‘Struggling for maa swabhiman’- Nairan FF Chapter 2

Hi Guys! Thank u very very much for ur nice comments on previous chapter. This is 2nd chapter of this FF.

So, let’s start
Meghna was fully cured after 1 month as her injury was not so critical. They were trying to find the real culprit who had hit Meghna.

Naina- Gudiya! Did not you remember the face of the culprit or any other thing related to him.

Meghna- I did not see his face but i have seen the car number.

Naina- Tell me what was the car number?

Meghna- The car number was 9276.

Naina- We will try to find out that car.Lets go on a walk.

Meghna- Yes!
They were walking on the road. And Naina saw that car. Meghna words echo in her mind. And she came at the front of the car to stop it.

The car stopped. The driver get out the car and started to running. But Naina and Meghna catch him by his collar.
Naina- Oh, Mister where are you running after hitting my sister.
Meghna shouted- Tell why do you do that. You tell or…
Meghna pick up a rod and was going to beat him.

Driver- Stop it! I am telling….. telling…. Someone has bribed me to hit you.

Meghna- Who bribed you?

Driver- Your sister- Naina.
Meghna and Naina were leaved shocked.

Naina- Guu…dddiya. He is lieing….. How can i do that with my own sister.

Meghna- Yes Cheeku you can’t do it. And you lier tell me the truth
 who bribed you.

Driver- Believe me Naina bribed. She came on a day before your exam and given me Rs.10,000 to hit you.

Naina- U have any proof continuously blaming. Show me where is proof?
Meghna was in a dilemma. Driver show her the recording in which naina has bribed him.Meghna and naina have big shocked of their life.

Meghna- Cheeku! Shall i go to police station and tell them that my own sister had bribed the driver to hit me.
Naina- Gudiya you are understanding wrong..
Meghna- oh yes! I am wrong. You, Maa and this whole world is correct?
Naina- Listen me!
Meghna- Just shut up! Now i understand why you left me on the road unconsciously. You are so selfish that you did not want your own sister to become an IAS officer. Your affection, your kindness, your care for me all wrong.
Meghna shouted at her very badly. Naina  started crying to be blamed by her own sister. The driver smiles.

Meghna- From now onwards there will be no relationship between us. I have broken all relations with you.
Naina was shocked and cried bitterly. She plead Meghna and try to understand her. But Meghna did not listen any words, and take her to home.

She come home fuming in anger. She throw Naina on the floor. Sharda see this and scolded Meghna to behave good

Meghna- Oh! You are also with Naina evil plans.
Sharda- What evil plans? What are you talking about?
Meghna- Ask your nice and intelligent daughter what she has done?
Meghna goes to Naina with a knife
Mehna(putting the knife on Naina’s neck)- You will tell or i should….
Sharda dragged Meghna and slap her hardly. Meghna was shocked.
Meghna – You mother and daughter are together now. (Pointing towards sharda) I will tell what happen.

Meghna told her the whole story.

Sharda- Did you have any proof? How can you blame your Cheeku
Meghna- I have proof.
Meghna show her the video.
Sharda was shocked.
Sharda- I can’t believe it. Naina did not done it. Someone has done this. Believe Naina Please.
Meghna- NEVER EVER!!! She is a betrayer.

Naina was weeping.
Naina- I have not done this Gudiya plz believe me.
Meghna-I said na never i will believe you and your mother Sharda cheaters. Now i have understand Naina why Sharda was on your side always. She loves you a lot.She thinks that I am not able to hold this love, this faith, this appreciation. Its all for you only.
By this fight Meghna goes to her room and breaks all things and cried
Sharda was crying hardly. Naina was tring to console her.
Naina(in her mind)- I will show you Gudiya that I have not done this and catch the culprit red- handed for my maa swabhiman!!!..

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  1. It was really emotional.It was superb.
    Please , please ,it is a request please clear the misunderstanding between naina and Meghna.In the show i really loved the sisterly bond between Meghna and naina .And ofcourse the relationship between sharadha.I t is just a request.You can ignore it.I don’t mind.But make them together.
    Update soon please

    1. Ayonija

      Thank you Nanda after some time they will be together. We have to wait for it when Naina find the real culprit. Sorry take some time but as your wish i will make them together. Again thanks for ur great words and opinion.

  2. Wow

  3. #nairanlover:-)

    It was an awesome episode.Post Asap.Loads of love.

    1. Ayonija

      Thank u nairanlover. I will post soon.

  4. Claire

    Superb episode? Meghna should have trusted Naina and her mom though… When is Karan going to enter the ff?? Once again..luvd it…waiting for the next chapter?

    1. Ayonija

      Karan will soon enter in the next chapters. To help Naina and Meghna in their misunderstanding. Thank u very much Claire?

  5. Iamarohi

    Loved it!!:)):):)

    1. Ayonija

      Thank u very much

  6. very sad update…this driver should b punished …blo*dy driver ….I CNT c fight between 2 sisters.

    1. Ayonija

      Plz don’t be disappiont with this update. There should be suspense that why i have create this. Everything will be soon fine. Thank u for comment. Plz comment further also. Everything will be fine…

  7. Superb..who is behind all this??suspense..right??ok i will wait..and waiting for karans entry..also kunal..update soon

    1. Ayonija

      Someone is there behind all this. All are wanting Karan and kunal entry. So in next chapter they will entered. Thank u jis di with ur sweet words

  8. Seyal

    really amazing..eagerly waiting to know the mysterious villain…l know that meghna became angry because she had proof against naina,but l think that she should have believed her sister,more than a video which can also be created by experts..

    1. Ayonija

      You are right. In the video Naina is not there. I will give clue that She is Naina’s dublicate. Thank you seyal di.

  9. Arushi

    Omg I am really sorry for late commenting but actually my mood was really bad after cbse results because my marksheet is seeming that its not mine so I was really sad hope u’ll understand… But both of the chapters were awesome

    1. Ayonija

      Very sad for ur marksheet di. U can comment any time. Thank u for commenting and for liking the chapters. I pray to god that u can get ur marksheet.

  10. Minerva

    Fantabulous episode. The twist in the tale and the shocking discoveries have indeed robbed away my calm composure. The revelation about naina is truly astounding and imposdible to believe. It has been a great cause of rift between the two most beautiful sisters in the bond. But as they say, winning over strifes can only make bonds stronger.
    Therefore, lets await the best for the solanki sisters…

    1. Ayonija

      Thank u shivani di. You are really awesome. I knew that u will like it. Yes, u said right that winning over difficulties make bonds stronger. I really like it. Thank u so much.

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