‘Struggling for maa swabhiman’- Nairan FF Chapter 1

Hello everone once again. Thank u for ur nice comment in previous introduction. This is 1st chapter of my FF. I hope you like it

So here we go-
A lady opens the curtains of the window.
Lady- Cheeku! Get up. You are getting late for the office beta.
Naina- Maa! Only 5 mins. There is much time for office.
The lady is Sharda
Sharda- It has been 8o’ clock and you are still speeing!
Naina wake up in shocked – WHAT!!!! But i am still sleepy
Sharda- I know beta you slept at 2o’ clock last night because of your work, but you have to get ready for office.
She get up and get ready in sleepy manner.
She eat breakfast in hurry manner. Sharda forbid her not to rat in hurry
Naina- But maa, I am getting late for office
Sharda- Chew your food correctly.
Then she leave for office.

Sharda- beta please eat your breakfast.
Meghna- I will die but i will not eat breakfast made by you.CHEATER!!
Sharda- I telling you from 3 years that it was not your sister fault. It was…(Meghna stopped her)
Meghna- That it means your fault na!!. You mother and daughter are same cheating others.
Sharda cries- Please beta listen…
Meghna- Stop it. Dont say me beta veta. I will never accept you as my mother and naina as my sister.LEAVE!!!
Sharda leaves
Meghna and sharda cries bitterly.
Sharda- Oh God! Save my daughters.
Meghna sat near a window and loot at the sky.
Meghna- I will never forget this sharda and naina betrayed me. NEVER!!!

FB is shown
Naina and meghna were always like a lock and its key.One create problem other solve it. They share a lovely bond. They study, play, sing, dance and do many things together. Everone was jealous about their loveing bond. Now everyone feel mercy on them.
One day when they have their exam the toom their morher blessings
Sharda- Good luck! All the best
Meghna and naina- Thank u maa
They were walking on the road. Suddenly Meghna saw a beautiful flower
Meghna- Cheeku! See how beautiful this flower is!
Naina-Yess! Gudiya
They were lookin on other side
Suddenly a car was coming towards Meghna. Naina shouted…
Naina- Gudiyaaaaa….
But unfortunately at the nick of that time. The car hit Meghna and she fall unconsciously on the ground. Public gathered around them. They took her to the hospital.

Sharda gets a phone call and was shocked to hear meghna accident. She came to the hospital.

Sharda- Gudiya!
Meghna- Maa where is cheeku. Is she fine or not?
Sharda- She is…(She stopped)
Meghna- Tell me what are you hiding where is she?
Sharda- She has hone to give her Exam
Just then Naina entered in the room and came to Meghna
Naina-Gudiy! I am really sorry. I leave you alone there. How are you?
Meghna- Dont worry i am fine. Never mind you leave me there because your exam was important.
Naina- You are really not upset from me?
Meghna- No….Leave this matter how was your exam gone?
Naina- It was gone good. I knew all the answers. I hope it will be correct.
Meghna-Yes my genius sister. You are very intelligent!
Naina-You too
They hug each other

Sharda was very happy to see their lovely bond

How it was? I hope you like it. Next chapters will be more interesting. Please comment if you like this or not? Silent readers plz comment. I will try to improve it. Thank u for reading!!!!

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  1. #nairanlover:-)

    It was very good.As I said it is looking like a story full of mysteries and in the first episode only one mystery opened up.I am really liking it.Post asap.Loads of love.

    1. Ayonija

      Thank u very much nairanlover. There are many mysteries which will be revealed later.Once again thank u with ur great words.

  2. Ayonija

    Sorry for spelling mistakes to everyone, I wrote it in very hurry. Sorry!!

    1. #nairanlover:-)

      It’s OK.It happens with everyone.

  3. Iamarohi

    It was mind-blowing loved every bit of it specially that flashback part,,,eagerly waiting for next part,,,,,,Continue Soon:):):)

    1. Ayonija

      Thank u very much lamarohi. I will post soon.

  4. Hi..iam sorry for not commenting your previous update..but now i commented there too..i was little busy..by the way nyc episode ..the fb is so beautiful..waiting for next

    1. Ayonija

      Never mind. I am happy that you commented in this chapter. Thank you very much jis.

  5. Minerva

    Amazing episode. The twist in the tale and shocking discoveries have indeed baffled me. Meghna’s anger and dislike towards naina is justifiable but seriously not for such a long extent. The wordplay and emotional quotient of this story is truly wonderful. Naina’s adorable nature, Sharda’s helplessness and Meghna’s fury surely give this story a unique edge and touch..

    1. Ayonija

      Thank you minerva very much. Your words are great and encourage me more to write best. Thank you verh much again….

  6. Awesome chapter and great story. Flashback was mind-blowing. Eagerly waiting for the next one.

    1. Ayonija

      Thank u very much claire. I am very happy with your nice words.

  7. Seyal

    by reading ur precap l got an idea that someone is playing between naina &meghna…waiting eagerly for the next part…..

    1. Ayonija

      You are intelligent. Yes its true someone is playing between them. Becoz none can separate two sisters loving bond.

  8. ohhh interesting story…precap is also interesting CNT wait for the next updat

  9. Thank u very much Ayshakhan

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