Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 13)


I and Kiran had a really good time. I messaged Sonu from the hotel and he told me to have a takeaway as he wants to eat at home. I ordered all his favorite dishes. Kiran dropped me home and I said a good bye to him. Sonu was already home, I told him to give me few minutes and I will come down and we will eat together.

Sonu was wide mouthed and said “Divi, you just ate. You will grow fat”
I laughed and said “I am not eating more, I just want to give company to my sweet little brother whom I love so much and want to huggggg him”and ran towards him with wide arms. He ran like a runner and said “Not again Divi, I don’t like this girly hugs, go get ready soon, I want to eat”
I couldn’t control my laugh. Now I knew how to get irritate him.
I came up and changed into my pyjamas. The phone started ringing, it was Rohit. I ignored. Then again, then again… It rang for some 5-6 times. He called again, I disconnected his call and went to open my window for some fresh air. As I opened, I saw him standing there staring back at me. His face was expressionless. I couldn’t understand if he was angry, mad, sad or was in love. He was confused. It took me to those days where he would stand there at the night asking me to give him a good night kiss, how things changed. I saw him taking his phone out and dialing a number while his face stared at me.

Suddenly I was frightened by the ringtone of my phone. He was calling me again, I turned towards the phone and turned back he was gone. I thought it was my imagination. I gave a sigh of relief and wondered what is happening and suddenly, the doorbell rang. My heart started beating fast and ran down before Sonu could open the door, but it was too late. Sonu opened the door and it was not my imagination and there he was standing. Sonu saw my face and he understood that I didn’t want to meet him. He told him to go, but Ro, just was seeing me and said he wants to speak to me for 5 minutes. I said Sonu it is okay and I went out to speak to him in our garden.
He asked “How are you Divi?”

I stared at him and is this what he wants to know? I replied curtly “I am doing better than anytime Rohit, thanks for asking”
He nodded, and continued “ I know I have made some mistakes but I am sorry. I just wanted to tell you that you also did the same and still are doing so”
I was liked puzzled,This was Nikki talking and not Rohit and asked him “Am I?”
He continued “Yes, You know Kiran was the reason why we broke up and now he is trying to take advantage of the situation and is coming close to you. He is always like that. He has always snatched the girl I like. I got to know that you and Kiran are hanging out, I just wanted to tell you don’t be so close to him, I do not like it”
I was frustrated and said “Rohit, when shall I start living my life? Why don’t you give me a list of people I havë to speak and not to, that will be better. It is more than too much now and its enough. I don’t even know why am I talking to you on the first place. Rohit, I am telling you for the last time. Stop bothering me and let me live my life. I don’t want to live my life on your terms.’”
He said “I just told it because Kiran…….”
I cut him in between “Stop bringing kiran in everything. If you had trusted me, nothing would have happen. Please I am don’t talking to you and my head is aching, please leave”
He stood there wondering and Sonu came and said “Divi told you to leave Rohit. I think it is better if you go and not bother her again”

He looked at Sonu and back at me “Anyway Divya, As you knew I am leaving to US and my mom has organized a send off party for me and Nikki. I forgot to tell you. Nikki is also coming with me, she stood with me in my rough times and she has no one so I told her to accompany me as well. I know you do not want to come but I respect it. I just wanted to meet you one last time”
My blood was boiling hearing Niki’s name. I turned to Sonu and said him to go. I curtly said to Rohit “Rohit, good Nikki stood with you in rough times. But you know, it is so ironic that my boyfriend didn’t stand with me in my rough times. Oh,, no.. no.. My boyfriend put me in rough times! And that friend of yours who stood by you, made my rough times bitter. So I am really happy that you both are going and said him Good bye”

He was shocked, he never expected that answer and before going I turned back and said “Thanks for respecting my feelings but you know what I will come to your send off party. I am really happy that you are both going and this my chance to enjoy the moment of you both going away from my eyes and life, Bye Rohit”and I slammed the door right onto his face before he said anything.
Sonu was smiling and said “Divi, you are strong!”
I smiled back “Yes, I know. Do you want to try it with a hug” He made a face and we both sat to eat and I heard Rohit’s car zooming away and the sound faded!

