I am strong (episode 2)

After a longtime I am posting it and i was busy with my studies as my xams were neared and thankfully i just finished it and i stop my bakbak so back to the episode……

Anika curses her fate that it is so bad and curses her heart that why her heart is so weak that she every time loses her favorite e lost ones and this time she lost her love…her life….her heart and that is Shivaay…….Why her life is so cruel with her why???????????She cried for long time and composed herself and started getting back to concentrate on her work…As she worked for nearly till night and decided to go back to her house but destiny had planned something for her…………….as Anika met with an accident with someone’s car and that car was of Shivaay……..He was in dilemma and in shock as he didn’t knew anything and what to do ????/

What have i done!!!!!! i have met with an accident and that though with Anika’s car. Right now i’ll take her to some hospital in emergency case and then i will taker her to OM. He took her to the Gandhi Hospital Gurgaon at the causality and emergency ward. He was shouting and screaming at top of his voice for calling doctor and saying “nothing should happen to her and if anything happens to her then your license is cancelled”. By the threatening words doctors saved Anika and being Shivaay he made her to get discharged by 2 hours and took her to OM.

In OM-
As everyone was sleeping in OM and it was late night and none was knowing the fact that Anika is been to the OM. Shivaay laid her in the bed and slept himself in the couch. The sun rays hit Annika’s face and she woke up and she was shocked to be back in OM and she was trying to recollect what had happened to her and how come she is in this room .

Precap- Pinky-how did u come over here tell me?
Shivaay- I brought her over here and i hope that everyone will respect Anika and my decision too.
Screen froze on Pinky’s shocked face

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  1. Sairan

    Greatttt episode
    BT sooooo short ?

  2. Nice episode

  3. Arwa78659

    So sad for anika but yes he is there for her……..
    Keep posting

  4. Aashi9

    update soon

  5. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

  7. Lauren

    Amazinggggg dr but it was too short n yeah post nxt soon n plz make a longer one …

  8. can you give the link of 1st part

  9. fantastic but toooooo short

  10. Sagithya

    Amazing yaar… Post the next part as a long one..

  11. Awesome epi dr,… Bt it tooo small post a lng one dr….

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    Amazing update…

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