Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 11)


Kiran continued and said “Me and Ankita were from same school and we were good friends. We also stayed in the same lane and we used to go to school together. I liked her company a lot and she did too. I fell in love with her gradually during my 11th Std. and she had the same feelings. I proposed to her and she immediately said yes. I loved being with her always, we used to study together, eat together and we spent the whole day being with each other and our parents liked that we were close. When I got into Engineering, she also got into same college even though she wasn’t interested in Engineering but her parents felt it is good for her future and as I will also be there. Ankita opted for Information Science and I opted Electronics. Rohit was in my class but we never spoke to each other. I and Ankita met at every break and had lunch together and we were in love. I didn’t want anyone when she was there. Ankita preferred that no one knows about us as she doesn’t want people to tease her or isolate her telling that she goes out only with me. She was kinda like you Divi, she liked hanging out with friends and she would make friends just like that in a snap. I was a little shy in opening up to people and it took time for me. It was our semester exams and it was then I spoke to Rohit as he had a doubt with something and we then started speaking and became good friends. He was already friends with Rahul, Sowrajyam, so those 2 came in the package “and he laughed.

I laughed at his joke but he became serious again and said “It was all going good divi, but one day Rohit asked me who was the girl I always hang out with and as she had told me not to tell we were in love, I told that she is my best friend and he asked me to introduce her so that I could stay with them always and we could hang out together. I introduced them and I was really happy, everything was going so well and we would all have fun and enjoyed every break and while going, I and Ankita would hang out for some time and go home. It was all fun divi and Ankita was loving their company too and she got close to all of them. I had asked her many times if we have to tell them that we are a couple as later it would not be nice if they get to know, she always told a no. Rohit really got close to her and he would always want to be with her and whenever we would go home, he started accompanying us and many times would ask me why I was always going with her. He started to avoid me in the evenings and would divert my attention and would take Ankita and leave before I realized. Ankita doesn’t like me being over protective and she like hanging out with friends so whenever I would tell her, she would ignore. He once asked her out for a dinner, she declined telling that she has other work and she doesn’t like being with them again on the weekends too. She was very specific in this, she never met any friends on weekend and she gave all her time to me and her family. She came down to my house and she told me that Rohit asked her out, and I told her it would be better if we tell him the truth as I thought he is falling in love with her. She told me not to think like that and said he is just a friend.”

I was listening and thinking that this Kiran is a mysterious guy, he has so much in his head and doesn’t tell a thing to anyone. I was very eager to know more about Kiran than Rohit.
He continued “Next day, Rohit was angry on me and I was not sure why, I tried speaking to him but he kept ignoring. We were already close so I asked him again what is bothering him and he said I was. I asked him to explain and he said that I always take his happiness and asked me where was I last night. It was then I realized that he had seen me with Ankita. He continued saying that he is in love with ankita and I had to be away from her. I was so shocked and I told him that she is my friend but as usual he didn’t listen to me. He went and said Ankita bad things about me that I am spreading dirty things about her. Ankita without even realizing that I can do so, stopped talking to me and she started being with Rohit and both were ignoring me. I didn’t even know what had happened and my calls to her went in vain. As he was with her most of the time, he felt that Ankita loves him too. During the weekend, Ankita asked me to meet her, when I met her she hugged me and said Sorry and told me that she was stupid to think I would talk like that. Love always wins you see. I then asked her what was it and then she told me everything that Rohit had told her, really bad things that he told I spoke about her. I was so ashamed of him Divi, I couldn’t think in such a way about an enemy”

I was listening to it. I asked Kiran “What did Rohit tell?”” and he replied that he doesn’t want to tell and I respected that.
He continued “We hugged again and the moment took us to our very first kiss. While we were still Lost, I could feel someone ripping us apart and it was Rohit and he punched me and said how dare I kiss her and when Ankita stopped him and said she loved me, he called her by bad names and said that if she just wanted to kiss he would have kissed her and started telling all girls look for physical happiness. I was frustrated and I pinched him back and Ankita stopped me and she told him clearly that we were together for 2 years and Rohit was just his friend. I think couldn’t take it anymore. He yelled at her and left.”
I was like “Oh my god, Rohit is so different. He was never like this when he was in a relationship with me”

Kiran nodded “Yes, Arohi, sometimes we feel the same too. He is a complete different person when he likes someone”
I asked him “So, how did you guys become friends again and why is Ankita your ex now?”
He continued his story…..

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