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  1. Dippy super… I jus loved it….worth the wait…. And I think you should continue this ff in a different name if bhgi wants to continue the original one… And let bhgi continue the original strangers… Bit of bhgi is not continuing you continue under same name… But its better you ask bhgi s permission cos strangers is her idea… And we shud respect her decision…. Strangers is the only ff that I read and if both of you are continuing I’ll be more than happy cis I’ll have two ff s to read

    1. Thanks Bhagya,
      I have asked her. There is no reply. Lets wait and see what bhgi wants.

      1. dipy u stp writing my ff dnt continue my ff its better if u stp dz and dnt take my ff further stp it here and dnt post any other lrt urther its nt a request its my decision u shud nt continue dz ff shud i cntinue dz r nt kts upto m so pls dnt extend dz drama firthsr hope u undrstand dnt post any other part if u want yo write u write ur own ff with ur own story line dnt continue my ff

      2. bhgi, I never expected you to tell like this! I think u r insecure that people like my story too! I dont have any intentions of continuing it anymore. I wanted people not to forget you when you were not there but you are behaving very very rude! I never though you are like this. You are like Rohit from your story! I feel sad to say this. You are telling drama? Is this the way you treat your readers who like you so much? I wanted to keep the charcters alive and continued it and i had no other intentions just to make you clear. It is a loss to you that you are treating people who love you so much. Bhgi i imagined is is so different and you are so different. You hurt me a lot bhgi, I waited for your reply before I could continue but you replied so rude to me! You do whatever you want to with ur ff, I will never again in my life read anything written by you and it is my decision. I hate you bhgi! And go ahead, show attitude and kill the ff, Divya, Kiran and everything we all loved so much. You are hurting all your readers by the way u reply. Bye for ever 2 u! I have my self respect and i am not taking this anymore.

      3. u r thinking ppl r liking ur story im feeling insecure lol habe u gone mad r wat its my ff n its my decision to continue r nt u r thning ppl r liking ur ff jz go n check my old episodes u vl cme to knw that who r lyking ur ff r my ff u r continued my ff dats y got that much frnz n support without knwmg anythmg dnt talkabt ppl u r telling that i m rohit stp it ok before juding ppl u knw abt them frst without knwng anythng dnt talk rubbish got it i told nicely but u didnt listen my fans r there fr me n they vl support me i dnt want anyones concern got it i have more fan following then u so js stp saying that i am insecure cuz ppl r lyking ur ff pls get a lyf miss.dippy here ppl r very gud they can undrstnd my pain n evrythmg stp juding me

      4. judge urself bhgi.

      5. Also, u dont have any rights to tell me get a life! I am sure, I have a better life than you. I do not want to stoop low like you. btw, when you comment something, pls use punctuation so I understand where your sentence ends. when a new writer writes,there will always be less responses. you know it better as u r experienced. Do not compare. You clearly know u have a fan following why dont you respect them? I just started writing, I never wrote 60 episodes like you. I understood you when u told u didnt want to write for some months. But when you responded, you were rude, u were never nice to me bhgi, never! U hurt me with every word u wrote. “Go enjoy her story only” clearly shows how much u hated that i continued ur ff. I am not like u and I dont judge anyone. Only you can judge yourself. I do not even want to comment anymore. I hope you understand from a fan’s point of view on what I am saying and If you do not want, its upto you. God bless!

  2. after a long time Ro n Divi talked, l wish we could get old Ro back, but its kinda impossible only because of him…Waiting 4 d next
    n u can change d name if u want but do continue
    #stay blessed

    1. thanks Anu, will surely write

  3. Dippy… Good going…. I’m really enjoying ur storyline… Please continue writing… Update the next one as soon as possible….

    1. Will do Nita. Thanks!

  4. hey Dippy, really being nostalgic
    when rohit stood that old place,
    n so proud of divya .d way she calmed him n
    give him a shock….keep it up,
    l don’t ve any problem if u would change Title
    take care

    1. Sara,

      Yes! I had everything in front of my eyes, I will wait for bhgi if she doesn’t I will continue again.

      1. dippy i will nt write u continue d story with another name and story line dnt continue my ff

      2. Hello Bhgi,

        If you are not writing then I want to continue. If you are writing I will stop.

      3. u jz stop writing my ff pls stp it dnt post nxt part

      4. So bhgi are you planning to continue? Then as dippy told she’ll continue in a different name….

      5. Bhgi, will you be writing?

      6. Dippy waiting for next part

      7. Bhagya,

        I have just sent a note. Check it when it gets updated 🙂 I will write soon!

