Struggle (swasan ts) Shot 3 (PART 2) by Mars

Hloooo guys!!!!! I m back. Thank you sooo much for your superb response on last part. This is the last shot but as it will be dramatic one with no lovely swasan moments so I will be giving epilogue.Hope so u will like it.
Sorry for being late.
Let’s begin:

STRUGGLE(swasan ts)
SHOT 3(part 2)
Maheshwari house:
Sanskar entered inside after meeting Swara. A servant came running and said
Servant: shomi mam is not fine plzz come and see her.
Sanskar:okay I m coming.
Sanskar ran to shomi’s room hurriedly and saw her lying on bed all pale.He went near her.
Sanskar:ma u r fine.

She slightly nodded in semi conscious state.Sanskar checked her forehead and it was burning with fever so he called doctor.
Shomi(whispers): plzzz call swara I want to ask forgiveness. I want her plzz sanskar.
Sanskar(held her hand): don’t worry mom I will bring her.
Shomi;promise me.
Sanskar: this is your Sanskar’s promise that swara will come and live with us.
Later doctor came and prescribed her some medicine.
Due to the medicine shomi slept.

Sanskar cover comforter on her and left from there.

Sanskar dialed the number.Soon the person received the call.He is the person whom Sanskar has kept to know about swara’s whereabouts.
Person: yes sir
Sanskar: where is Swara now?
Person : she is in her flat. She just came from shoot.
Sanskar: okay

Sanskar left from there.

Swara’s flat:
Swara was in hall sitting on sofa resting her head at back.She looks tired may be because of continuous shooting.
She has kept no servants bcoz she is habitual of doing everything on her own.Then only door bell rings.
She got up and opened the door only to find sanskar.
Before she could say anything.He said
Sanskar(casually): pack your bags u r coming with me.

Swara(cross her arms on chest): and who r u to order me??
Sanskar:plzz don’t argue. U have to come.
Swara:I will not come just get lost.
Sanskar:for your mother plzz swara come.she needs you her condition is not good.plzzz
Swara doesn’t said anything.
Sanskar: I know u r upset with her that she didn’t trusted and supported u and I know it was wrong but she was scared that how u will adjust in this industry. Plzz swara.
Swara’s eyes got filled with tears remembering her mother how she has upbringed her alone after her father’s death.

Sanskar: u will regret if something will happen to her.
Swara(angry): how can u say like this. I will come only for my mother not for u.
Sanskar:it’s okay
Swara went to her room and Sanskar smiles seeing her.
Later she came with her bag and swasan left.

Maheshwari house:
Swasan entered inside and swara kept her bag in hall and ran to shomi’s room.
She came inside and saw shomi. Her tears fell down her cheeks seeing her mother in such a condition.She can’t control anymore as she has craved for her from last 4 years.she ran and hugged her.Sanskar who just came smiled with teary eyes.
Shomi feeling some weight opened her eyes.
Swara: mom how are you. Why don’t u take Care of yourself.
Shomi: I m fine. Plzz shona forgive me once for not understanding u. I don’t know when I will die.
Swara(sniff): its okay I forgive u. Plzz don’t talk all this.
Both hugged each other and was crying.

Sanskar:ohhh control otherwise flood will come.
They broke the hug.shomi chuckles and wipe swara’s tears.
Shomi: sanskar come here.
Sanskar came near them.
Shomi: Swara I want that u should give one chance to your’s and Sanskar’s relation.
Swara give blank look while sanskar was ready to jump in excitement.
Swara: but mom…

Shomi: for me swara. Sanskar is very nice boy u won’t get husband like him anywhere.
Sanskar held his head high listening his praise. Swara looked at him and he winks.
Swara: okay mom.
Shomi: and u will live in one room not like earlier sanskar has told me.
Sanskar grin gaining glare from swara.
Then swasan left making shomi sleep.

Swara came near her bag when Sanskar come from behind and said
Sanskar (teasing): ahem ahem so Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari where u r going to live???
Swara(annoyed): I m feeling to crush your face.
Sanskar: I would love to be crushed by u baby(kiss her cheek).
Swara got shocked. Sanskar ran from there shouting
Sanskar: set my clothes also.

Listening him Swara came to senses.
Swara: I will not leave this arrogent maheshwari.
She picked her luggage and went to sanskar’s room which is now her also.

Swasan room:
Sanskar came inside and saw swara using laptop.He went near her whistling.Swara got irritated but ignored.He sit on his side of bed.
Swara: u r going to sleep on couch.
Sanskar: why??
Swara: bcoz we will not sleep together.
Sanskar: but I want to sleep with you.
Swara raised her eyebrow then Sanskar realized what her words can mean.
Sanskar: no no not like that.

Swara:I don’t care.
Sanskar: see we will sleep on our side of the bed so it won’t be a problem.
Swara don’t want to argue so silently Lie on her side and sanskar also slept on other side.

