari jaan bachai..
Naina- Oh Mr. Careless kaise jaan bachai dhakaa de kar.
Karan- I saved u from falling in the well. Say thank u.
Naina- What will u do if i not say hmm?
Karan- Wait and watch.
He takes her mobile and started teasing.
Naina- Give me my mobile. Give…
Karan-Say thank u first.
Naina was fed up- Okkkkk….
Naina is fuming in anger
Naina-Come close then i will say.
Karan- Really?
Naina nodded. He came close to her
Naina shouted in his ear- Coward.!
She started walking.


I hope u all like it. Plz comment. Silent readers plz comment. Thnx for reading!!…

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  1. #nairanlover:-)

    I am really happy to finally see karan and kunals entry in the ff.But I am really missing meghna and naina’s bond after seeing the brothers bond.Karan and Naina’s first meeting was really nice.Their nok jhok I just loved it.Now waiting to see kunal and Meghna’s meeting.Everyday I am having my phone by this time in my hand as I know you will update this time only.Its now becoming my habit though.Post asap.Loads of love to you Ayonija.

    1. Ayonija

      aww you are so nice. Yes, I update only this time as i got free from my family work sometime. My summer vacation are going on that’s why i update daily. Meghna will soon realize her mistake of being rude. Once again Thank u very much nairanlover. You are so nice. Loads of love to u Nairanlover:)?

      1. #nairanlover:-)


  2. hai ayonija,nice epi…loved karan’s character….post asap

    1. Ayonija

      Thank u seyal di with ur nice words

    2. Ayonija

      Thank u di with ur nice words

  3. l’m really enjoying the story…naina and karan’s meeting was fabulous…omg!!post soon

    1. Ayonija

      I will post soon, and thank u very much u like my story.

  4. Minerva

    Fantastic wordplay and amazing depiction of brotherly feelings. The horror-movie scene was absolutely priceless and completely humorous. It depicted the hugely common scene in numerous siblings’ lives and was extremely realistic.
    The intense scene between kunal and his father has indeed stupedified and has left me in deep thoughts. To find the reason for this hatred has become one of my top priorities presently. The scene was an absolute success.
    The conversation at the dining table along with the portrayal of the understanding between k^2 was awesome. Karan going down a bedsheet ladder was one of the ladt things that could have struck me. A unique thought….
    First meetings had never been so lovely. The banter between ms. solanki and mr. chauhan was one of the best parts of this story. A stupendous arising to a bright future

  5. Ayonija

    Thank u very much. You are really fantastic. I am very much happy that u like it. Thank u with ur unique words. You are really great.

  6. AbrahamEzra

    It was nice. Hope that meghnains misunderstanding will be cleared soon. Post asap. And sry I wasn’t able comment in the previous epis. Sry

    1. Ayonija

      Never mind. You commented in this chapter i am very happy☺. Thank u for comment.

  7. Iamarohi

    NaiRan first meeting,,,so nicely written,,,, I wait whole day to read FF about Nairan….It feels great to read your article… Update soon,,:):):>:>

    1. Ayonija

      Thank u with ur fantastic words. I was in tension that will anybody like it or not. But now feeling good. Thank u very much.

  8. Claire

    Wonderfully written???? Kunal and Karan’s bond is really good… Hope to see the same bond between Naina and Meghna? Karan-Naina’s “takkar” was also really cool? I loved it?

    1. Ayonija

      So nice of u loved it. There bond will be also be same like kunal and karan. Thank u very much

  9. Superb..karans entry..wow..waiting for next episode

    1. Ayonija

      Thank u very much jis di

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