  5. Superb part,love Sonu -div’s bonding.. l like how she talked with Ro..thnx 4 d upd,waiting 4 d next one.

    1. thanks miya

  6. Do whatever u wanna do with d title l’ve no issues

  7. Ha ha good job div u slayed it ,l was imagining Rohit’s face that moment
    and Dippy thnx for it

    1. Thanks Anisha. I love your name.

  8. Thnxx!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hie sweety…..first of a biggg thanks to you for continueing this…..I really appreciate your talent bcz you really picked the story very welllll….lots of love and last…..NYC dp

    1. thanks maandey!

  10. You should seriously stop writing this dear Dippy. Bhgi is really hurt. Before it can lead to copyrights issue better leave it. I’m so sorry for you bhgi……..

    Bhgi… Please try continuing the story where you have left. I can understand your feelings. If not here somewhere like in wattpad or other place, do write your story….. You shouldn’t stop because of someone. We always support you.

    As your fan I said what I felt genuine… Now its upto you. Please do consider my words. We respect your decision.

    Take care and love you…

    1. ty prema fr supoting me atleast u undrstood me thnx a ton tc

    2. Prema,

      Thanks! I have decided to stop, I had good intentions and nothing else. When I wrote too people thought it was bhgi and remembered her! That was the only thing I wanted and guess she will never understand.
      Thanks Anyway, I am not continuing anymore. I will make my own ff.

      1. hey dippy don’t take bhagi wrong.she was hurt.that’s why she talked like is her you shouldn’t talk like this.

      2. I understand Ruby, but no one has rights to speak rude to me. Was it my mistake to let everyone remember bhgi through Strangers? was it my mistake to keep waiting when will she be back and write again or was it my mistake that I wrote? Things could have been said in a different way too!

  11. Hyy!! I am aashna,one of the silent readers of STRANGERS.
    I jus wanted to share dat plzz dnt end dis series. We luv divi nd her plot. Plz bhgi nd dippy, in ur dispute, we readers are getting a disadvantage.

    Bhgi ur r an amazng writer nd undoubtedly the credit of strangers goes to u but plzz try to understand dat dippy is not ur enemy. She was jus trying to entertain is all vith her idea.

    Dippy was also continuing the plot in a convincing manner. Obviously she cannot take ur place but she also wrote nicely.

    Plzz bhgi dear nd dippy dear, try to solve ur fight bcuz we readers r the one who will suffer at last. Plzz ap apni ladai solve karo nd koi bhi iss plot ko continue karo..
    Srry if i hurted anyones feeling! I was not intended to hurt the sentiments of anyone and i am extremely srry if i did this.

    Plzz dnt end strangers or else we wll be heartbroken??

    1. Hello Aashna,

      Thanks! But i didnt fight with bhgi, I was trying to make her understand. She has told me to stop writing so I am sorry I dont want to continue it! I had 3 parts ready but then deleted all of them as I didnt want to hurt anybody. I am sorry but I have no option.

      1. Plzz dnt do dis to us dippy dear!
        Bhgi is hurt ns sumwhere she is ryt but it doesnt mean dat u r wrng..
        Plzz try to understand r feelings as well..??
        We luv ur stiry as well..
        Plzz dnt do dis to us??
        Plzz continue dis ff?

    2. hi aashna hw r u doll i know i am hurting my readers but all my readers
      knw wat i m going through so if u r on wattpad jz ping mrle their i dont want to talk anythng here i have my fans dats enuf fr me i dont want anyones concern r sumthng atleast u undrstood my feelings thanks a ton bye my doll tc

      1. I can understnd ur feeling but plz dont leave the plot in between.
        Plzz continue the story frm where u left but plz dnt do dis to us..
        Plzz continue it ?

    3. i alrdy poted nxt part i donno wen they r posting 🙂

    4. i felt really sad by seeing ur comment n many of my readers r telling me to continue dats y i posted nxt part have a look n sry fr hurting u ppl am really sry?

      1. Thnqq soo much bhgi!!
        Uh understood r feeling?

  12. Bhgi dear!! I cnt found ur nxt episode… plzz help me☺

    1. i updatd alrdy:)

      1. Hav u updated ur 63rd episode..??
        I cnt find it…if yes den fo giv ne the link 4 the same?

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