Struggle (swasan ts) Epilogue by Mars

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STRUGGLE(swasan ts)
Maheshwari house:
Swasan room:
Swara entered inside the room after knowing that some girl is coming to see sanskar and he will marry her. It is hurting her. Tears are already formed in her eyes. She was talking to herself. Sanskar who came after her to see her reaction listened her talks and felt guilty.
Swara:how can he do like this. He faked his love for me and after making me fall for himself he wants to leave me.
(Sniffs) let it be even I didn’t want him and let him do whatever he wants.
Swara’s tears betrayed her words. Sanskar got shocked seeing her non stop tears. He never thought his mere prank will hurt her to this extend.
He entered inside.Feeling someone’s presence Swara quickly wipes her tears.
Sanskar turn her towards himself and said
Sanskar:u r crying???
Swara(roll her eyes ): no why will I cry?
Sanskar lean towards her and whispers in her ear.
Sanskar (huskily): I love u swara.
Swara’s heart flutter listening him but then she remembered about marriage. She pushed him
Swara(angrily): don’t do this drama Mr Sanskar Maheshwari again. I m not going to trap in it.
Sanskar: its not any drama swara i truely love you.
Swara: ohh really then what about the girl who is coming to see u tomorrow.
Sanskar: no one is coming we were just joking.
Swara (stare him): why u hurted me then?

Sanskar: so it hurts u….but why??
Swara: I don’t know.
Sanskar: seriously Swara u are damm stubborn I did all this so that u will confess your love but no…
Swara(sniffs): I love you.
Sanskar didn’t reacted as he was shocked that finally she said those magical words.Swara got annoyed seeing him standing silent.
Swara(slightly hit his chest): idiot now I confessed also then why are u not saying anything.
Sanskar took swara into bone crushing hug
Sanskar (whispers): I love u soo much.
Swara smiles and tightened the hug.
After breaking the hug, they shared an intense eye lock. Sanskar looked at her perfectly shaped lips and then in her eyes for permission and she closed her eyes. Sanskar was about to place his lips on her but shomi entered inside
Shomi: Sanskar
Swasan apart away and shomi realized their position and give sorry look.
Sanskar(pout):what a wrong time mom
Shomi: I m sorry but u should do this after closing door.
Swara giggles. Sanskar pulls her holding her hand and said
Sanskar:don’t laugh too much I will take my kiss with full interest.
Swara’s cheeks turn pink.
Shomi:swara I m sorry it was all Sanskar’s plan.
Sanskar (shock): no no it was our mutual plan.
Sanskar give pleading look to shomi.
Shomi(diverting the topic):okay everything is fine now I m happy.
Shomi left from there. Sanskar went to close the room. When he turned he saw swara going to washroom.He pulled her towards him and said
Sanskar;where are u running??

(Kindly ignore this part if u don’t want romance)
Swara shook her head in no and moves back. She hit with the edge of the bed and fall on it. Sanskar smirks and came on her top pressing her petite figure beneath his strong one.Swara was looking down not able to meet his intense gaze.Sanskar bite her earlobe and said
Sanskar(huskily): look in my eyes swara
A shiver went through her body listening his tone. She looked in his eyes only to find love, passion and desire but only for her. Sanskar place his lips on her glossy lips suddenly. He gently kiss her then he bite her lips making her mourn in his mouth. Taking it as opportunity he entered his warm tongue in her mouth.
They kissed each other passionately but then it become difficult for them to breathe so broke the kiss.Swara was panting heavily. Sanskar joined his forehead with her.
Swara opened her eyes feeling his hot breathe on her cheeks. Sanskar nuzzles his face and kissed and bite her neck and she mourns his name making him crazy for her.Sanskar kissed her visible cleavage and unhook her thin shirt. Swara was not knowing how to react as she was feeling heavenly. The night was never ending. They never thought they will fall for each other after their fights in past.
After loving each other passionately they slept peacefully in each other embrace.
The dark night witnessed the union of two souls.

Next morning:
Swara opened her eyes feeling slight pain in her body. She looked at Sanskar who was sleeping with a smile playing on his lips. She blushes reminiscencing their union.She keep on staring him for long time when she heard Sanskar.
Sanskar (closed eyes): staring is rude Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari.
Swara got astonished that how he get to know but she lean on his bare chest and said
Swara:what to do Mr Sanskar Maheshwari when my husband is looking damm cute my eyes can’t stop staring.
Sanskar smiles and roll and took her beneath him
Sanskar:asha ji
Then only Sanskar’ s mobile rings disturbing their beautiful moment.
Sanskar saw the caller I’d and he received it
Sanskar(seriously): yes??
Op:work is done sir.
Sanskar:good I will be there in sometime.
Swara looked at her changing expressions so asked
Swara:what happened any problem??
Sanskar(kiss her cheek) no don’t worry its just office work.
Swara(smiles): okay.
Sanskar: I have to go to office now as it is urgent and u just sleep I know u are very tired.
Swara: okay.
Sanskar got ready and left to his office and swara again got drifted to deep sleep.