Next morning:
Swasan room:
Swara is standing in front of mirror trying to close the back zip of her top.
Sanskar came out only with towel around his waist. He saw her struggling so went near her.
He back hugged her and whisper in her ear

Sanskar(said huskily): let me do it.
Swara get straightened listening his words and current passed through their bodies when swara’s bare back get crushed with his bare chest. Both got lost in each other. Sanskar’s hand travel on her back and he caress it. Swara closed her eyes feeling him. He smiles seeing his effect on her. Now he was sure that she also feel something for him.Sanskar closed the zip.
Sanskar (whispers): its done.
Swara came back to senses.She jerked him and look here and there. He smirks at her.
Swara(angry); what were u doing?
Sanskar: I was just helping my wife (innocently).
Swara: don’t act smart Sanskar and what is this your new drama of faking your love to me.
Sanskar got angrily that how can she claim her love fake.

Sanskar(held her shoulder): I love u damm it and it’s not fake so don’t dare to say it.
Swara; ohhh really now u started loving this characterless girl whom u hate to the core.
Sanskar(cups her face): I m really sorry Swara I m regreting at what all I said.
When u was not there then I realized your importance and my love for you.
Swara’s eyes also got filled with tears but she recovered.
Swara:leave me sanskar I m getting late.
Sanskar moved back and she hurriedly left.
Sanskar(mumble): I will soon make you mine swara.

After 6 months
It has been six months since swara is living with sanskar and shomi. Shomi has recovered a lot seeing her daughter happy. Swara was doing new movie of big banner.Sanskar never leave single chance to tease her but he cares a lot for her.Slowly swara is also falling for sanskar and enjoys being near him but she don’t want to accept that she love sanskar.

Swara is moving her head here and there in her sleep as if seeing bad dream. She screamed
Swara: noooo plzzzz
Sanskar who was lying beside her got up and saw her crying
Sanskar (jerk her): swara swara get up.
Swara hearing her voice got up and
Swara(mumble): sa..nskar he said he will des..troy me.

Sanskar engulf her.
Sanskar: shhh swara who said u saw bad dream?
Sanskar got shocked listening his name. It means he is still threatening swara.
Sanskar: I will not leave u sahil sengupta.(thinks)
Swara was bitterly crying soaking his shirt.
Sanskar :Swara calm down.
She is not ready to listen to him and is continuously mumbling something.
Sanskar can’t see her like this so he gently placed his rough lips on her soft one and started kissing her slowly. Swara felt his touch soothing. She moved her hands in his hairs and responed him. They kissed each other passionately till they get breathless.
Swara has almost closed her eyes and sanskar made her lie on pillow and hugged her.
Swara(mumble in sleep): I love u sanskar.
Sanskar who listened her confession was feeling the happiest person on the earth firstly he shared passionate kiss with his love and now her confession.
He kissed her forehead and slept happily.

Next morning:
Swara opened her eyes and found herself in sanskar’s embrace. She remembered last night their kiss. She touched her lips and smile.
Sanskar: someone seems to be very happy.
Swara immediately moved apart.
Sanskar: u remembered what happened last night.
Swara: noo(instantly)
Sanskar: asha ji

Swara: hmm
Saying this she ran to washroom. Sanskar laughed seeing her running.
Sanskar: I never knew she is such a kiddo. I m happy swara that u love me but I know u r very stubborn to confess it but don’t worry this sanskar maheshwari will make u confess very soon.
He thought something and went to shomi and told her everything except kiss.
They made plan to make Swara realize her love.

After two days
Sanskar saw swara coming to hall and shows thumbs up to shomi.
Shomi: swara I need to talk with u.
Swara: yes mom
Shomi: sanskar asked me that u should give him divorce.
Swara(shocked ): why?

Shomi: bcoz he wants to live normal life with his wife but u don’t love him so he is my son so I thought of his second marriage and u should concentrate on your career as it’s beginning.
Swara: how can u do this mom
Sanskar: what’s wrong in it. I m ready mom to remarry.At least I will get loving wife.
Swara got angry and felt like crying but she didn’t have any reason to protest them.
Shomi: so tomorrow girl’s family is coming to see u sanskar.
Swara angrily left from there don’t want to listen more.
After her departure, Sanskar and shomi give hifi.

To be continued….

Precap: Epilogue– swasan mutual confession and romance. Sahil exposed in media.

Sorry for not completing it but will try to post epilogue soon.
Plzzz leave your comments and silent readers hopefully u will also break your silence.
Thank you
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    awesome marsuuuuu….
    loved the way sanku is taking care of shona……
    will be waiting for the epilogue….
    but the way they are making swara confess it will hurt her more…
    hope sanskaar heals her…

    post soon dear…

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    Sisoooooooooo it was really fantastic. Loveeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuu yaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr😘😘😘😘😘😘 Everyday you give me shocks by your writing skills😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Best wishes for your life siso. May God bless you😊😊☺️☺️☺️☺️

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    πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ I’m loving this Sanky the way he is teasing shona😍😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😘 I know he will get his love soon. And kissπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ episode go in super fast train. But loved it a lot… I can’t wait for epilogue… I know u r going to rock in it…😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  4. Milestone

    Again sanskar n shomi are hurting swara by doing this…..both of them always think about their happiness not about swara n her happiness……..

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