Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 10)


I woke up in the morning to a message tone. It was from Rohit asking me to reply if I would be coming to the party as he needs headcount. I was like whatever and decided I will keep him waiting and then reply. There was another message from Kiran and it said ‘Divi, I think you forgot to call me, anyway Good night, sleep tight “I was like OMG! How did I forget? But I had to call Intel before that to collect my offer letter, I called them and they said that there was an emergency audit and the HR who had to deal with this is quite busy and asked me to come the next day at sharp 9 am and collect the forms. I said yes and then called Kiran right away. He picked up and said “Hello Divi, so finally you had time to call me eh?”
I said “I am so sorry Kiran, I was tired last night and I slept off. I am really sorry”
He said “that’s ok, I understand, you are from Kumbakarn family, it is tough to wake you up too, remember sowrajyam’s marriage, we picked you at last”

I was like “yes, yes “and we shared a thing or two about the funny things that happened in her marriage. I continued “So, Kiran.. Tell me what’s new in your life? How are things going and what was it you needed to speak to me about?”
He answered “It is going good divi, if I say it, it will take a lot of time and you just got up. I don’t want to ruin your whole day but I have an idea if you are free today, do you want to come out with me today for breakfast? I am hungry you see”
I stammered without knowing what to tell. A lot of things happened after Rohit accusing me being with Kiran and I didn’t know if I had to go or no. but, damn, this Rohit made my life hell and said Kiran “Yes, I will come but give me 2 hours and I will be ready and you can pick me up”
Kiran was like “2 hours!! Divi, you are beautiful as you are, why you want to dress up so much. As I told I am very hungry and I will die of starvation if you make it for 2 hours, so I will come after an hour be ready soon”

I said him yes and hung the call but then something struck in my mind. Kiran never told me I was beautiful or his way of speaking was different. Today, he was bold. Was it because Rohit is not in my life or is it the arrival of the new girl in his life?
Anyway, I was ready. Mom and dad had to go out too and I told them about collecting the offer letter tomorrow and that I am going out for breakfast. Mom said, “That is good. Sonu will come in the afternoon, maybe you can tell him too and you can eat out for lunch too. I didn’t have time to cook today and we will come in the evening and then I will cook for you”
I said” don’t worry mom, we will manage and you enjoy your day” I messaged Sonu to tell me once his classes are over and we will go for lunch together.

Kiran came and picked me up, He gave me a big hug and asked me where I want to go and I told him it is his choice as he is the one hungrier. He told okay and took me to a nice Punjabi restaurant. We ordered parathas and Lassi. While waiting for the order to be served, me and he spoke about what was I doing when I was at home, and then I told him what Arohi said and asked if the girl I met yesterday is the same Ankita you were speaking about and who was she and I wanted to know if Rohit has done this with other girls too and the story behind it.
Kiran paused and said “Divi, I said that out in anger. Please, Rohit and I were good friends and sometimes, I don’t like what he does and it was in frustration. Please forget it. I don’t want any troubles please”

I told him “Kiran, don’t you think I should know. I was in love with him and I fell in love with him when I knew nothing about him. However jealous, possessive, insecure, stupid, faulty he was I had forgiven him but at times, I wanted to know why he behaved like this and he had told him that his girlfriend was two timing with him and thus he became possessive but I never had an answer for what he was about to do with me, Do you still think I should live my life like nothing happened? Don’t I have the rights to know?”

Kiran was silent and I said him again “Speak up Kiran, I need to know the truth!”
Kiran slowly whispered “The girl Rohit told who was two timing according to him was Ankita and the guy whom he believed was his girl’s boyfriend was me”
I was so puzzled!

Kiran continued “Ankita is my ex-girlfriend. We were together for 2 years in our college days”
I was so shocked with what he was saying. This guy really is mysterious. Did I again make a mistake in making friends of someone I do not know? I was confused but I wanted to know more and I signaled him to go on…

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  1. Dippy pls update the next part fast pls…. Waiting to hear kirans story..

    1. Sure Bhagya, will do soon 🙂

  2. Dippy, u r not less than l already said u r twin of her.. ur writing is so amusing,refreshing,realistic n so on..nd ofcourse u love to keep us waiting n ur sadism is at peak ,Ha!!..can’t hold suspense so long..Plz try to upd regularly…Waiting!! n yes l missed u

    #stay safe #stay blessed

    1. Ha ha 🙂 Thanks Anu, I will do it regularly.

  3. Hey dippy, at last gotta find u
    r u alright??, what took u so long to upd,dear
    l thought u stopped writing.Plz don’t leave before giving it a end
    take care

    1. Hello Sara,
      Yes I am fine. I was on a vacation so could nt write.

  4. Awesome upd,Divi is thinking like me,am also confused about kiran now, waiting for d mystery to be revealed .n what if Ro spotted ’em together today!!! OOooo!!! my head is aching ,upd soon …

  5. He he kiran is gonna blast a bomb,l guess,nice update,tc

  6. Superb episode..

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