STRUCK BY LOVE CHAPTER 6 (last chapter)

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Chapter 6

Arjun rushed and held her before she could fall. He then made her sit on the sofa. Arjun’s words kept on ringing near her ears. After a while she digested the words and gave a big smile to him with happy tears. She then hugged him tightly. Arjun smiled at her happiness. She whispered in his ears “arjun now it’s time to full fill your dream. Arjun nodded his head. She then ran to pooja room and thanked God. She then called her mother to announce the good news. Her mother beamed with happiness.

Arjun decided to have lunch outside in a restaurant. Radhika nodded her head. Then they both got ready and went. The full day they enjoyed in each other company.

Radhika joined in Theresa hospital after two days. Arjun didn’t leave his part time job till radhika get her first salary.

After 1 month

Today radhika was happy. She got her first salary. She reached her home and change her clothes. Arjun said he would be late so radhika prepared dinner which was full of arjun’s favourite. She then sat on the couch and started to watch TV. As she was switching the channels,something
Got her attention. It was advertisement of sa re ga ma pa singing competition’s ad. An idea struck her mind. She then browser to get more information about this competition. When she got enough Information she switched off the laptop. At the same time she heard doorbell. She went and opened the door. There stood arjun all tired with shirt half tucked out and hair all messy. Radhika laughed at his condition.

Arjun faked anger and pushed her and went inside. Radhika seeing his anger stopped laughing. She then closed the door and went behind him. She said sorry but arjun thought to tease her more. He acted as if he didn’t hear her. He went near the cupboard and started to take his clothe. She again asked sorry and said ” I will do whatever you say.. promise .now please forgive me.” Arjun quickly turned to her with a naughty smile.

He then started to move forward and radhika started to take backward steps. Seeing this arjun said ” u only said u will do anything for me, before that itself u r backing off not fair. I can’t forgive” saying this he took his clothes and moved towards bathroom. Radhika quickly went and held his arms and turned him around she then asked what you want.

Arjun: a kiss

Radhika gulped and looked down.

Arjun: OK fine I am going …and turned

Radhika: no …fine I will and she stood on his toes to match the height. He looped around her waist. She moved her lips near his lips . Arjun closed his eyes as he couldn’t control himself with her near him. Suddenly he felt warmness on his cheeks. Radhika ran near the door and googled.

Arjun : not fair?

Radhika: u said a kiss but did say where should I give you? come fast dinner is waiting

Arjun : ?

After taking bath arjun came down. Radhika has already set the table. The smell of the food filled the room. It was awesome .

Arjun : hmm… the smell is nice… anything special.

Radhika nodded her head but didn’t say anything. She started to severe and both ate . After the dinner both cleaned the kitchen.

Arjun then sat on the sofa and switched on the TV. Radhika sat next him and kept her head on his shoulder.

Radhika: today I got my first salary

Arjun quickly turned to her and shouted” really”

Radhika nodded her. He then hugged her tight and gave a kiss full of passion. He then lifted her and brought her to bedroom. They both then slept hugging each other.

Two days after

Radhika was pacing in her room. The living hall is fully decorated. It’s arjun’s birthday. The whole day she acted as if she forgot about it. Its 6 pm and he would be there in any moment. She switched off the light. Arjun came and knocked the door but radhika didn’t open it. He sighed and touched the nob and saw the door was open. He quietly opened the door. It creaked a little. He found the whole house immersed in dark and silence. He panicked a little. He called out for radhika. The next moment the light came and radhika was there in beautiful red saree with a c.ake in her hand and shouted surprise. Arjun smiled and he knew she was up to something as she never forget His bday . S

She then placed the cake on the table and made him cut the cake. They both then fed each other. She then asked him to change. She bought him a while shirt with dark blue jeans. They then had dinner.

Radhika: now it’s time for birthday baby….and pulled his cheeks

Arjun: radhika I am not baby

Radhika giggled at him and produced an envelope to him. He looked at with a questioning face.

Radhika: open it

Arjun took the envelope and opened it. It had a letter. He started to read. It really shocked him to the core. The letter was from sa re ga ma. They called him for audition. He looked radhika who was smiling seeing his shocked face. Soon he realized everything.he was so happy for getting radhika in his life. He hugged her tightly with full of love. They then broke the hug after a long time.

Radhika: now second gift…

She then tiptoed and kissed him on his lips. Arjun was shocked then he too started to respond. They kissed until they both faced shortage of air.

Next day ardhika left for audition. The judges were arjith Singh, shreya goshal, atif aslam( all three my favourite) arjun got selected. It was the happiest moment in ardhikas life.

