Street Dancer (Promo 2)

Scene 1
A girl n a boy were dancing on road n all the people started enjoying their dance ……. all r clapping n they both were lost in their dance
during dance they never leave hands of each other……
While boy were continuously hitting the beat of song on her body
boy hold both girl hands n moving closer to her n swara was moving back
can you, can you hear me say
when I’m moving closer
you keep going away
he pulled her n gave her a tight hug
’cause you’re my guilty pleasure
and you caught me so tight
then he made her turn to other side n gave her a back hug
I wanna love you always

let’s smile into the night
girl made an angry face ……. boy left her n was about to go girl caught his hand
don’t let go
don’t run away love
I still got feelings you are my passion
don’t let go
don’t run away love
you are the one for me
they finished their dance n everyone clapped for them ……. in last they thanx all n boy took his hat in his hands n collect money 4rom all in his hat

Scene 2
A boy n a girl were lye on grass in a garden ……… one hand of boy was on girls back (same like in cover 😉 😉 )
Girl was looking at boy without blinking n boy was talking
Boy : can u see the star???
Girl nodes yes
Boy : which is more shining
girl took boys hand in her hand n point towards the star…….. a smile appeared on boys face 🙂 🙂 🙂
If u wanna read more then wait for 18 august 😛 😛 😛
Keep Reading street dancers 🙂 🙂


Credit to: Anu

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