Street Dancer (Promo)


Hey guys Samadi r once again back???…..thanku for loving our humdard ss that much…even we r missing humdard???…..but in place of that we r back with out second work…”street dancer”….

A girl is running in street like some one is following her ……….. after some time she entered in a street n was about to take rest but that man came in front of her
Man : wht were u thinking han u will escape 4rom me …. I will not leave u today
Girl pushed him n started running again …….. she went so far 4rom him ….. her feet were bleeding n there is a mark on on her right leg
While running she turned back to saw him at that time she collied with a boy…….. who wore a hat on his head …… his get up is same like michael jackson may be he is a fan of him ……. he gave her an angry look
Boy : cant u see??
Girl was starring him like he is her everything …
Boy : stop looking at me like this……… (he thinks ) come on she can be ur partner lets do some thing jackson
Girl : sss..rr..yy
Boy : wht is this ???
Girl became scared n turned back to leave but boy pulled her again n start dancing with her …….. she was shock by his sudden act ……. he touched her nose with his finger
Kuch khass hai kuch pass hai
Kuch ajnabi ehsas hai
He was puling her , lifting her , playing with her like toy
Girl (monologue) : omg he is a master of dance
He he bends her down n again pulled her up
Kia iqrar hai
Kia inqar hai
Shayad yeh pyaar hai
Han hai shayad
both lost in dance
If u wanna know more then wait for street dancers starting 4rom 18 august…..

Credit to: Samadi

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  1. Anniya


  2. Promo is amazing.. seems really interesting.. eagerly waiting..

  3. Siddhi

    Very nice yaar loved it

  4. lovely…plz update

  5. Interesting..!! Yaah..!!IMe too Missing humdard

  6. Divyanshri

    ??? so late….. we have to wait
    but interesting concept

  7. plz tell me that the girl is ragini love her

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