Mala too was happy for them. When dilip heard this he too was happy but didn’t show it. It was very difficult for him to control his emotions.

Three months after

It was finale. Arjun was a tough competitor and everyone became his fan. He got more votes and was loved by everyone. He was good singer and always impressed judges with his choice of song. The winner of this show will be awarded with 1crore flat. , 20 lakhs cash prize and opportunity to sing in sanjay bhansalis next film.

Ardhika went to her house. Mala welcomed them warmly. When dilip saw his daughter he got emotional and tears were formed in his eyes but controlled himself. Ardhika took blessings from mala. When they bowed down dilip feet he didn’t retrieve back nor blessed them keeping his hands on their head. But blessed them inside his heart. He even went to temple secretively to pray for arjun’s win. He too voted for him several times and requested his friends too to vote for arjun.

Radhika : papa aaj….but arjun stopped her

Arjun : papa. Today is my finale and I want you to be there to bless me when I sing and I am sure i will win if you are there. And if you come no one can stop me from winning. I have believe that you will also come with rala.


Host : the next performance is by arjun whom every one is waiting for. So give a round applause for arjun mehra.

Arjun came to stage and his eyes started to search for radhika,mala and dilip. There he could find all three seated in second row with radhika between mala and dilip. He smiled at them and started to sing Saiyan song sung by kailash kher. He sang with lots of feeling and everyone there just silently heard him sing. When he finished everyone gave him standing ovation. Even the judges too was standing. The guest kailash kher came near him and hugged him. Arjun was in cloud nine.

Now it was the time to announce the winner. Radhika,mala, and dilip were praying to God .

Kailash kher :, the winner of sa re ga ma season is … the talented …and my favourite arjun mehra. Radhika, mala and dilip who was closing their eyes and praying opened their eyes. They smiled and happy tears were brimming in their eyes. Arjun too had tears in his eyes.

Host : please tell some few words.

Arjun : I… I am really happy. I thank God , and its all possible only because of my precious wife who supported me in this journey. I love you so much radhika. Thanks for coming in my life. I thank my dad dilip and sweet mom mala. I also want to thank all my fans and viewers for their support and vote. Today. I am the happiest guy in the world.

Ardhika came to mishras house since dilip called them. They four sat for dinner.

Dilip : radhika will not come with you ……

Other three stared at him shockingly

Dilip : arre…the bride should not stay with groom before marriage and I want you both to marry again with our presence and blessings. After all I have only one daughter and I always wished and made plan for her marriage before itself. I want do kanyadhan a new I will be the of proudest father at that time.

Arjun : of course papa….

After three days

Dilip : mala is she ready bring her down…panditji is’s time for pheres.

Mala : she is ready …I will bring her down.

Soon we can hear anklets sound. Arjun who was in red and cream combo sherwani turned and saw a beautiful angel descending down the stairs. Yes it’s his radhika only his. She was in red and cream color combo lehanga. As she reached down mala made her sit near arjun. She met his eyes and blushed. Arjun too was starting at her. Here panditji was asking them to give their hands but they didn’t hear it and was staring at each other.

Dilip : ( shook arjun and he came back to real world) sil you have lots of time to stare my daughter but now concentrate in marriage

Arjun 😕

They then took seven rounds in front of fire . He then made her wear mangalsutra and sindhoor. Now they became husband and wife with parents blessings.

After bidaai ardhika reached their new house which arjun won.

Arjun then kissed her fore head , the eyes,then cheeks,the nose and then lips. He then carried her to bed. They then consummated their marriage.

After 1 year

Radhika is crying in pain. She is carried in stretcher. Arjun was holding her hand and was soothing her. He was panicked. She had a big bump.

Radhika: arjun…it’s …it’s paining….I …I.. ca.cant ….

Arjun : baby u can do it …u can do it …at least for us….

Then she was taken to labour room. Mala and dilip arrived soon after. They were little worried but didn’t show out. Arjun was continuously pacing outside the room. He then suddenly heard radhika screaming which was accompanied by a baby crying. He suddenly stopped his track. He saw his parents who was smiling widely. After that nurse brought the child and. Gave it to arjun. He stared at the baby,yes his child with love . He took her carefully who was sleeping is a girl announced nurse. A tear rolled down from his eyes. He then placed a loving kiss on her forehead and whispered my riya…riya mehra. He then saw his wife who too was sleeping peacefully. He kissed her forehead.

He thanked God for making his life beautiful. He feels complete now.


So guys I finished it…do tell me how it is because I fell something was missing…please do reply…..time for me to go…will see you in comment section….love you all and take care….

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