Strangers (Review)


Hello dolls loveydoveys hope u ppl r doing fyn here is d review of our journey of strangers story if anythng is missesd pls do comment and share ur views lv u all tc dolls
A tale about Divya and her friends how budding love enters her life and transforms it.It is all about friendship,love and relation.Welcome to the world of Divya :>
Me and my friends arohi , shradha nad nikita came to have lunch at Inorbit and all of a sudden a charming guy lost in admiration me asks for a coffee and leaves me pink .. Blushing
The next few days went on as casually.I joined an institute for my final year project and to my suprise find my crush there! But you know guys and their atti. fails to recognize me! (or rather acts so :P).But awesomeness can kill any one So the next day i was dressed to kill and he could never concentrate in the class and similar was the situation of most of the guys
And then I get to see a new contact on my phone .Thanks to my crazy friends and we went on chatting and he makes me blush more and more pouring me with compliments directly or indirectly
Next day I go to the institute and find a lovely note which leaves me hard to concentrate in the class . Then we finally have an official meet and his presence made me nervous the lonleness added more to it, thanks to my crazy pals arohi and Shradha
In the anxitety and happiness I forgot my phone and ran back to collect it. Just when I was about to pick up the phone I felt an jlot in my stomach .It was him again with my phone.
That day dint get a message from him as promised.So was in a bad mood. He noticed and when asked for i agreed and the next moment realized what have i done! had 100ds of thaughs in my head and was mad at myself
But then it was friday and we did could not meet till monday. Was waiting for a message from him but at the same time dint want to message him first.Finally it was monday but i did not find him in the class The next 2 days could he never came to class. I was concerned and decided to ask his friends.
Then he finally came. my face was beamning wth happiness He looked the same way too . He asked his friends to leave us alone.And we were all alone in the conference room.I was waiting for him to talk. He held me so close that i could feel his breath and he hugged me. I was in shock but felt safe in the warmth of the hug.I hugged him back, felt that the time froze! but then realized and ran away from there.
Then he called me dozens of times it was hard for me to ignored his .Just when i was in delema received a call from Arohi my bestie it made me calm down so answered the next call and for the shock of my life tby the end of the call he proposed me! All i could say in that shock was yes i do like you and he was on cloud nine and kissed me over phone!
Next was an awkward meet but hten he introduced me to his friends rahul, kiran and sauji and so did i to shradha and nikita and finally my awkwardness was gone and this was our new gang
Few weeks passed and all my days went with “Good morning sunshine ” ” Good evening Barbie doll” messages my days changed a lot they seem more happy , loving and caring. I found some one whom i can trust who can take care of me .I am glad we met. Lets see where we are going to end up . Just hope and pray ours is a happy ending
And here comes our first outing as a gang . Everyone was excited,With stares , gossips and a possessiveness the outing comes to an end.And I get to see another side of Ro.
Next day at institute i get to hear about the hidden side of Ro thanks to Kiran.A day full of confusion and negativity
Then comes one of our sweetest phone conversation.And it leaves me blushing to death as usual <>
With a couple of fights and loads and loads of smiles our project came to an end with laughter and tears of happiness
And our hours of conversation added to it. We went on and on non stop all night And then suddenly my room door opens
The day ended in the most drowsy way.. And thanks to all the entertainment in the class.Its just been 2 months since we met and My days were filled with happiness.
And then comes my besties birthday Arohi .But then damn these insecurities Ro goes all concerned.
We loaded Arohi with all of her favorites . she had tears of happiness . Oh my darling we played Truth & Dare and i hear shocking stuff from my friends.
But then as i said being osum is a solution to almost everything.
Ro tells me something which takes me to chills of terror!! and left me all shattered.
The next day had clarifications to be made. Keeping that aside I blush more and more as i speak to Ro and then I see him right there in my room!!!! OMG!And then something lovely happens !
Next day was Sunday and my loving family always treats me like princess and loads me with surprises . This was one of them
Monday was the last day of our project we were all sad but kiran got back smiles to our faces
We were on our first date all excited and nervous.But he in turn was super caring and he turned naughty all of a sudden to that extent that we hit a vehicle coming from the opposite side.
