Struggle (swasan ts) Shot 3 (PART 1) by Mars

Hiii! guys.Thanks for your amazing response. So sorry for being late.Actually I had to really think how to proceed the story further that’s why it got delayed.Hope so u will like it.
Let’s begin:

STRUGGLE (swasan ts)
Maheshwari house:
Shomi and sanskar were doing breakfast but Swara didn’t came.Sanskar asked servant to call her.But servant came and inform that swara is not in the room.
Sanskar and shomi got tensed and went to the room and find it empty.
Sanskar saw one chit on table and he opened it and find that it was written
“I m going away from u all. Never try to contact me bcoz u will not be able to find me…… Your useless swara”.
Sanskar got astonished reading it and told shomi shocking her.
Sanskar immediately asked his sources to find Swara while now shomi was crying.
Shomi: where she must have gone??
Sanskar: don’t worry ma we will find her.
Shomi:sanskar if she did something wrong.
Sanskar:no ma don’t think like this everything will be fine.
Sanskar tried to find Swara a lot but all in vain. she has left no clue where she must be.

Maheshwari house:
There is dead silence in the house. Shomi Lives with Sanskar only as she is not in the condition to live alone after swara’s departure.
Sanskar took breakfast for shomi in her room as she hardly comes out of her room and talks with only Sanskar.
After making shomi eat her breakfast, he came to his room.

Sanskar’s room:
Sanskar entered and closed the door. He went to the big photo frame near bed.He stood in front and started talking to it.
Sanskar: one another day without u swara.I m really tired of searching you but still I won’t back off.U r very smart, not given any chance to us to think where u could be.When u were close to me I give u damm importance but now I m talking everyday with this lifeless photo. I know if I will say u that I love u then u will laugh at my joke but this is the reality of my life. I was always attracted towards u but used to suppress my feelings as I knew u will never accept me as your first preferrance was your career but I am at fault bcoz I never understood u.I was always busy in accussing you and my stupid believes that acting Career is not good.Now I m regretting that if I would have supported u then u would be with me today.
Even ma is blaming herself for your condition.Plzz come once and look at your mother’s condition. And I want to confess my love to u once bcoz I can’t hide it anymore.I don’t know what will be your reply but still.
Then he took his belongings and left to office.

Sanskar came home back from office and onn the tv.The first news he saw was astonishing. It says
“The mystery of the lead heroin in next movie of “karma production”is really and the girl who got this wonderful offer is swara”.They had shown swara’s pic with the movie cast.
Sanskar jumped from sofa as finally after four years he saw his Swara. He instantly called shomi and Even she was very happy to know about swara.
They were confident that now they will get swara back.Sanskar told his sources that to find swara as they get to know that she is in Mumbai.

Little later the door bell of the maheshwari house rings. Sanskar and shomi are sitting in hall.Servant went and opened the door.Here comes Swara wearing suit of full sleeves looking beautiful with her open hairs and minimal makeup.
She came near sofa.Sanskar and shomi got confused seeing her suddenly. Shomi went to her and hugged her tightly but she was stern and didn’t hugged back.Sanskar’s eyes got filled with tears after seeing his love after long time.
Shomi broke the hug and caress her face and said
Shomi: where were u shona.U know how much worried we were.
Swara(moved back and sternly): I m fine.
Sanskar: where were u all this time Swara.
Swara: that’s none of your business Mr.maheshwari.
Sanskar got shocked listening her tone.
Swara: and don’t worry I had not came to disturb u people.I just came to give you both what u always wanted from me.
Swara handed shomi one file and said
Swara: u always what this only. See finally I give u today.
Shomi opened the file and saw that it was medical degree of swara.
Swara:I had done my degree by self studying and to proof that I can get it Also.
Then she moved towards sanskar with papers and give him
Swara: this is for u mr maheshwari for which u were always shouting on me.
Sanskar vision got burred reading the papers.
Shomi: what papers are these sanskar?
Sanskar was numb to answer.
Swara: I will tell. These are divorce papers of mine and Sanskar. I had already signed them so kindly u also sign and deposit in the court.
Shomi(shocked): Swara how can u break this relation?
Swara: don’t worry he must be very happy(point to sanskar).So I should go now.U both got what u always expected from me.Now I will never come back.
Shomi; but swara…
Swara: plZz and i busy with my work. And must be thinking that how media didn’t get to know about me.Then let me tell you.I got this movie last year but I put condition that my identity should not be revealed before releasing. As it is releasing soon now every one get to know its me.So bye and live your life happily as I Will not be there to trouble u.
Swara let from there leaving behind shattered shomi and Sanskar.
Sanskar composed himself and supported shomi.

Next day:
Sanskar came to know that Swara is in film city shooting for her upcoming movie.So he went to meet her.
No one stopped him as everyone knows his relation with Swara. He went to Swara’s vanity as he get to know she is there only.He knock at the vanity door. Soon Swara opened the door and saw Sanskar standing there and said
Swara: what are u doing here?
Sanskar: I need to talk to you.
Swara: there is nothing left to talk.
Sanskar held her hand and went inside and closed the door.
Swara:what are you doing Sanskar (annoyed)
Sanskar: I Just came to say that come back to your house.
Swara: I m living in my house only.
Sanskar: I m talking about our house.
Swara: it was never mine.
Sanskar: Swara plzz for your mom at least. Imagine her condition she needs you.
Swara: she don’t need me when she have such an obedient son then why she needs stubborn so called daughter.
Sanskar: swara why are u behaving like this can’t u forget all this.
Swara got angry listening to him that how easily he said it so she burst out
Swara: just shut up Sanskar. How cab u say to forget it.I only know how I had spend last four years.I used to live in small room.Whole day I used to struggle for work and at night used to study and practice for acting.U know I was in mumbai only but u were not able to find me bcoz I was living in such a backward area which u can never imagine also.How much I had struggled Sanskar u can’t even think of doing it and now u r saying u should forget it. U people must be happy after getting rid of me and must be thinking that I should have died somewhere…
Her words left incomplete when Sanskar pulled her and kisses hardly her lips.He gently kissed by closing his eyes.Swara got shocked and jerked him.
Sanskar looked at her and said
Sanskar: don’t u dare to talk about death.And u have to come with me as my wife.
Swara knew he won’t agree easily so said
Swara: I m not pure for you bcoz I had already slept with someone.
Swara was expecting some angry reaction but Sanskar started laughing
Swara(irritated): why the hell are u laughing.
Sanskar: bcoz u said Good joke I know u has not done anything like this.
Swara: I had done and u have to believe.
Sanskar: I know swara u can do anything but will never stake your self respect (he went closer and said) and u belong to me and I will be the first person to touch u.
Saying this he went to door and a shiver went through swara’s body listening his words.
Sanskar: I will be waiting.
He left from there leaving behind shocked swara.
To be continued….

Precap: let’s see whether swasan will become one or not.

I seriously don’t know what I had written and i had completed this part with great difficulty as my head is paining like hell. Sooo sorry for small and boring part.
I will give proper ending in one or two parts.plzz support.
Sorry for mistakes as no proof reading.
Kindly leave your comments plz don’t be silent.
Thank you
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