Maheshwari office:
Sanskar entered inside his cabin with full attitude and saw his pa and one another man already waiting.
Sanskar;show me the vedio.
His pa played the vedio in which sahil was asking one girl to sleep with him to get the movie.
Sanskar smirks seeing it.
Sanskar: give it to media and all the information about his disgusting works.
PA: okay sir.
Sanskar (thinks): how dare u sahil sengupta to trouble my wife with your dirty tricks. Now get ready to be humiliated in the whole industry.

Maheshwari house:
Swasan and shomi are sitting in the hall and watching TV. Sanskar turn to news channel and the news was telecasted which shocked swara and sanskar smirk as he was knowing about. It shows all the black works of sahil how he blackmail girls and many others. All had abandoned to work with him and even some girls took stand and filed FIR against him.
It reminds swara of that night when sahil give her offer. Tears brimmed in her beautiful eyes.Sanskar who was seeing her reaction squeezed her hand assuring that everything is fine now.
Swara smiled with teary eyes.

After one year:
A big hall is seen and the person announced ” the best actress award goes to Swara Maheshwari”. Swara jumped in happiness and hugged sanskar who was sitting beside her.
Sanskar (tighten the hug and whispers): congratulations.
Swara:thank you.
Swara went and received the award. Shomi and sanskar who were sitting there clapped with teary eyes.
Swara went to give thank you speech.
Swara got tears in her eyes remembering how much she has struggle alone to reach at this place. No one was beside her neither her mother nor her husband it was only her determination bcoz of which she is standing here.
She wants to say many things but was only able to say
Swara:thank you all my fans and the person whom I want to give credit for standing here is MYSELF. whatever I had achieved it was the result of my struggle. Thank you all.
She went down.
Shomi and sanskar felt guilty for not supporting her when she needed them the most. But they are happy that she got what she really deserves.

Swasan room:
Sanskar is standing near window staring at dark sky aimlessly. He felt swara’s hands on his chest as she back hugged him. Sanskar sniffs and swara get to know he was crying.
Swara stood in front of him wipes his tears and said
Swara(tensed): what happened Sanskar?
Sanskar look in her eyes and said slowly
Sanskar:I m sorry swara for not supporting u and I was never able to understand u. Swara u was and is my wife but i used to badmouth you.
Swara:its ok Sanskar.
Sanskar: u still accepted me but I don’t deserve you.
Swara:listen Sanskar
Sanskar: no no swara u deserve someone better then me…
Swara got annoyed as he was not ready to listen her. So to shut his mouth she smashed her lips with him and kissed him with dominance not giving single chance to sanskar to respond.
She broke the kiss and said
Swara(sternly): listen to me now.
Sanskar nodded like a lost puppy as still he was shocked at her action.
Swara: it was past and just forget it. U r now the best husband and (smirks):but okay if u think u don’t deserve me then I will find someone else.
Sanskar pulled her holding her waist and said
Sanskar: don’t u even dare to think all this. U r all mine.
Sanskar( hug and whispers): I love u.
Swara: I know.

After few months:
Swara observed that how much desperate Sanskar is to be father but he never said to swara bcoz of her career.
But now swara thought to enjoy some family time so decided to talk to sanskar.

Swasan room:
Swara came and sit beside sanskar on couch who was busy on laptop.Her hands are on her lap and she is fidgeting her figures not knowing how to initiate.
Sanskar saw her and said
Sanskar :Swara u want to say something??
Swara: yes actually I want to say that..
Swara: I want to become mother.
Sanskar (looked at her):what?
Swara nodded.
Sanskar:why suddenly u r talking about this?
Swara:u also want our baby but u will never say me(pout).
Sanskar:are u sure.
Swara: 100%
Sanskar: okay I m always ready baby. (kiss her cheeks).
Swara blushes.

After one year swasan was blessed with a baby boy and then they lived happily forever.Swara continued her career and sanskar and shomi always supported her not want to do the previous mistake.

“If someone is determined to do something then they don’t need anyone’s support, their willpower is enough to make them successful”

The End.

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