I was hurt real bad and Ro dint seem to care. Back at the doc we got to know it was a sprain . Damn!
When I am all in pain Ro goes all the more crazy and talks like crap!
Ever since then I maintained distance, I felt some distance with any one you love would pull them back to you.
He realized his mistake and told me sorry in the most cutest way.Love is in the air.And everything was back to normal
Next morning I see a surprise waiting for me ( My life is full of surprises :P) was soo happy .But then Ro upsets me again .
But then this time i had to make up my mind and support him as it was about his career. My little brother just was so happy to see me share stuff. I thanked God for giving me a blessed family
Last sem exams were nearing . I got in front of my books. Unable to concentrate .countless memories flashing
Kiran called me to ask about my health but left me in all doubts about Ro by the end of the call
Sumhow by d end of d cal , kiran left divi in doubt dat I do not know rohit compltlty .. den ltr rohit invites divi nd all to d mrg anvrsy party of his parents at his house .. he tls divi to cme in traditional wear .. nd wen dey all fially go to d party rohit introduces divi to his mom in a special way nd leaves dem alone to talk , but rohits mom seems vry weird nd gvs a vry negative vibe to divi nd strts askn hr qs abt hr family etc etc.. wen anu roh’s sis comes to hr rescue nd saves her .. she seems vry swt to divi bt again at d end of der conv divi is lft id doubts abt rohit’s mom .. den ltr rohit cls up divi nd talks . bt divi decides not to tl rohit abt d weird vibe abt roit’s mm .. den rohit talks in a way which mks divi feel dat he wants to chng hr .. dey fight nd stp talkn .. den dey hv der exams so dey continue to nt talk to each odr ..
den aft a wk aft d exams ended rohit cls up .. dey patch up .. decide to go out .. wr divi meets hr besty vish unexpctdly .. rohit gets ealous lukn at der closeness nd dey fight again .. divi cries .. tls rohit she luvs him bt wants him to accept her d way she .. rohit says sry nd dngs gt a ltl rmntc in d car nd jst wen divi thnks she’s gonna gt hr frst ks .. d car behind spoils it all .. den dey head bk hme .. ltr kiran cls divi nd tls abt soubhagya laxmis mrg invitataion … d names seem so funny .. pingali soubhagya laxmi weds panganama Santana murthi .. divi nd kira lauh like mad in cal .. nd kiran says we’l all hv fun time at hr vilg .. den div says bt ders so less time .. nd Im planng a surprise fr rohit.. dey decide d surprise wil b bfr dey leave to soubhagyam’s mrg .. divi plans evrydng wid a ltl hlp frm anu kiran nd arohi ..
she plans out evrydng prfctly .. nd d icing on d cake was dat rohit’s prnts wudnt b in town fr 2 days .. so d venue fr d prty ws rohit’s hse itself .. aft wrkng so hard .. divi finally leaves rohit in aaawww wid hr surprises .. nd on the roof top below d sky in moonlight nd sparkling stars nd d chilly cold winds dey hv der frst ks .. nd der 2ns one in d rain .. den dey hear a scream .. so dey rush bk to evry1 .. den der ws a pwr cut .. nd suspicious dngs hpn in btw .. which divi has no clue abt .. bt ltr divi finds out rohit nd niki kisd last ite wen pwr ws off .. she gets furious .. brings niki bk to hr senses and also gvs rohit a reality chk dat she wont tolerate any unfaithfulness .. den divi along wid all odrs tries to mk it luk like she goes ona a date wid kiran .. bt rohit sdnly turns up dr.. dn diviundrstnds dat kiran alrdy tld rohit abt der plan .. bt sdnly divi meets vishu .. rohit gts jealous again nd tries to act rude to divi bt vishu gts furious nd finally divi introduces dem to each odr nd dngs gt cool .. nd vishu tls rohit he’l drop dii bk hme .. so dey all head bk hme ..

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